Gmail & Outlook Import Add-in to import profiles from your mailbox

If you are having candidates’ resumes in your mailbox, you can use iSmart Resume Exporter to import the resumes directly to the database. Gmail Addin - iSmart Resume Exporter is very easy to use. You just need to install this add-in into your chrome browser. After installation, it will ask for the user name and password for the first time. You can use the import button to import a particular CV from the mail. You can uncheck the cover letters and other documents if you do not want those documents in the database.

Outlook Import

Outlook Imports

Same way in Outlook, you can use the add-in for Outlook mailbox. You can import the resume from Outlook the same way you do with the Gmail add-in. In the case of using Outlook, you can have different add-ins for Outlook Desktop (Cloud) and Outlook 365. No need to change or switch your Outlook, you can use add-ins for the Outlook you are using.

outlook mailbox

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