Team Collaboration

Redefine recruitment success by enhancing your teamwork via collaborative
tools available in the system.

30 minutes to explore the software.

Shared Candidate Database

A centralised database where all team members can access and review candidate profiles, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Candidate Database
Pre-built Job Templates

Pre-built Job Templates

Instead of creating a job from scratch, select the pre-built job templates and create your job in no time.

Two-way Email Sync

Every team member can link their email account to the system. This allows for automatic sending and receiving of emails, providing a comprehensive overview of all communications with candidates, clients, and leads shared among the entire team.

Two-way Email Sync
Team Mailbox

Team Mailbox

View all team members' sent and received emails conveniently in a single location, eliminating the need to check multiple individual mailboxes.

Task Management

A powerful ultimate task manager keeps you up to date with everything.

Task Management
customise notifications

Setup & Customise your Notifications

Enable or disable notifications as per your preference so you only receive notification which is important to you.


Reminds you about the important calls and discussions, and you can do timely follow-ups with all stakeholders.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream

Review end-to-end communication and activities carried out for Candidates, Clients, Jobs and Leads.

Advanced Permission Management System

Set up roles and permission as per your business needs and control the security and access of your business data.

permission management system
Job-Approval Workflow

Job Approval Workflow

Set up simple or sophisticated, multi-stage approval workflows for each type of role within your business.

Team Performance Metrics

Provides metrics to assess the productivity and effectiveness of team members in the recruitment process.

Team Performance Metrics
Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting for Collaboration

Offers insights into team members' activities, including tasks completed, notes added, and candidate interactions, allowing for performance evaluation.

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Our Client Testimonial Speaks
Louder Than Words!

Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

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Reporting & Compliance

End to end tracking of processes and work.