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Top 15 Latin America Recruiting Agencies of All Time

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Are you search a Latin American recruiting agencies, for the company's hiring process? Then you are in the right place. We have mentioned 15 best recruitment agencies of USA. They are the marketing specialized agencies of the USA.

Staffing and recruiting are one of the biggest industries of all time. The reason being is every company, organization and firm need new employees every now and then, whereas hiring a new employee is a continuous process. 

Preferably the large undertaking involves another company to hire new candidates. This helping hand company is referred to as a Staffing Agency. Every organization, firm, and company requires the best recruitment agency.

Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

They have specialized recruiters, staffing agents, and hiring managers to get the best suitable candidates as per the business requirement. If you are also seeking new candidates, but have no idea about the recruiting process, no need to worry. 

Some interesting facts about recruitment agencies

We are with the best 15 recruitment agencies of USA but before this let's know the reason why we prefer recruitment agency.

Some justify reasons to use a recruitment agency:

Top 15 Latin America Recruiting Agencies

Here is the list of the Top 15 Recruiting Agencies in Latin America and Mexico that helps you by serving enough knowledge. We can consider them as the best recruitment agencies. Thus, below is the list of recruitment agencies in the USA.

Top 15 Latin America Recruitment Agencies

1. Randstad

Randstad's central vision is to be a global leader in the HR services industry. They provide superiority services in today's technology-driven world of talent.  They have strong service concepts; they have 4,861 offices in 38 markets & 60 years of experience.

Their target for the year 2030 is to touch 500 million work lives. Till now, they placed 2,065,000 candidates, 649,000 are working every day, trained 330,500 candidates, 260,700 candidates got the permanent placement, while 47 per cent of women in leadership positions.

Founded: 1960
Posting Option: Paid and Free

2. Latamways

Latamways provides a tech hub offering language & a wide range of quality language-related services to clients around the world as well as deliver customized solutions and their business goals. They have 20 years of experience in the Latin American market.

They specialize in translation, localization, proofing, MTPE, document formatting & DTP, Voice Over, edition and post-editing, etc. 

They serve more than 85 different customers, including the sector health care,  education, medical and scientific, travel and hospitality, technical, marketing and communication, and energy.

Founded: 2012
Posting Option: Paid and Free

3. OCCMundial

It is the largest job bank in Mexico. They have more than 80,000 public openings & million of registered candidates and also more than 1,00,000 job offers. They provide a perfect medium that establishes the employers and employees and contributes to improving employment.

Specialize in Human Resources, Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, and Professional Development

Founded: 1996
Posting Option: Paid and Free

4. TRS Staffing Solutions

TRS Staffing Solutions supply world-leading engineering recruitment, and it specializes in the recruitment to provide the professional, engineering, technical, and field talent staffing requirement covering thousand or more based in a remote, challenging location.

TRS Staffing Solution culture is customer, candidate, and contractor oriented. They specialize in Infrastructure, rail, energy, chemicals, power, oil & gas, automotive, engineering, industrial, workforce solution, etc.

Founded: 1984
Posting Option: Paid and Free

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5. Holden Recruiting Talents

Holden Recruiting Talent is a global company specializing in recruitment & solution. They have 14 years of experience & have more than 500 clients in companies. Having more than 200 thousand resumes in the database. And, standing out in the market due to the expertise.

They specialize in Hunting, Specialized Recruitment, Executive Division, Staffing Division - Holden Staffing, Labor Outsourcing, RPO, Market Mapping, and Assessments profile.

Founded: 1998
Posting Option: Paid and Free

6. Grupo Estrategia

They provide Development of Human Capital & they have 15 years of experience in the Mexican market & more than 20,000 employees nationwide. Its primary strategy is to offer a personalized solution to human capital.

Their main goal is to be an efficient, transparent, reliable tool for the consolidation, profitability, and growth of the client. They specialize in payroll, staffing, assessment and specialized, human capital development, Organizational Development Strategies, and Administration.

Founded: 2004
Posting Option: Paid and Free

7. Luandre RH

It has 49 years of experience & they offer the technical solution to the HR area seeking excellence and continuous improvement through personalized and high-quality service. They received the Top Mind HR Award in the year 2009, 2010, and 2011, while nominated for the last 12 consecutive years.

Lingerie RH, one of the best-recruiting agencies, holds specialization in recruitment and selection, personnel administration, special program, outsourcing, professional assessment, and professional relocation.

Founded: 1970
Posting Option: Paid

8. Huxley

Huxley delivers global placement services and business solutions. It has over 20 years of experience in the market. Their global team has 650 consultants. They provide multi-language professional services with high- quality.

The team of Hulexy delivers mid-level management roles through leadership positions on a contract, permanent, interim, and retained basis, as well as talent management consultancy, including salary surveys, location strategies, talent mapping, diversity consulting, and organizational design. 

They hold specialization in various fields such as Banking, Engineering, IT, Supply Chain, Financial Services, Commercial, Accounting, Insurance, Automotive, Energy, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Security, Logistics, Pharma, Corporate Banking, Capital Markets, Asset Management, Defence, Development and Testing, and Systems and Networks, Utilities, Enterprise Applications, Project Management, Technical Support.

Founded: 1995
Posting Option: Paid and Free

9. Asyse Consultores en Recursos Humanos

ASYSE is a  nationwide presence company offering an integral solution in Human Resources. They are specialized in payroll administration & recruiting. They have more than 2000 employees.

Founded: 2004
Posting Option: Paid

10. Foxtime Recursos Humanos

They offer most HR solutions & outsource services nationwide since 1995. Their prime goal is to focus on Human Resources. They have an experience of more than 40 years in the market. They are approx 9500 + peoples' companies.

They offer the most different solutions in the area of ​​HR and outsourced services. Extensive experience in the sections: Financial, Credit Promotion Logistics Graphic, Editorial Retail Food Hotel events.

They specialize in the field like Human Resources Consultancy, Temporary Management, Outsourced Management, Staff Selection, Training, Payroll Management, and Coaching.

Founded: 1995
Posting Option: Paid and Free

11. Winner Recursos Humanos

Their main strategies are human resources to direct each client & to focus on highly qualified human resources firms. They have 2,00,000 registered resumes & more than 5000 relocated candidates & they provide payroll services.

The primary goal of one of the recruitment agencies of the USA is to highly qualified consultancy in the provision of Human Resources services and focused on maximizing results for companies. Winner Recursos Humanos is a suitable consultancy for all sizes of business: startup, small, medium, or large.

Specialities in Recruitment and Selection: Technical / Operational / Administrative / Managerial, Personnel Outsourcing, Management Training Program, Assessment of Potential (Assessment), Offshore Recruitment and Selection, Recruitment and Selection - Maritime Projects, Sector Outsourcing, Corporate Training, Behavioral Training, and Psychological Assessment, Competency-based selection and directed to business strategy, Temporary Workforce.

Founded: 2011
Posting Option: Paid

12. DO&RH

DO&RH, one of the top recruitment agencies in the USA, is a customer-oriented company. Their organization's main focus is on fulfilling human resources needs and solving the business environment necessity. It is necessary to have specialists in each area. Their clients are worldwide, including countries like Mexico, the United States, Canada, Netherlands, and Japan.

They hold specialized in various fields like Human Resources, Recruitment and Selection, and Payroll Administration, Organizational Development.

Founded: 2001
Posting Option: Paid and Free

13. QNTA

They have specialization in recruitment, headhunting, staffing, and payroll administration with national experience.

Founded: 1960
Posting Option: Paid

14. Aliato

They have been delivering the services for more than 25 years nationwide. They are offering and finding the ideal job for their employee and focus on core business & managing staff for your company.

Founded: 1991
Posting Option: Paid and Free

15. Human-Quality

Human-Quality is one of the top recruitment agencies in the US, that is located in Mexico. They aim to provide the most reliable and professional service in human capital with quality as well as innovation to their customers and collaborations.

They have 23 years of experience with more than 600 companies from diverse industries. They have recruited over 50,000 people for different positions and wages.

Human-Quality holds specialization in Recruitment and Selection / Recruitment & Selection, Personnel Management / Personnel Outsourcing, HR Consulting / HR Consulting ServicesPayroll Outsourcing, Head Hunting, and Mass Recruitment / Mass Recruitment. 

Final Words for the Best Recruiting Agencies of Latin America

We hope this list will help you to select the best recruiting agency for you, who can hire future star candidates for you. These agencies are specialized in different sectors, such as Sales, Marketing, IT/Non-IT, etc. You can choose according to your business requirements. Moreover, help you to avoid a bad hire. 

We also have a list of Top 15 European Recruiting Agencies. They will carry out the overall hiring and recruiting process in order to serve the best service. Check out these!

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