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How well Recruitment Process Software serves your recruiting firm?

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As we are in the era of automation and fast-changing process, We need to change the old roads. We need to work smartly instead of hard. In the recruiting industry hiring, new candidates with the best skills are the toughest process of all. As we are talking about working in the recruiting industry and working smartly as well, one can only think about the Recruitment Process Software.

What facilities should be given to you by any recruitment process software?

1. Integration with multiple job boards

As we all know recruiting/hiring is all about choosing the right candidate. To complete this process successfully we need software that can be integrated with multiple job boards. One of the purposes of this feature is to save time and utilize your process without a manual and boring process.

2. Automatically Resume Parsing

Resumes are essential and the thing that comes into the work on a daily basis for recruiters. Parsing Resumes manually is a time-consuming and lengthy process. Recruitment Software helps you to parse resumes automatically and precisely. This software also helps you to import resumes, update resumes, and track your process.

Resume Parsing

3. Integrated Onboarding 

On-boarding is a new trend in the recruiting industry. On-boarding actually works when recruiters finish the recruitment process and the candidate gets started with the job. On-boarding helps the recruiters to track the status of a candidate and inform the candidate on changes. A recruiter can send automatic mail on completion of a process too.

4. Prevent Manual and Repeated Process 

Automation is the key function of all the work. If you want to work fast as well as precisely you need to leave the old thinking process and try out Automation instead of manual work. Recruitment Process Software does the same thing for your HR firm. It prevents the manual and repeated process and does everything automatically as well as precisely.

5. Save Times 

As we discussed, leaving old roads and going for automation, the purpose of this is to save time. If your Recruitment Process Software does all the work automatically with precision then it will save all your precious time.

6. Improve Productivity 

It all works with the chain system. If you adopt automation, it will save you time and effort too. Consistency and quality of work also matter. And this will lead us to a better productivity rate. If the time of the process decreases, we can focus on new goals, and after all, this will improve our productivity.

7. Efficient Communication 

Using ATS recruiting software that can do your work on behalf of you is very nice. A user can track his work too. It creates a communication chain between recruiters and candidates. A Recruiter can track and schedule the interview and discuss the new job openings. It leads a recruiter to transparency in work.

So now you know what a recruitment process software should have, but the next big question is how to find the best out of all.

The answer is very simple. iSmartRecruit serves you all the above-listed functionality with additional features. Some more features of iSmartRecruit are listed below :

  • Candidate Self Service Portal
  • Two-way Email Sync
  • Social Recruiting
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Profile Matching using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Multiple Language Support

and much more.

To know how iSmartRecruit works and what other functionality it gives, schedule your Free Demo today.

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