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What is hiring software platform?

As the name suggests, hiring software platform automates your hiring process. Hiring is the last stage of a recruiting process that consists of many stages.

With hiring software platform you can source candidates, recruit, screen resumes, interview, send out offer letters, and onboard your employees.

It all rounds the Applicant Tracking System, Human Resource Information Software, Talent Acquisition Software, and other specific software dedicated for hiring purposes.

The features of hiring software platform

There are many tech hiring software platform available but what makes them unique are their features. iSmartRecruit hiring platform carries the following features:


Manual work takes a lot of time especially when there are several applicants. With our hiring management software you can automatically post job ads, source candidates, sift resumes, schedule interviews, and acquire the best talent.

Connecting the organization

Our hiring management software is accessible to all the employees so they can check for updates if any. This saves time and connects the whole organization. They can discuss, inquire, inform, and make timely decisions with this linkage.

Data storage

You can save all the employee and candidate data you receive in the future. In case you need to hire urgently you can skip the repetitive processes, having the available options.

Data analysis

The tech hiring software platform analyzes data and informs you about time-to-hire, cost-of-hiring, future needs, source of applicants, and more. With this information, you can know your progress and make improvements to your performance.

User-friendly interface

We do not offer you boring and difficult-to-use hiring software. Our software is easy to use with a user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface. No special training is required to learn its usage so you are in good hands. Candidates can fill the application forms on the go too.

Career portal

Our hiring software platform helps in forming a career portal where you receive CVs and update candidates about vacancies. The specific resume portal eases your evaluation process and updates candidates about their application status.

Employee onboarding portal

With onboarding, you welcome the employees in your organization. We understand this crucial stage and facilitate efficient onboarding with our hiring software platform. You can connect with your employees, send out emails, address queries, and guide them without any labour on you.

Applicant tracking system

You know the drill after you post about a job opening and you receive thousands of resumes. Our hiring software platform brings you the required resumes from that pool through automated screening. All the steps that follow are handled by this special feature so you get your desired match.

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Why do you need hiring software platform?

Take a seat and relax while we at ismartrecruit multi-task for you without any errors. Still, confused? Request a demo.

  • You need hiring software to compete in the market.
  • It is smart to outsource the basic yet time-consuming tasks to hiring software while you invest your time in innovations.
  • Hiring software has all the features you require to grow.
  • If you do not automate you will not match the technological pace.
  • Create a strong employer brand.
  • Screen candidates automatically when they apply for the job. Save your pre-screening time to a great extent.

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