Chat Bot

Similar to virtual personal assistants, a recruitment chatbot uses AI technology such as natural language processing to understand a person's messages and know how to respond. Human chat can work for limited hours while Chatbot can be available 24/7.

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Messaging Channels

Connect with your users naturally no matter which channels are their favourites. Our bots work on the largest list of messaging channels.

  • Email
  • Facebook Page
  • Skype
  • Slack

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24/7 Uptime Guaranteed

24/7 Uptime Guaranteed

Automated responses to standard questions help us to improve our candidate experience 24/7.

Application via Chat

Candidate can engage in job search and apply to match jobs on any device directly through a chatbot.
Application via Chat
Application Status via Chat

Application Status via Chat

All over 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after submitting an application. On the other side, it's a big challenge for the recruiter to communicate well with all the applicants. The solution that could benefit candidate experience without burdening recruiters with more work is using recruitment chatbot.

Candidate Engagement

We can keep the candidate engaged with continuous, automated assistance 24/7.
Candidate Engagement

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