Vendor Management System

You work with many vendor companies and provide them access to see allocated jobs and candidate submission. Your team can stop copying and pasting job description and uploading submitted resumes on the ATS.

Vender Management System

Manage Vendors into the System

We have a completely separate module for managing your vendors into the system. Let's see how to use the manage vendor module;

  • You can manage the contact details of vendors.
  • You can trackback all the communication history through the activity stream section.
  • You can preserve notes and call reminders as a part of automation.
  • You can perform a search upon contract start date as well as contract end date with clients.
  • You can also change the status of vendors according to your ongoing processes.
Manage Vendors into the System
Send Job Information to your vendors

Send Job Information to your vendors

You can also provide job information to your vendors, so they can see the complete job profile on which they need to work. They can see the job profile along with the job title and job type with some more information. So they can work on the job accordingly. It is one type of automation that reduces the efforts of your recruiters to provide information on the job to vendors manually.

Vendor Access

  • Provide access to iSmartRecruit to your vendors and let them work with your team. As jobs enter iSmartRecruit, the right vendor gets a notification so that they can start working on each job immediately.
  • If you work with multiple vendors, the vendors can't see each other data.
  • Customize the data and functionality accessible to the vendor.
  • Track the candidates submitted by Vendors and configure the security settings based on your organisation need.
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Vendor Search

Search Based on the Vendors

iSmartRecruit is providing vast categories to search upon for the candidates. You can have the accurate filtration of your database. If you are working with your vendors and you want to search within the candidates your vendor contact has imported and which vendor company first claimed that profile.

We do provide the vendor management module. So you can provide the access of the system to your vendors and can track their activities done by vendors by activity stream report.