Team Collaboration

Enhance your teamwork and efficiency with collaborative
tools bundled with the system.

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Task Management

A powerful ultimate task manager keeps you up to date with everything.

    • Create Tasks easily
    • Assign your team members
    • Associate them with candidates/clients etc.
    • Automatic Reminders & Alerts
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Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Centralize your calendar and event management to organize your processes.

  • Interview reminder
  • Email & grow reminders
  • Call reminder
  • Task reminder
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Reminds you about the important calls and discussion.
Stakeholders get timely follow-ups too.

      • Synchronized with Google & Outlook Calendar
      • Interview management
      • Task management
    • Event management
    • Call reminder management
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Activity Stream

It's the best way to see the steps taken for the candidates and to check the communication history. Everything is in one space and well-organised.

    • End to end activity tracking
    • Notes
    • Email & SMS history
    • Task history
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Forget to keep watch on multiple mailboxes. Keep everything in the centre and on the table.

    • Team email
    • Resume import
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Two-way Email Sync

Use your mailbox anywhere - anytime with the
two-way email synchronization.

    • Sync email from mobile
    • Complete email history
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Start communicating with your candidates and clients with VOIP
calls and SMS.

    • Two way SMS sync
    • VOIP call to Candidate
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Reporting & Compliance

End to end tracking of processes and work.


Allow external entities to work with you more collaboratively.