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Set Up Recruitment Automation for Your Smart Recruitment

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So far, technology is dominating every business; it is changing the traditional approach and replacing it with more modernization. While talking about AI, Recruitment automation is also a by-product of technological advancement. The technology trends are thereby responsible for the further growth in recruitment automation. A report by Personnel Today revealed that 38% of enterprises use artificial intelligence-backed recruitment automation, which will likely increase in 2023.

Recruitment Automation

You can not ignore that manual work takes up most of your time. Recruitment automation streamlines your hiring processes which help you save time from performing repetitive work that is tedious to handle. If you believe automation can ease your recruitment process, then it is time to set up recruitment automation in 2023.

What is Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation is recruitment software for all recruiting activities, such as sourcing talent and gathering candidate data. The software helps in accurately hiring capable employees, so companies like yours do not have to bear the costs of bad hires.

In technical terms, recruitment automation software is a subset of Human Capital Management (HCM), which is a system of HR software to carry out a smooth recruitment and hiring process. The recruitment software is SaaS-based, so all the activities are carried out via cloud computing. It takes no space in your system, and there is no threat of losing massive data.

What is Recruitment Automation

With the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the world realized the importance of the virtual world. Following this, organizations automated their manual process, and now there is no going back. With lesser talent at hand and higher vacancies, As per the estimation, 2023 brought more significant change to the recruitment sector.

By considering the scenario of recruitment marketing automation in 2023, let us find the contribution of automation in recruiting with its role.

The Role of Recruitment Automation in Recruiting

Find the role of recruitment automation in the different tasks in the recruiting process, where it signifies how it helps transform your antiquated recruiting with smart recruiting.

1. Automate talent sourcing

Recruitment ends with gathering an applicant pool. While it may seem to be a simple first stage, it requires much work to find the top talent. Your recruitment software first helps you in automated candidate sourcing by identifying your candidate needs and the type of talent you require. Then, it helps you find both active and passive candidates. Furthermore, it would help if you attract candidates for an actual talent pool. If your process is not data-driven, you may have just a group of unfit-random candidates.

The Talent Acquisition Software comes with automation features and helps you find where your top talent monitors their activities and interests. Recruitment software can track the candidates looking up jobs online or interested in opportunities to source qualitative talent for you.

2. Automated resume screening in the recruiting process

On average, organizations receive 250 resumes per job opening. But, not all the resumes are relevant to you because either the skill set doesn't match the candidates or they have insufficient experience. Chances are, some candidates even throw their resumes as flyers to every job opening they find. The number of resumes received may overwhelm you as you need to sift through them to find specific candidates.

Resume screening with automation recruitment

Automated resume screening software handles this task by screening relevant resumes based on the keywords. For instance, if you are looking for a chef who is an expert at cooking Asian food, you may enter your requirements in the software, which will surface the resumes with the exact keywords.

You can also ask pre-screening questions in your applications that the software may automatically accept or reject. For example, if you want a long-term employee, you can ask them on the application form if they plan to live in the country for the next five years. If they deny, there will be no need to carry them forward, and the software will reject those candidates.

3. Automate the interview process

With businesses moving forward faster, recruiters do not have time to carry out the long interview processes at different times for each candidate. You can automate the interview scheduling and conducting phase to avoid the tiresome work. In interviewing automation, candidates can appear for interviews online. The interviews are recorded and transcribed by the recruiting software so you can access them at any time. One of the many interview transcription software, such as Screening Hive, is already integrated with AI hiring software, where you can conduct online virtual interviews. This recruitment software helps you communicate with foreign candidates to understand them better.

Moreover, The software automatically matches your schedules with the candidates' schedules and decides a time slot for each interview. Hence it saves you from manual interview scheduling, which could overlap with other discussions.

4. Automated resume screening to eliminate biases

When you receive resumes, you may become biased based on the candidate's gender, name, ethnicity, or organization for whom they previously worked. Through automated recruitment processes, you can quickly eliminate these biases. However, instead of reviewing each application manually by yourself, the AI software supports you in finding the exact matches. Therefore, there will be no chance to let go of highly qualified resumes that perfectly match the job. Forbes reported that candidates with Asian names are 28% less likely to secure an interview because of racial biases.

Eradicating biases with recruitment automation

There are many biases, such as gender, race, and religion, and you may not know, but as a recruiter, you can experience unconscious bias. Recruitment software is incapable of making biased decisions, which can save you from rejecting the best candidates. Your preference can lead you to face lawsuits. Hence, automating the process to eradicate all kinds of biases is better.

5. Automatize performance evaluation

When you automate your hiring process, you get your performance data from recruiting analytics. The data can identify your average cost-per-hire, time-per-hire, and the source of your candidates. You can realize your weakness and strength by analyzing the recruiting analytics. You can check out the root cause of your time-consuming tasks and improve the processes for better results. Recruitment and hiring automation helps you forecast your workforce and prepare yourself for uncertainties. The data lets you analyze how close or far you are from your goals.

Moreover, you can further dive into the details of your poor performance. For instance, if you can attract only a few qualified candidates, you can find out the source of those candidates. So, if most of them are present on Facebook and you are trying to improve your job board ads, that is where you are wrong, and you can amend your actions.

6. Programmatic job ads in an automated recruitment system 

When recruitment automation finds the most relevant source of candidates, you can change your recruiting action to cater to the specific audience. Programmatic ads are a very significant part of recruitment automation. When you know who your candidates are, the job ads pop up for those candidates. The ads are programmed to be visible wherever candidates carry out job-related searches.

You can cover the whole web instead of any platform with programmatic ads. For instance, if your candidates are looking for a job on Google, the programmatic ads appear on Google or the pages they visit. Recruitment automation optimizes your presence on search engines, so you are loud and clear about your job openings. Instead of paying third parties, with recruitment software, you can automatically advertise on all the platforms without any hindrances.

7. Recruitment marketing automation

All your efforts may go in vain if you fail to form a positive image for the candidates. But you can not run a campaign or email your candidates about how good you are. Yes, you require recruitment marketing to market the value you provide. Employer branding is the positive truth about your company advertised with recruitment marketing. Recruitment automation brings you information about what your candidates seek in their jobs. The candidates may want respect and positive culture over high-paying jobs.

Recruitment automation helps organizations achieve what they possess by optimizing their career pages or the appearance of positive work culture in different places. Recruitment automation tools can also optimize employee reviews on job boards or your website to catch the candidates' attention.

Summing Up

In an era where everything is technology-dependent, your organization's success or failure is determined by whether you have adopted automation into your systems, especially in the hiring process, which is most challenging in today's time. Having witnessed how pandemics changed and transformed the way of work worldwide, employers are highly curious to hire anyone with their skill sets, interests, and knowledge, regardless of which degree and experience they accomplished.

In addition, as per the recent fact, employers have already started investing more in Artificial intelligence worldwide. Suppose you want to streamline your hiring process. In that case, it is essential that you adopt automation to your recruiting since we all consider that employees are the building blocks of the organization and are also responsible for strengthening your market reputation.

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