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6 Must-Read Books for Every Graduate Job Seeker

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Are you a fresher? Have you completed graduation, and looking for a relevant job opportunity? A little reading can help in brushing up your skills while enhancing your chances in the interview. If you have graduated recently, and looking forward to taking the first steps in the corporate world, you might probably be looking for some piece of advice to get started.

While you might come across a wealth of information on the Internet to facilitate your job search process, it is mostly available in the blog format. You are going to receive great advice, but the same has been trimmed down to several layers at best.

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6 Books for Every Graduate Job Seeker

If you wish to dig deeper into the ideas to advance your career, the best place out there is the local book store. Here is our recommendation on some of the must-have books that are a fantastic read for graduate job seekers out there:

1."Resume Magic" -Susan Britton Whitcomb

Resume Magic Susan Britton Whitcomb

Even in the modern digital age that we live in, a resume or CV remains a crucial component of any job hunt process. The given book has been written by a professional resume writer. The book is filled with helpful tips and hints on turning your resume from a dry format of mere facts to a highly engaging and interesting document.

The book spans around 600 pages. Therefore, it is a hefty volume if you are committed to converting your CV into the most worthwhile read for the job providers. Once you read this book, you can easily craft a professional resume all by yourself.

2."The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers" -Peggy McKee

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers Peggy McKee

It is available as a set of four distinct books. The aim of the series is to thoroughly prepare you for some of the toughest interviews of your life. The book commences with two comprehensive volumes of interview questions. Through the dedicated volumes, the book aims at explaining what the interviewer will be looking for in your answer. You are also provided with example answers. In addition to this, you will also come across relevant hints and tips on the leading interview techniques.

As you turn to Volume three of the book, you will be provided suggestions on specific questions that you should ask out of the interviewers. The final section emphasizes the process of telephonic interviews and video-based interviews.

3."What Color is Your Parachute" -Richard N Bolles

What Color is Your Parachute Richard N Bolles

The title boasts an impressive sale of more than 10 million copies. Moreover, the title also gets updated annually. In this inspirational book, Bolles aims at offering minute advice on landing your dream job. The book has been aptly referred to as the "Bible of Career Advice." As a matter of fact, the original version of this book was regarded as one of the first titles offering recruitment advice to the readers.

In the book, Bolles offers insight into two types of job searches, including:

  • The conventional search in which you prepare a resume as per the intent of the job provider

  • The life-changing search process in which you take time to ponder thoroughly over that perfect job opportunity to attain true happiness in your life

4. "Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success" -Keith Ferrazzi

Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success

If you wish to achieve a vibrant career, it is important to pay attention to interpersonal relationships. Whether you opt for socializing with your peers or negotiating deals with clients, it is crucial to pay attention to such aspects to attain success in both professional as well as personal life. In the given book, Ferrazzi goes forward with explaining strategies learned from influencers, including the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton, so that you can use them for yourself.

The book is especially useful for any career wherein it is important to develop a network or gain influence. The advice presented in the book is straightforward and simple to follow in day-to-day life. Are you an introvert who finds it difficult to ensure social connections? The title of the book will help in making the process of socializing less difficult when you find it necessary to reach out.

5. "Getting Things Done -The Art of Stress-free Productivity" -David Allen

Getting Things Done The Art of Stress free Productivity

The book has been given the status of "Bible of Business & Personal Productivity." The overall emphasis is on improving the effectiveness in all aspects of your life. Productivity is crucial in today's competitive market.

The book was originally published almost a decade ago. Allen went forward with rewriting the title of the book to impart a modern and emotional touch. In case you are not adept at personal, organizational skills, or you are feeling overwhelmed in your business or personal life, then you can go through this book to get things under control in your life.

6."The Confidence Code" - Katty Kay & Claire Shipman

The Confidence Code Katty Kay Claire Shipman

You are overwhelmed as superior men take over primary positions in the corporate world, then you can go through this enlightening book. The author stresses various ways and tools through which women can attain confidence professionally.

Final Thought on Job-Seeker Books

We hope this was a knockout post for those who are struggling with finding their dream jobs. The right resources at the right time can help you achieve immense success in life. All the best for your career ahead!

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