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About HitContract

What makes HitContract unique from other agencies is its capability to offer innovative and creative solutions even in the most difficult situation. In fact, They were the first recruitment agency who have started speaking about the contract job model between programmers in Lithuania In 2015.

The agency has its roots in IT leadership, and they establish a close relationship with clients and candidates.

The small but deeply motivated and thriving team of IT recruiters at Hitcontract aims to provide the highest quality candidates in this fiercely competitive market.

The agency specialised in faster talent discovery, candidate assessment, filling “hard-to-fill” positions and HR-friendly onboarding.

Let’s understand the challenges they were facing before adopting iSmartRecruit.

The iSmartRecruit Impact

  • increased sourcing
    quality ratio
  • hiring manager’s
    satisfaction rate
  • improvement in the
    quality of hires

Hiring Hurdles HitContract Faced

The IT recruitment team at HitContact faced a myriad of obstacles while streamlining
the recruiting workflows. From grappling with high volumes of candidates'
applications to navigating biases and optimising the hiring process,
the following are the roadblocks they faced.

Roadblock 1: Manually processing hundreds of applications

From the start, HitContract aims to quickly find and deliver the right IT professionals to their clients.

However, receiving high-volume applications and sorting those candidates' applications, skills and experience vice was a significant challenge the team faced. The manual process took a considerable amount of time and effort when the formats of resumes and cover letters were inconsistent.

As a result, The lack of effective communication and delays in providing feedback lead to an unpleasant candidate experience.

It was a red flag as it may harm the agency’s reputation image and ability to attract top IT talent.

Roadblock 2: Inefficiency in Streamlining recruiting & hiring workflows

Inefficient use of recruitment tech and AI-powered tools like Talent Acquisition Software resulted in increased manual workloads and reduced productivity of the recruiters.

Also, the lack of standardised recruitment processes led to subjective decision-making and biased evaluations, hindering the selection of the most qualified candidates.

In addition, the team was utilising limited job boards to source the right candidates and not leveraging talent pools. As a consequence, they missed opportunities and delays in finding suitable candidates.

Multiple disconnected platforms and systems led to data fragmentation, duplicate entries and complication in tracking the candidate's journey throughout the process.

The onboarding task was a bit tricky as manual paperwork and coordination challenges between the team can cause delays and confusion. This lack of standardised processes resulted in subjective decision-making and biased evaluations, hindering the selection of the most qualified candidates.

The iSmartRecruit Solution

To address the abovementioned challenges, HitContract approached iSmartRecruit’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment CRM solution to automate and streamline the application process and empower the hiring team of IT recruiters to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition.

Solution 1: Reduce administration work

Implementing Aplicant Tracking System (ATS) automated the manual tasks and significantly decreased the workload for the HitContract team, and enabled them to focus more on higher-value activities, such as assessing candidates' qualifications and cultural fit, which led to better hiring outcomes.

Features like Interview scheduling and automated invitations to candidates saved recruiters' time and effort.

Automated notifications and reminders option kept the team informed about each candidate's progress. This resulted in faster and more efficient recruitment processes.

"The automated hiring workflow provided by iSmartRecruit has been a game-changer for our agency. It has totally changed the way we approach recruitment and has significantly enhanced our hiring process."

- Robertas Čiapas,
( IT Recruiter at HitContract )

Solution 2: Easier team collaboration

The team collaboration feature enabled multiple team members to access and add feedback on applicants’ profiles.

Now, with the robust Recruitment Software iSmartRecruit provided, let the manager assign tasks to the team member, sets deadlines, and track progress

As a result, every team member collaborates and discusses candidate profiles within the system.

"A holistic view of each candidate's journey makes sure transparency among our team and simplifies the overall recruitment workflow."

- Gediminas Andriškevičius,
( Senior IT Recruiter at HitContract )

Solution 3: Secure sensitive data

Data is indeed a crucial aspect of any business in today’s world hence the security of data is imperative. That’s where iSmartRecruit became a life-saver for the HitContract agency.

The highly-secured iSmartRecruit software prevented unauthorised access and assured that even if data is intercepted or compromised, it stays unreadable without the encryption keys.

The Software secured the database and privacy of sensitive candidate data through a combination of technical safeguards, compliance with regulations, highly secure infrastructure and continuous monitoring and maintenance

"The system involved option assigning role-based permissions and user authentication standards such as usernames, passwords, and multi-factor authentication gave us surety that only authorised personnel can access sensitive candidate data."

- Rima Skirelė,
( HR Manager and IT Recruitment Professional )

Solution 4: Easy candidate progress tracking

The status update option gave them a clear overview of where each candidate stands in the recruitment pipeline.

Also, the software offered visual representations of the recruitment pipeline that made it easy for HitContract's recruiters to efficiently access and track the progress of each candidate.

Based on that, the recruiters can assign various status labels to candidates to show their progress in the hiring process.

"A centralised candidate database provided us an option to search, segment and access to candidate information smoothly."

- Liga K,
( IT Recruiter at HitContract )

Outstanding Results

iSmartRecruit's ATS delivers extraordinary results by transforming the way HitContract hire tech talent.

  • With its highly-scalable features and intelligent automation, it enables the IT recruitment agency to drive efficiency, reduces time-to-fill by 35% and improves the quality of hires by 38%.
  • By leveraging advanced features such as Talent Pool Management, Visual Pipeline, Reports, and Job Tracker HitContract increased the offer acceptance rate by 43% and sourcing quality ratio by 49%.
  • With iSmartRecruit's efficient processes and streamlined workflows, HitContract experienced a notable increase in hiring managers’ satisfaction ratio, which was 57%.
  • Also, they notice a reduction in Time-to-Hire by 39% and Cost-per-hire by 27%.
  • The user-centric design, timely updates, personalised communication, and seamless application process boosts candidate satisfaction rate by 33% and offer acceptance rate by 37%.

By recognising the challenges and adopting iSmartRecruit, HitContract overcame hiring obstacles easily and transformed its recruitment process into a more streamlined, efficient, and candidate-centric experience.

"While using a platform, we saved time managing candidate pools. Next to it,
it helped to organise the workload between recruiters within the teams."



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