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Promote jobs on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter along with open job boards. Candidate can see detailed information about job openings and can submit a resume. All applications received against the job will be automatically redirected to iSmartRecruit immediately in real time.

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Social Recruiting has transformed Recruiting Efficiency. Connect unlimited social network accounts with iSmartRecruit.

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It is very easy to use this promote tab to promote your jobs across all the platforms by just one click. You just need to click on the promote button, and it is done! Gradually, it will save lots of time promoting jobs on each and every platform manually. Run Automation also works much faster than this, you will get all the things done by just one click.

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

This is how your jobs will look like on different social media channels. You can show your creativity overhear. The more catchy content you put on social media, the more chance there is to get a great candidate via these platforms. Social media is a vast platform, you can not even imagine having this much candidate in your database that you find on social media through the promotion of your job.

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