Client Management
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Track and manage jobs, resumes, interviews, joining information, invoice, payment, contracts and agreements for clients.

Manage Client Relationship

  • You can add and manage the contact information of your clients. Additionally, you can create and manage multiple contact persons for a particular client.
  • You can have transparent email communication with your clients.
  • As a part of automation, you can preserve unlimited notes for tracking the communication across all users.
  • You can also create call reminders with your clients, so the system will not let you skip the communication with your clients and fills the gaps.
  • You can also manage your payment and invoice related stuff within the system.
Activity stream

Activity Stream

You can see the information about your clients in the client view dialogue box. Activity Stream is very useful to track all your communication history with clients. You can view all the mail communication, preserved notes and call reminders in one place.

Share resumes to the client with a single click

  • While client submission, just clicks on the "Send Email" button. It will prepare a whole formatted table highlight all key information about the shortlisted candidate.
  • It also attaches the resumes automatically after adding your company logo to each CV.
send mail
Client tracker chart

Client Tracker

iSmartRecruit client tracker has the capabilities to track the following information about your client-related activities.

  • Active jobs for the particular client
  • Active Candidates for open jobs
  • Statuses of in-process candidates
  • Interview details with the feedback

You can have all the information about your particular client in one place. Client Tracker has the ability of automation. You can give access to the tracker to your client by Send Email option. By emailing this link to your client, your client can see the real-time updated information every time.

Client Self Service Portal

Client Self Service Portal gives your clients the freedom to make certain stuff on their own. They can see all the in-process candidates with their status. They can search for matching candidates and assign them to the job. They can see the interview related stuff along with the result of the interview. They also can see and edit open jobs.

Client Self Service Portal