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How to Use Gamification to Recruit Top Talent

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Recruitment trends keep on evolving along with time and Gamification is the latest and highly popular trend these days. One of the best examples of gamification in recruiting is Google's famous billboard mathematical riddle, where people had to solve equations and the people who successfully made great candidates. This helped google to easily screen candidates and get high-quality applications, and the process was a fun way to land a job for the candidates.

Gamification is a method to achieve goals digitally by using designs and tactics used in a game.

These days many companies are using this method and implementing it in their recruitment process to improve their candidate experience and bring intrigue to their brand name.

Gamification is extremely helpful for recruiting the best applicants and training them to perform better in a fun way! A recruiter has to see if the candidate is fit for the job as well as the company by understanding the job requirements and the company culture and comparing it with the candidate's experience, qualifications, ambition, behaviour, and much more. Gamification simplifies all these and also delivers several benefits such as:

  • Makes the elimination process faster
  • Make the candidate familiar with the company and job position in a fun way
  • Provides mock scenarios to analyze the candidate's thinking and abilities
  • It provides a smart way to screen and interview the applicants making the recruitment process more interactive.

So, keeping these benefits in mind, every company should include gamification to their recruiting process to stay on top of their game and hire the best talent. When it comes to implementing gamification to the recruitment process the below four steps should be followed:

Plan Well

The very first step is to be a game into your recruitment process is to plan out the whole process very precisely. You must have the answer to questions like what kind of game would be included, what skills would be tested, and how the results will be calculated? You must set goals for your recruitment process to achieve and keeping those goals in mind, you must plan your gamification process.

Make it as Engaging as Possible

Once you have everything planned, make sure that your process is as interesting as possible but make sure that it is not too complex as you do not want your candidates to be confused. The key is for the candidates to have fun. The game must be interactive as well as entertaining and should not seem like the candidate is undertaking an exam.

Measure the Results

The best thing about the games is that you get instant results. The rewards in the games make it more appealing and this can be used to make the process more attractive for the candidates. You can provide candidates with rewards so it lets them know about their performance and even makes the elimination more simple and successful.

Promote the Game

Lastly, you must promote your game on multiple platforms. It is not your usual job advertisement and so, to reach a larger audience, the game must be promoted across all the best channels. This will attract more potential candidates and boost the brand's visibility. This will put you above your competitors and the top talent would be attracted to the job position.

The present-day recruitment team knows that gamification is the most ideal approach to find millennial candidates, who have grown up living on smartphones, playing video games, and whose life revolves around social media platforms. So, to connect gamification to recruitment, leaderboards, puzzles, real-time progress charts, virtual headhunting, rewards, and many more ways can be used.

Gamification has a great future and future-minded companies are using interactive games to help gain better candidates and strengthen employee development. Now is the right time to implement gamification in your recruiting process and enjoy its many benefits.

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