Visual Pipeline

Pipeline screen is the best place to track all the in-process & new candidates. A recruiter can perform a maximum number of activities like interview management, submit the candidate to the client, send email to the candidate and see all the candidates which come from external sources.

Visual Pipeline

Filter candidate by stage

  • User can filter all the candidates by recruiting stage
  • Verify all the applications received through website, job board, social media etc.

import resume

Send candidate to the client

  • In the recruiting process, it's an important task to send candidates' resume to the client and this can be done very quickly through this screen.
  • Users can send multiple candidates at the same time to the client along with resume via email.

Send Candidate to client

Change status of candidate

Change status of candidate

  • A recruiter can change the status of one or multiple candidates at the same time.
  • When the user changes candidate status, they can send automatic notification and email to other team members.

Interview management

  • A recruiter can schedule interviews of candidates from this screen.
  • It is also possible to track the interview process and provide feedback on a particular interview.
Interview Management

Verify received applications

  • ATS Software received lots of applications daily from external sources like job boards, social media, career websites etc. The recruiter can easily screen the application and reject or process based on matching score.
  • Matching score will be calculated based on the job description and resume matching.