Full text search to search complete database effectively

Save time and efforts by searching your entire database and every grid in iSmartRecruit. It allows you to search effectively by using keywords, Boolean terms, searching with zip code, radius, notes, ready CV. After best searching of candidates, you can use features like Tear Sheet to prepare sub set of candidate, use Box view of Candidate for quick review and assign multiple candidates to multiple jobs quickly without any navigation.

candidate search

Keyword search

keyword search

You can best filter out your search results by specifying mandatory keywords, optional keywords or by excluding keywords. Results will be displayed relevance wise in percentile format.

Boolean query

boolean search

Like a programmer you can execute Boolean query with different keywords and can use AND, OR, NOT operators to fetch the best relevant results. Results will be displayed relevance wise in percentile format.

Radius search

radius search

You can specify zip code and radius to get best matching results.

Search on notes

note search

You can search on the candidate notes which you captured in the system.


Instead of exploring the big data of candidates each time, you can create different folders of the candidates whom you need to evaluate. You can delete unwanted records from the folder once you start evaluation. You can mark folder as public if you want to share it with your colleague or make it private if it's just for your use only.
ready cv

Ready CV

All the candidates who are very positive to change the job can be marked as ready CV. You can consider candidates with ready CV as the foremost preference which will help you to filter out results in a more meaningful way.

Box view of Candidate

The box view contains all the key information about candidates which you require for quick review. It includes rating, social profile, current status (allocated/not allocated), and the last updates.
candidate information view
assign job

Assign candidate to Job

After searching the best candidates, you can immediately assign multiple candidates to multiple jobs quickly. No need to navigate through different screens for assigning jobs.

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