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What is Recruitment Management System?

The online Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a great tool used by recruiters, hiring managers, head hunters, and talent acquisition specialists to get recruiting success. The Recruitment Management System also helps enterprises to digitise their recruiting process and automate many of their daily tasks using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation features.

What are the main problems of Recruiters?

Competitive talent market
Competitive talent market

The talent market is growing increasingly competitive for employers. The recruiter has to compete with recruitment campaigns, salaries, and benefits in today's talent-drive market to find the best matching talent.

Ensuring a good candidate experience
Ensuring a good candidate experience

Candidate experience is an important factor when your best candidates are evaluating your job offers. If they had a bad experience, they’re less likely to accept. Conversely, positive candidate experiences can encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers.

Lots of paperwork
Lots of paperwork and manual processes

In order to find the most qualified talent, recruiters often review resumes and job applications manually. Which eventually consumes an ample amount of time and makes the recruiting process lengthy and tedious.

See How Innovative iSmartRecruit Features
Make Exceptional Recruitment

From creating job descriptions to onboarding, iSmartRecruit provides easy-to-use features that allow you to conduct recruitment workflow efficiently and secure positive candidate experience.

Detech Duplicate & Merge

Identify the same candidates’ information in the database based on their email ID, mobile number and/or Linkedin URL and merge the duplicate candidate data into a single master file.

Detech Duplicate & Merge

Out-of-Box Customisations

Build a better system for your business and customise your recruiting workflow, track all applications and the current status of each active job with out-of-box customisation and personalisation options available within the system.

Out-of-Box Customisations

Auto-pilot Workflows

Automate your recruitment workflow and start sending emails. Create tasks automatically based on the workflow status update.

Auto-pilot Workflows

Automate Your Recruiting With the Most Popular Integrations

Explore our 50+ partner tech platforms that give you access to recruitment marketing,
social media, job boards, mass mailing, VOIP, and online meetings.


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Who Needs a Recruitment Management System?

Every recruiter, hiring manager, recruitment team member, and employer can benefit from the Recruitment Management System to create an efficient recruiting process by managing application data better and keeping the hiring managers and recruiters synced on one platform.

Can I customise the Recruitment Management System according to my preference?

iSmartRecruit customers range from single recruiters and startup businesses to global organizations with 10,000+ employees. iSmartRecruit customers come from diverse industries and from all over the world. If you would like to talk with customers in your industry or in your region who use iSmartRecruit, just reach us at: [email protected], and we can provide references.

Who owns the data stored in Recruitment Management System?

We are 10 years old company with 10,000+ active users available in over 60 countries worldwide.

Can I migrate my data from my existing Recruitment Management System to iSmartRecruit?

Yes, complete data migration is possible from your current system to our Recruitment Management System without affecting your recruitment operations. This migration depends on the format, volume and contents of the data of the prior system and how the information can be matched with the features of our system.

Please visit our data migration page for more information or contact [email protected].

Can I import my resumes and excel data on my own?

Yes, users get the option to import the candidates' resumes directly into the system, which are present in their local drives or systems. Also, you can import the data for clients, candidates, leads & employees from the excel sheet to iSmartRecruit from our feature named Master Data Excel Import in your Admin section.

Is a duplicate check available in the system for candidates?

Yes, with the “Check for Duplicate” option, You can find the same candidates’ information in the database based on their email ID, mobile number and/or Linkedin URL.

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