AI & Automation

Replace your manual work with automation backed
by Artificial Intelligence at its core.

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Resume Parser

Powerful resume parser to reduce your manual data entry work to a great extent.

    • Key field parsing
    • Multiple language support
    • Automated
    • Customize skill parsing
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AI-based job matching

candidate matching dots

Suggest the most compatible job to your candidate with the Artificial Intelligence job matching technology.

    • Job Matching Score
    • Direct Assign Option
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AI-based candidate matching

Scan your entire candidate database and identify the best matching candidates
for the job using our powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

    • Profile Matching Score
    • Request to Apply
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Job Tracker

Avoid emails and automatically share your candidates with Clients & Hiring Managers. Let them shortlist and reject candidates with the tracker.

    • Share tracker via link
    • Real-time candidate list update
    • Reject or shortlist candidates
    • Control information visible to Clients and Hiring Managers
    • Control actions available in the tracker
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Job Approval Workflow

job Approval workflow

Customise your job approval workflow and ensure that new jobs are approved internally before recruiting begins.

    • Setup one or multiple approvers
    • Configure the sequential approval process
    • Automated reminders & notifications
    • Track the approval process
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Send automated Google Meet & MS Team invite

Connect your Microsoft Team or Google Meet account and start generating online meeting links for interviews.

    • Automatically create a meeting link at the time of interview creation
    • Auto update of meeting link in case of cancel or rescheduling
    • Share the link with all the stack holders, including the candidate
    • Synchronize meetings with your Outlook and Google Calendar
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Automate your offer letter generation and authorisation with the E-sign option.

    • Manage offer letter templates
    • Generate customised offer letter
    • Set offer letter E-sign workflow
    • Track the status of the Offer
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Work with the future of recruiting - work with chatbots. Give your candidates the best experience. Ask anything, anytime.

    • Virtual Presence
    • Best User Experience
    • 24*7 Availability
    • No Chance for Mistake
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