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Save time and efforts by searching your entire database and every grid in iSmartRecruit. It allows you to search effectively by using keywords, Boolean terms, searching with zip code, radius, notes, ready CV. After the best searching of candidates, you can use features like Talent Pool to prepare a subset of a candidate, or the Box view of Candidate for quick review and assign multiple candidates to multiple jobs quickly without any navigation.

Keyword Search

Searching for a perfect candidate can be a challenging job for any recruiter. As a recruiter, anyone's first job is to find the best matching candidate for open job positions and assign the candidate to the job after the importing of the candidate's profile.

You have to filter many search criteria to find the best one. In iSmartRecruit, you can search and filter based on the keywords and location.

keyword search feature
boolean search feature

Boolean Search

If you have the technical knowledge, then it is a must to be aware of boolean string writing. You can write a boolean string that contains "AND", "OR" and "NOT" keywords. keywords. The Boolean query is a great way to narrow down your search to find the best matching candidates with this.

Semantic & Contextual Search

Simple text matching doesn't work all the time. By using semantic & contextual search, your search will automatically identify the synonyms and try to give you a more accurate result.

For Ex. "QA" and "Testing" could be the synonym for the skill "Quality Assurance". When you search for "QA",it will automatically pick up candidates that have keywords like "Quality Assurance", "Testing", "QA".

In a way, the system will automatically grab the profiles that have the defined synonyms matched in the resume.

Skills customization
Radius search

Radius Search

It is the best searching option when you want to hire candidates who live nearby. You can put the postal code radius value of your preferred location to search your candidates.

This is very useful when you are looking for a candidate from a particular location.

Fuzzy Search

We all know about Google Searching Algorithms. We are also aware that if we type anything wrong in the search box, you will get the suggestions of the right spellings and you will have the refined results.

iSmartRecruit Fuzzy Search allows you to get the right candidates even after having some minor spelling mistakes while searching.

Fuzzy Search
Keyword Proximity Search

Proximity Search

If you want to find words within a specific distance, the Proximity search is the best.

For Ex. If you are looking for the "Business Manager", it is going to fetch all the resumes which have "Business Manager" and other combinations like "Business Development Manager" or "Business Operations Manager".

Smart Search

Smart Search option allows you to search your candidates on the basis of job title. You just need to put the job title in the smart search box and the system will automatically grab the required skills and optional skills for that particular job. Select the skills and then you can generate a boolean string based on the skills you have selected. You can search upon different generic platforms including Google, Xing, and Linkedin.

Smart Search
Talent Pool Search

Talent Pool Search

Instead of exploring big amounts of data of candidates each time, you can create different talent pools of the candidates.

For example, all banking candidates you can put in a banking talent pool or all sales candidates in the Sales talent pool. When you come across any position in banking, no need to search the entire candidate database. You can select the particular talent pool and perform a search for banking-related candidates only.

GDPR Search

Search candidates based on the GDPR status of candidates. Here is the list of status.

  • With Consent
  • Without Consent
  • Consent Requested
  • Consent Expired
  • Request to Erase
GDPR Search
Vendor Search

Vendor Search

If you are a firm that works with different vendors, we would be the perfect system to manage all the information about your vendors. We provide you a search based on the vendor company as well as vendor contact details. You can search the candidates based on the vendor.

Ready CV

All the candidates who are extremely eager to change the job can be marked as the ready CV. You can consider candidates with ready CVs like a preference that will help you filter out results in a more meaningful way.

ready cv
search within the resume

Search within the resume

By this search criteria, you can search the keywords that are mentioned in the resumes. You can see the searched keywords in the resumes as the highlighted text. The best matching candidates will appear on the top.

Search within the Form

Generally, recruiter used to store all key information in the form of notes in the system. You can search on the candidate notes which you captured in the system.

search within the form
assign candidate to job

Assign candidate to Job

After searching the best candidates, you can assign multiple candidates to multiple candidates to multiple jobs quickly. No need to navigate through different screens just for assigning jobs.

Box view of Candidate

The box view contains all the key information about candidates which you require for quick review. It includes rating, social profile, current status (allocated/not allocated), and the last updates.

box view of candidate
Keyword Highlighter

Keyword Highlighter

This is one of the interesting features of our system. Whatever search you have performed on the database, it will be highlighted in the resume. So whatever keywords you have entered in the search box, you will see it highlighted in the resume as well.

Other Search

We are providing you more than 20 search criteria to search within. You can search a candidate by whom it was imported, import date, resume source etc.

other search