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What is Hiring Software?

As the name suggests, a Hiring Software platform automates your hiring process.
Hiring is the last stage of a hiring process that consists of many stages.

With the Hiring Software platform, you can source candidates, recruit, screen resumes,
interview, send out offer letters, and onboard your employees.

How to establish a foolproof Hiring Strategy?


Create a strong employer brand


Thoroughly research and understand the role


Define necessary and desired skills


Pinpoint effective candidate sourcing channels


Set benchmarks


Standardise the interview process

What are the main problems of Recruiters?

Competing to hire
the best talent

The talent market is growing increasingly competitive for employers. The recruiter has to compete with hiring campaigns, salaries, and benefits in today's candidate-drive market to find the best matching talent.

Experiencing a lack of team collaborations

The communication gap between the hiring team and hiring managers creates loopholes in the hiring process. Misunderstanding makes the process inefficient and reduces transparency.

Lots of paperwork
Lots of paperwork and manual processes

In order to find the most qualified talent, recruiters often review resumes and job applications manually. Which eventually consumes an ample amount of time and makes the hiring process lengthy and tedious.

Highly Scalable Features for Smooth Hiring

From creating job descriptions to onboarding, iSmartRecruit hiring software platform provides easy-to-use features that allow you to conduct hiring workflow efficiently and secure positive candidate experience.

Auto-pilot Workflows

Automate your hiring workflow and start sending emails, create tasks automatically based on the workflow status update.

AutoPilot Workflow

Offer Letter with e-Sign option

Generate an offer letter and take the signature of an application online to get the documents authorised by the candidates without going to any geographical locations.

Offer Letter with e-Sign option

Why do you need Hiring Software?

Establish a strong employer brand

Speedup the hiring process

Saves time performing tedious tasks

Grow your candidate database

Improves communication times

Provides automation to the hiring process

Take data-driven decisions

Improve hiring quality

Secure sensitive data

Remain compliant

Available 24/7 and out of work hours

Deliver good experience to candidates & hiring managers

Automate Your Hiring With Most Popular Integrations

Explore our 50+ partner tech platforms that give you access to recruitment marketing,
social media, job boards, mass mailing, VOIP, and online meetings.

Seamless Data Migration and Onboarding
with iSmartRecruit

Transfer all your data from your old system to the iSmartRecruit Hiring Software Platform.

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hiring software