Elsner Technologies is an enterprise web and digital marketing agency that has carved a niche for itself by offering innovative, logical, and highly responsive web and IT solutions. We are 400 employees and growing rapidly with a target to reach 1000 employees in next 2 years.

Elsener Recruitment Challenges

Digital is the most demanding and ever-changing domain. Skilled technical resources are always in very high demand and the attrition rate is an all-time high in the IT domain post-pandemic. Recruitment itself is a huge challenge as there are a lot of open positions because of the high demand and attrition rate. Time is everything in this competitive market so the need for an ATS which is a one-stop solution for all the recruitment needs and saves time & cost per hire is a must. Some of the major challenges were sourcing via different platforms directly to a central database, reducing the candidate screening time, highly searchable central candidate database with a 360-degree view of each candidate, streamlining all the communication with a traceable transparent channel. Increasing the productivity of the recruitment team and reducing the cost per hire is always the bottom line.


Elsner sought a solution that would allow its recruiters to quickly identify talent and immediately reach out to that talent regarding new and existing opportunities. “Prior to iSmartRecruit we were using a solution which was antiquated and we were unable to customize workflows with no assistance for screening,” said Harshal Shah, CEO of Elsner Technologies. Management determined that more customizable features and workflows would be needed to succeed in the high-demand Digital technology domain. Adopting iSmartRecruit enabled Elsner to customize its workflows and the AI matching feature allowed them to quickly find the right talent to remain competitive.

Resulting Benefits

iSmartRecruit helped Elsner to reduce the time in finding the right talent with data points. A significant reduction in time to hire, by 20 to 30% especially by intelligent candidate matching and streamlining the communication among the stakeholders within the system. All the hiring managers from different departments can see the real-time progress and share inputs from a self-service portal which made things transparent and reduced the unnecessary long email chains. The management now has clear reports based on which they can make informed decisions and be more proactive to change the course of things.

iSmartRecruit Impact

  • Reduction in Time &
    Cost Per Hire
  • Reduction in Cost of
    Job Advertisement
  • Increase in Overall
    Team Productivity

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