Recruiting CRM Software

Strengthen your relationship with the external world through the out of the box recruiting CRM software module.

Candidate Relationship Management

Serve the best candidate experience with the candidate relationship management features.

Candidate Relationship

Easy job application through the career page

Candidate self-service portal

Automated emails about interview and application status

Smooth onboarding

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Client Relationship Management

Satisfy your clients with the expected results. Build a strong relationship with your clients.

Client Management

Client self-service portal

Client tracker

Client reports

Invoice and payment

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Vendor Relationship Management

Boost your business working with the external vendors and import them into the system.

Vendor Management

Create and manage vendors

Share jobs with vendors

Allow submission to the vendors

Limit access to information

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Lead Management

Use killer B2B lead management strategies with the best lead management module.

Lead Management

Manage leads & contacts

Tracking with workflow stages


Convert to client

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Freelancer Relationship Management

Work freely with the freelancers. Secure your data at the same time with the access restrictions.


Create and manage a freelancer

Share jobs with vendors

Allow vendor to submission

Limit access to information

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Interviewer Relationship Management

Interview Management becomes easy and automated with advanced features.

Interview Management

Automated email


Synchronize with Gmail & Outlook

Collaborate with the client, candidate, interviewer


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Candidate Onboarding

Onboard your candidates with the smooth process of hiring.


Add joining Details

Process Onboarding

Manage Documents

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