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author Written by Amit Ghodasara June 12, 2019

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The interview is the toughest process of the recruiting process as it also involves candidates into it. Rather than evaluating candidates, recruiters will also be judged as it is a face to face conversation. Sometimes, recruiters also find it difficult to handle candidates that are "over-qualified" of "under-qualified".

Basically, there are two types of interviews - the first one is an individual interview and the second one is a group interview. The recruiters' used to do the individual interview as it evaluates the candidates to the core. But this process takes a lot of time and after so many interviews, you need to check the histories and do post-interview screening too.

So to avoid this kind of problems, recruiters have found the best way. Every invention has its own pros and cons, this function also gets some advantages and disadvantages. Let's see 5 advantages and disadvantages of Group Interview Process.

Pros of Group Interview

Pros of Group Interview


  • Quick Selection
    Here is a win-win situation for recruiters. As it is an evaluation process of a candidate, you can have a better idea if you scale every candidate at a time. So you can select and reject candidates quickly. This saves recruiters a lot of time and effort.

  • Scope for the discussion
    This allows the space for candidates and to speak about their opinions. This may also change the recruiters' mind upon certain beliefs. This also helps you to understand the personality of a candidate. If he/she is an introvert or extrovert, how strongly they can put their opinion in front of others, how do they defend, how do they convince? Everything you can evaluate at one place.

  • Similar Question with Different Answers
    The group interview can bring you different answers for the same question. So you can quickly judge a candidate. And you will also understand their mindset like, optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, or futuristic.

  • Highlight the Potential Candidates
    A man can truly be evaluated in a crowd. If you see candidate between mass audience, you will identify them. If they are helpful to others? If they get jealous? If they believe in toxic behaviour or not? You will easily their personality traits while interviewing them in mass.

  • Communication Skills
    Communication is the key point that converts and convinces anyone. So if your candidate is having good communication skills, that will definitely help your organization at the end of the day.

  • No Further Reviews Needed
    Group Interview is a place where you can identify your future employees easily. And if you are getting all the answers of all the candidates at one time, there is no need to review them further. So this will be like On The Spot Decision.

    Cons of Group Interview

Cons of Group Interview


  • Creates a difficult competition
    While working with a group, there are more chances to have a difficult competition. It might be difficult for a recruiter to decide in such chaos. So this will create competition on both levels, for candidates and for recruiters also.

  • Control of the Discussion
    Sometimes, in a group interview, people lose control of the discussion. Besides talking about the job requirements, candidates or recruiters start to compare the opinions and views. So it is quite difficult to maintain the flow of the conversation in control.

  • Overpowering Candidates
    This is the most common situation of any group interview process. Overpowering candidates get highlighted even though they are not highly skilled or qualified. And at the same time, enough qualified candidates can be neglected because of their introvert personality.

  • A limited set of questions
    As a group interview is a totally different way to judge the candidates. You have to select the minimum number of question that defines your requirements. The Group Interview is conducted to save time, so you also need to manage the question and answer frequency according to your timeline.

  • Thought Process Conflicts between Candidates
    This is the most difficult situation for recruiters when you find two highly potential candidates debating on one topic and you find both of them points valid and well defined. So try to avoid the conflicts between the thought process of your candidates. Though it's non-curable. But it can be minimized.

So, these were some of the pros and cons of conducting a group interview. To read more interesting articles like this, you can have a look at iSmartRecruit that helps to make your Interview process easy and automated. And you can also ask for a Free Demo.


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