Recruitment Guru Episode 2: Corporate Employer Branding & Candidate Experience

Ep-2: Corporate Branding & Candidate Experience



Established in 1999 & headquartered in New Jersey, Systemart is a global Staffing Services, Software Application Development, and BPO Services company.


Manual data entry and manual selection of candidate profiles was resulting into loss of productivity and manual errors. It was one of the biggest reasons of increase in time & cost per hire as well. Human errors in matching the candidates with respective job description was also hampering the client experience and resulting into missing deadlines for hiring. The other major challenge was no clear insights on team efforts and results hence it was difficult to evaluate the performance and make course correction.


In such a competitive recruitment business, Systemart needed a more cost-effective ATS with the latest functionality. By reviewing various product rating sites, they found iSmartRecruit. And, after the personalization demo, they decided iSmartRecruit would be a one-stop solution to all of the pain points they were facing.

In a nutshell improving the productivity and reducing the time & cost per higher significantly using the following

    • Automation : Customized workflows, Resume Parsing, AI-based Candidate Matching
    • Synchronize : End to end communication with clients, candidates & employees
    • Integration : Publish Jobs on the Website, Popular Job boards, and Social Networks
    • Go Virtual : Easy Video Interview Scheduling,Messaging
    • Reports: Accurate & Real-time Reporting for specific needs

Resulting Benefits

After switching to iSmartRecruit, Systemart increased their workflow efficiency and saved 500+ hours of productivity in a year, using iSmartRecruit’s real-time job board posting, AI Candidate Matching, and Real time reporting as some of the features they regularly utilize.

“In our business, speed & the accuracy of data is really important, and iSmartRecruit has all of that,” said Nitin Shah. “50% increase in accuracy of candidate matching gave our clients a really good experience.”

For Systemart, It was a very significant saving with 53% decrease in time to hire and 30% decrease in cost to hire “Everything we need for our recruitment process & client communication is already built into iSmartRecruit,” said Nitin Shah. “It provides a very seamless experience to our clients as well as the candidates especially with custom self service portals available for clients & candidates."

iSmartRecruit Impact

  • 500+
    Hours of Productivity
    Saved Per Year
  • decrease in time to hire and 30%
    decrease in cost to hire
  • More Accuracy in
    candidate matching

Award-Winning Technology


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