Task Management

Manage, assign and track tasks with complete automation.

Task Management

Task Management

The tasks involved in the hiring process can be divided among team members and managed with iSmartRecruiter's Task Management System. The Task Management System allows you to create tasks, assign those tasks to a team member, and track the team's progress.

With iSmartRecruiter's Task Management System:

  • You can prioritise tasks and give them a place on the project's timeline.
  • Automated notices can be sent to team members when you reach target dates.
  • Tasks can be tracked in iSmartRecruiter's Calendar System as well.
  • You can also associate your tasks with clients, candidates, and jobs.
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Tracking and Prioritizing tasks

Tracking and Prioritising Tasks

  • In The Task Management Dashboard, you can monitor upcoming tasks.
  • The dashboard also lets you quickly see which tasks are delayed.
  • It also permits you to mark a task as completed and close out the project.