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13 Must-Attend HR and Recruitment Conferences in 2024

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A year ahead filled with opportunities to mingle with the maestros of HR, unlock the secrets of talent acquisition, and be at the forefront of the latest industry revolutions. 

Embark on a journey through the vibrant world of HR and recruitment with our latest blog post. 

Each recruitment conference on our list is a chapter in the grand narrative of your professional growth, a chance to weave your story into the rich tapestry of the HR and recruitment world. 

From the bustling halls of innovation to the enlightening discussions under the spotlight, these events are more than just meetings – they are the milestones where your career path takes a leap forward. Dive into our selection and prepare to be part of the excitement and inspiration that these 13 conferences promise in 2024!

Top 13  HR and Recruitment Conferences in 2024 

Discover the pinnacle of professional development in our roundup of the Top 13 HR and Recruitment Conferences in 2024. 

These handpicked events are where industry trends are set, connections are made, and cutting-edge strategies are unveiled. Join the ranks of the best in the business and catapult your HR and recruitment skills into a new era of excellence.

1. Talent Acquisition Week  

Main Goal: Three leading recruitment events  

  • Social Recruiting Strategies
  • Talent Sourcing Strategies
  • Employer Branding Strategies
  • Date: January 29-February 1, 2024 
  • Location: San Diego, CA 
  • Fees: $1,295+ (See pricing details on their website)

The Talent Acquisition Week event brings the abovementioned three leading industry conferences together in one exciting week. It is hosted at the beautiful San Diego Mission Bay Resort. This recruitment event focuses on educating today's Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals for the future of recruiting.  

You can engage in a variety of activities, such as practitioner-to-practitioner sessions, panel discussions, and case studies. The recruitment conference features a wide range of topics, like next-gen talent navigation, mastering video recruitment, transforming recruiting processes with Service Level Agreements, and leveraging storytelling to elevate employer branding.

There will be a notable roster of speakers from diverse organisations who will share insights and recruitment strategies, catering to sourcers, recruiters, talent branders, HRs and TA professionals across industries. 

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2. Business Meetup: Erupt Disrupt 

Main Goal: Network with leaders, HR execs, and Talent pros  

  • Date: February 01, 2024.
  • Place: Birmingham
  • Fees: £0 – £9.99

The Erupt Disrupt Birmingham Meetup focuses on uniting the regional communities of HR, talent, technology, and leadership for a networking and learning experience.

This recruitment event offers an informal setting for professionals to connect and explore strategies for HR and Talent experts, as well as talent acquisition leaders, to adapt faster and sustainably. It encourages both personal and organisational development. 

This gathering will serve as a precursor to the DisruptHR Birmingham Summit 2.0, which seeks to motivate and engage the local community with support from My Staff Shop and HR Gazette.

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3. HR West - Better HR Today & Tomorrow 

Main Goal:  Reveals top HR trends and strategies for 2024

  • Date: March 05 and 06, 2024  
  • Location: Oakland
  • Fees: $199  

With nearly 40 years of excellence, the HR West Conference is a crucial event for HR and recruitment professionals seeking to stay ahead in 2024. 

The recruiting conference emphasises innovative strategies in HR, cutting-edge HR technology, talent management, and crucial compliance updates. 

Participants will gain insights into strategic HR planning, leveraging technology for effective HR solutions, and tackling today's most pressing talent issues, such as retention and employee development. 

Also, the talent acquisition conference offers valuable knowledge on navigating the complexities of HR compliance, ensuring attendees are up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments.

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4. Transform for the better, together  

Main Goal: Shaping the future of work together 

  • Date: March 11-13, 2024  
  • Location: Wynn Las Vegas
  • Fees: $1,395

The Transform conference is a dynamic three-day event, stands as a hub for shaping the future of work, connecting over 3,000 attendees, including 100+ investors, 500+ startups, and 300+ world-class speakers from over 40 countries. 

This recruitment conference is designed to bridge technology and people, bringing together executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who are at the forefront of workplace transformation. 

Transform focuses on fostering meaningful connections among business and people leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, all united in their mission to shape the future world of work.

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5. Workhuman Live 

Main Goal: Creating a positive workplace experience 

  • Date: April 15-18, 2024  
  • Location: Austin, Texas  
  • Fees: $1,495

Workhuman Live, is a unique HR conference that is dedicated to creating a positive workplace experience, with a primary goal of addressing and eliminating the current crisis in work environments. 

This renowned HR conference focuses on key topics in human resources, offering targeted sessions and workshops led by industry-leading speakers, researchers, and futurists. The conference's special format allows all the HR attendees to not only develop actionable plans but also build numerous new connections in the field.

Prime Highlights with Keynote Speakers 

1. Eric Mosley: A pioneer in humanising work, shares insights on identifying and addressing the root causes of work-related issues. 

2. Dr Brené Brown: A fan favourite and respected research professor, returns to inspire courageous leadership in the workplace. 

3. Baratunde Thurston: A celebrated storyteller and host, will explore the concept of active citizenship in both professional and broader contexts. 

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6. Unleash America 

Main Goal: HR Innovation Leadership

  • Date: May 7-9, 2024 
  • Location: CAESARS FORUM, Las Vegas, NV


  • General attendee: $1,326.50 - $1,895
  • Vendor: $1,895
  • VIP Guests: FREE  
  • Group: Inquire  
  • Digipass: $349

The UNLEASH America is an HR and recruitment conference, and Expo is renowned as the foremost HR event in the United States that is celebrated for its influence and innovation in the HR sector and recruitment technology. 

For over 10 years, this HR conference has established itself as a pivotal marketplace for startups, scale-ups, and breakthrough recruitment technologies that attract over 2,000 leading employers who collectively impact over 12 million employees and contribute significantly to the global economy. 

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7. Talent42 

Main Goal: Technical Recruitment 

  • Date: June 3-4, 2024  
  • Location: Seattle, WA and virtual  
  • Price: $1,399 in-person, $349 virtual

Talent42 is the definitive recruitment conference specially organised for tech recruiters. 

This recruitment event is a treasure trove for those seeking to master tech hiring, offering unparalleled insights from the brightest in tech recruitment and engineering leadership. 

It's not just a conference but a career-transforming experience where top recruiters refine their skills through hands-on training, powerful sessions, and keynotes by industry trailblazers.

All the Attendees gain cutting-edge sourcing techniques, network with leading professionals, and learn directly from innovators in tech. Talent42 is where the art of tech recruitment meets the future of technology, making it an unmissable event for those at the forefront of talent acquisition.

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8. NAHCR24

Main Goal: Healthcare Recruitment 

  • Date: July 16-19, 2024  
  • Location: Norfolk, VA  
  • Fees: TBD

The NAHCR Annual Conference is an essential event for healthcare recruiters at all professional levels. Experienced healthcare recruiters designed this talent acquisition conference and offered a rich learning environment tailored to the unique challenges of this field. 

All the attendees, ranging from new HR specialists to VPs, will discover proven recruiting strategies from industry experts, gain insights from peers overcoming similar challenges, and engage in forward-thinking discussions about the profession's future. 

Also, the interactive exhibit hall presents an opportunity to connect with vendors offering solutions to specific recruitment hurdles. This HR and recruitment event is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in hiring nurses and clinical professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped for successful talent acquisition.

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9. HR Technology Conference & Expo  

Main Goal: World of HR tech comes together 

  • Date: September 24-27, 2024  
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  
  • Fees: TBA, registration opens March 1

The HR Technology Conference is a premier global gathering for HR and IT professionals, featuring over 300 top-tier speakers, 10,000+ attendees, and 400 world-class exhibitors. 

This tech and HR event is famous for the original and largest dedicated HR innovation and offers over 150 impactful sessions where attendees can explore the latest HR and recruitment trends, tools, and technologies in HR. 

It's an essential destination for HR teams aiming to excel through technological leverage, offering insights into strategies and processes vital for success. 

The conference is organised into various learning tracks, focusing on critical HR issues like DE&I, employee experience, HR digital transformation, and people analytics, ensuring a tailored and enriching experience for every attendee.

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Main Goal: Reimagining & reshaping the future of sourcing 

  • Date: October 09-10, 2024  
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Fees:  €547.00  

#SOSUEU is a remarkable conference bringing together the most influential sourcers from across five continents. This unique event offers a platform for collaboration, networking, and learning from the leaders shaping the tech talent-sourcing world. 

Attendees will delve into the latest challenges, trends, and opportunities in the field, gaining invaluable insights. It's more than just a conference; it's a chance to join a global community at the forefront of sourcing innovation, where extraordinary sourcers converge to inspire, connect, and lead the future of the industry.

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11. Social Recruiting Days 

Main Goal: Recruiting using social media 

  • Date: October 10-11, 2024  
  • Location: Berlin
  • Fees: EUR 1,190.00  

Social Recruiting Days 2024 comprises three tracks.

Track 1 focuses on the recruiter's enthusiasm for effective candidate outreach and external communication. 

Track 2 underscores the importance of creating an engaging candidate journey and experience. 

Track 3 delves into the exploration of effective technical solutions and tools to improve recruitment processes. 

The event offers workshops, hackathons, and in-depth sessions with immediate and practical benefits.

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12. HR Southwest 2024 

Main Goal: HR solution, service and networking 

  • Date: October 15 - 18, 2023
  • Location: TBA
  • Fees: TBA

The HRSouthwest Conference (HRSWC), established in 1941, stands as the premier regional HR event in the United States, offering a not-to-be-missed experience for professionals in the field. 

This comprehensive conference features over 100 educational sessions led by thought leaders, nationally renowned keynote speakers, and a Marketplace with more than 200 HR solutions and service providers. 

With its rich history and contemporary relevance, HRSWC attracts over 2,000 attendees, providing ample networking opportunities over 2½ days. 

Attendees can expand their knowledge, build meaningful connections, and interact with an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitors, making it an essential event for HR professionals looking to enhance their skills and networks.

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13. Silicon Valley TechRecruit Conference  

Main Goal: Sourcing, Recruiting and Employer Branding 

  • Date: November 06-07, 2024  
  •  Location: San Francisco
  • Fees: TBA 

The TechRecruit Conference is a dynamic, rapid-learning event crafted explicitly for Talent Acquisition professionals across various industries. 

It covers a wide range of topics, including Talent Intelligence, Sourcing, Recruiting, Talent Operations, Recruitment Analytics, Employer Branding, and more, with a particular focus on Talent Technology Innovations. 

It's also highly beneficial for Sourcing and Recruitment Practitioners, Hiring Managers, TA Program Leaders, and Procurement professionals involved in Contingent Workforce and Sourcing. Attendees can expect to advance their careers and elevate talent acquisition strategies to effectively attract, select, and retain global talent.

What to expect?  

  • Over 30 experts revealed insights from their recruitment strategies.

  • Two days filled with interactive workshops, panel discussions, case studies, and roundtable sessions.

  • A full day dedicated to practical case studies and engaging panels, running from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • A standout panel featuring Global Talent Acquisition Leaders focusing on success metrics.

  • Live demonstrations of the latest Talent Technology.

  • Enjoyable Happy Hour Mixers and exclusive VIP Dinners.

  • Delicious meals and unlimited coffee/tea throughout the day.

  • Ample opportunities for networking and learning alongside industry peers.

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It’s a Wrap! 

As we wrap up our journey through the 13 must-attend HR and Recruitment Conferences of 2024, remember that each event offers a unique chance to elevate your career, broaden your network, and ignite your passion for HR excellence. 

These conferences are more than just meetings; they're gateways to the future of HR and recruitment. So, choose your destinations, mark your calendars, and get ready to be inspired. The future of HR awaits you!

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