Reporting & Compliance

Keep track of everything using advanced
reporting and analytics options.


Achieve the best GDPR compliance with the system.

    • Consent management
    • Reports
    • Consent history
    • Candidate self-service options
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Team Report

Manage your team performance with the team reports.

    • Submission
    • Placements
    • Success rate
    • Interviews
    • Activities
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Batch (Electronic) Report

The system will generate the report on your preferences (eg., daily, weekly monthly) and you can have
these reports into your mailbox directly. Hence, no need to login into the system just for the report.

    • Report scheduling - Weekly, monthly, yearly
    • No need to login to get the reports
    • Configure report recipient emails
    • Excel reports

Time to Hire Report

This report will help you to understand how much time your team is taking to fill out the positions and how much time it takes for candidate onboarding.

    • Time to hire
    • Time to fill

Other Reports

Other Reports Besides, we have several other reports that can help you to understand the loopholes in your hiring process, which can improve your process and help you hire better!

    • Employee Referral Report
    • GDPR Report
    • Job Report
    • Client Report
    • Projection Revenue Report