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Are you from the hospitality or operational real estate industries? Also, are you looking for skilled and experienced people to fill executive management roles in your organisation?

If yes, then be totally worry-free because LHC International will do the heavy lifting for you in finding and hiring top-tier executives and chief officers.

LHC International is an executive search firm that has been providing the highest-rated executive search services to its clients in the hospitality and operational real estate sectors globally since 2013.

LHC International is one of the most recognised executive recruitment firms because it does not just provide résumés. Instead, it connects leaders with organisations by leveraging its robust global network, comprehensive industry experience, and highly motivated team.

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Executive Hiring Hurdles LHC International Faced

LHC International faced some roadblocks with the previous system they were using. Let’s explore each challenge in detail.

Roadblock 1: Limitations of Recruitment Data Analytics

LHC International faced many challenges due to the limited functionalities of a Recruitment Analytics feature in the previous system. As a result, the executive recruiters at LHC International struggled to clearly make informed, data-driven decisions about their processes and workflows.

It became challenging for the team to optimise executive search strategies since it took extra effort to track and measure the effectiveness of their hiring efforts efficiently. Also, the lack of advanced functionalities in recruitment data analytics impeded LHC's capacity to identify trends and patterns within their hiring processes.

Roadblock 2: Difficulties in Automatically Asking Renewal of Data Consent

LHC International experienced the inconvenience of manually requesting candidates to renew their consent with the previous Executive Search ATS. Unfortunately, there was no automated process in place to handle the renewal once the consent expired.

This added to their operational burden. As a result, managing data consent became a cumbersome task for LHC International, which impacted their ability to streamline their operations effectively. Also, in Europe, there are higher regulations regarding data protection.

Roadblock 3: Ineffective Client Support & Less Customisation But Higher Pricing

LHC International grappled with inefficient customer support from the previous ATS provider, which resulted in major challenges for their operations. The lack of flexible and customised solutions leads to a stagnation in elevating their user experience.

The prior system LHC International used primarily lacked some customisation options despite its higher cost. The limited customisation restricted their ability to tailor the system to fit their unique clients’ workflows and requirements, resulting in inefficiencies.

The iSmartRecruit Solution

Frustrated with their old system, LHC International began to look for a recruitment system solution that better fits their Executive Search needs. Soon, they found iSmartRecruit. Impressed by its capabilities, LHC reaps the benefits below.

Solution 1: Candidate Database Management Became Efficient

iSmartRecruit's Executive Search software proved to be the perfect solution for LHC International to manage its candidate database efficiently. Its advanced database search options and user-friendly interface enable streamlined complex workflows of organising and accessing candidate information.

Now, LHC International can easily search and filter through its database to find the most suitable candidates for various executive positions.

iSmartRecruit offered centralised candidate data and interactions so that LHC International could effectively nurture relationships with potential candidates, enhancing their recruitment efforts and increasing the likelihood of successful hires. It saves them valuable time and resources.

Solution 2: Custom & Automated Workflow

LHC International found the best-tailored Executive Search ATS solution to their recruitment needs after using iSmartRecruit's Executive Recruitment ATS. iSmartRecruit enabled them to customise workflows to fit their unique client needs and streamlined the overall process from start to finish.

Gone were the days of manual tasks and repetitive actions for LHC International. iSmartRecruit’s cutting-edge AI recruitment software automated workflows and took care of routine operations, which freed up their executive recruiters’ valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives.

As a result, LHC International experienced a significant boost in productivity and efficiency. With tasks automated and workflows optimised, they could handle a larger volume of candidates without sacrificing quality at all.

Solution 3: Effective Communication & Talent Management

LHC International revolutionised its communication and talent management practices. Thanks to intuitive communication portals at their fingertips. By leveraging it, LHC International seamlessly connected with executive talent and built stronger relationships, keeping them engaged throughout the executive hiring process.

The result? Enhanced candidate experiences resulted in higher retention rates for their clients. By effectively managing talent pools and nurturing candidate relationships, LHC International attracted top-tier talent easily.

With iSmartRecruit, LHC International's communication became a strategic asset, paving the way for long-term success in executive recruitment. This newfound agility allowed them to stay ahead in the competitive executive search landscape, securing top talent faster and seamlessly.

Solution 4: Enhanced Executive Search Reduced Time & Costs

With iSmartRecruit's executive recruiting software, LHC International witnessed a transformative shift in its executive search process.

The international executive search firm experienced significant reductions in time associated with recruiting high-calibre talent. By streamlining and accelerating their search process, they not only achieved their placement goals faster but also realised substantial cost savings.

The visual hiring pipeline empowered LHC International to allocate resources more strategically, driving greater value for every recruitment dollar spent. With iSmartRecruit's solution, LHC International gained a competitive edge in the executive recruitment landscape while maximising its return on investment.

Exceptional Recruitment Success LHC International Achieved with iSmartRecruit

LHC International experienced a remarkable transformation in its internal and external executive recruitment process. iSmartRecruit’s Executive Search Software solution enables them to achieve their recruitment goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Here are some of the key successes LHC International witnessed using iSmartRecruit’s Executive Recruitment Software.

  • The Advanced Database Search and Automated Reminders reduced time-to-hire by 30%, which was remarkable.
  • The Talent Pool Management feature enhanced candidate engagement, which resulted in a peak in the quality of process communication by 35% and a surge in candidate response rate by 23%.
  • Using the candidate sourcing feature helped LHC International to increase its sourcing quality ratio by an impressive 26%.
  • LHC International’s executive search consultants also noticed a decline in the candidate drop-off ratio by 20% due to the positive candidate experience they were providing. It also improved the candidate satisfaction rate by 28%, which was surprising for the team.
  • The Executive consultant team at LHC noticed an increase in colleague user experience satisfaction with iSmartRecruit’s Executive Search system.
  • There were fewer interruptions of the workflow and faster and automated administration work.

In conclusion, the adoption of iSmartRecruit's executive search platform marked a pivotal chapter and significant milestone in LHC International's executive search strategy. The firm continues to reap the benefits of this strategic partnership and reinforce its position as a leader in talent acquisition.

“If you are in search of swift and top-notch support for your CRM/ATS, we strongly recommend iSmartRecruit. Right from the start, they have been exceptional in providing rapid solutions and implementing them quickly.
After over 12 months of working with iSmartRecruit, our satisfaction has only grown, and we can clearly see the significant value it brings to our operations.”

Nadine Diolulu

Nadine Diolulu,

Director Central Europe, LHC International

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