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Top Job Boards for Employers to Find Qualified Candidates

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What Have We Covered?

The dream of a perfect job candidate but from where to get them?

There are numerous job boards where you can find the best candidate of your next hiring. All the job boards have some different and unique features and can help you differently. You must know where you will get your perfect candidate.

Here we will guide you to find great job boards. We did thorough research on it before selecting the best job boards. We figured out these job boards by considering ease of use, their advanced features, costs, rating in the industries, and the goodwill of the job boards.

Let us Start with the Best Job Boards For Employers:

No doubt you will probably find something relevant to you.

Use these job board platforms to enhance your recruitment marketing efforts and attract the maximum number of candidates to your talent pipelines. 

Have a look!!!

1. Connects directly with recruiters: LinkedIn

LinkedIn was launched in 2003. But as you see now, it is the world's largest professional networking platform.

LinkedIn gives you many easy features like you can search directly on location, year of experience, and so on. You can connect 30k people in your connection. I mean, this is a huge figure, right? 

You can use LinkedIn in several different ways:

  • Directly check the company's job opening

  • Easily get in touch with the people in your industry

  • Lookup for the open positions

  • Have communication directly with the recruiters

2. Listing on top for employer's research: Glassdoor 

Glassdoor was successfully created in 2008. Today in the present scenario, Glassdoor has crossed one million employer databases.

From the TON's of job boards, Glassdoor has its very unique way of job search, i.e. you can filter your searches based on salary, type of job, range, and so on. 

You can use Glassdoor in many ways, as listed below:

  • Browse for salary information

  • You will also get to know about companies' interview questions

  • Reviews of the companies can be seen easily

3. Recommended globally: Indeed

You have probably heard about Indeed, right? It was founded in the year 2004. Indeed has now become the largest job website in the whole world. In Indeed, you will find 10 new jobs listed every second. 

Indeed is recommended by most people asking anyone which is the top remote job board & without any doubt, you will get an answer Indeed. 

Here is the list of what made Indeed so popular:

  • Find the job with job title keywords

  • Add preferable location

  • You can search job date wise

  • Add your level of experience

4. Silver medalist: Monster

The Monster was launched to bring talent and companies together in the year 1994. If we compare Monster with other job boards in quality and useability, it has very few search filters and not many opportunities.

On Monster, you can search with all the usual search options. No doubt Monster has a great job selection list than any other job board. 

Oh yes! You will find one unique thing about Monster is that the site of Monster has an advice section from where you can get your career advice 100 per cent based on your application.

5. Known as a professional for employment: CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder was founded in 1995. Like every other job board, CareerBuilder notifies you of the latest job you might be interested in. 

Most successful job boards have something unique in the feature which attracts job seekers towards their website or job boards. The same applies to CareerBuilder; it has a very unique way for job seekers.

CareerBuilder recommends a job only based on resume keywords and also notifies you with a report of comparison with other candidates generated in their system.

6. Leading online platform for employment: ZipRecruiter  

This is not so old, not a new job board. Zip Recruiter was founded in the year 2010. ZipRecruiter allows you to customize your resume in their system in just one click. 

ZipRecruiter will give all kinds of jobs; it's like A to Z. 

We should be thankful for its job boards and network setup. It is common and popular among recruiters and job seekers.

7. Known for the best listing: Linkup

Linkup was founded in the year 2009. Linkup always makes sure to post the opening job within an hour of the original post. It similarly adds up-to-date job listings in all fields which include finance, marketing, law, technology, and much more. 

The site of linkup is free to use, but if the job seeker wants to save the job, they need to log in and get the job alerts in email too.

Linkup also offers you the use of data analytics, data reports, and other useful information for job seekers.  

8. Known for premium quality: SimplyHired

SimplyHired was launched in the year 2003. The main focus of simply hiring is they allow you to discover local jobs, and they also give you the approx estimate of the salary in the company you applied for.

If you see a simply hired site, there will be nothing unique in it. But it offers you to search for a job region-wise that is different somewhere.

9. Famous for the remote job: Flexjobs

Flexjobs was created in the year 2007. The motive of Flexjobs CEO Sara Sutton is jobseekers can easily find flexible job timings, work-from-home opportunities, and much more. In this competitive world, Flexjobs is the largest site for remote jobs.

Jobseekers should be thankful to Flexjobs for saving valuable time and energy. 

10. Reputable Platform For Job Seekers: Expertini

Expertini is renowned for its revolutionary AI Resume Score & Job Score system, enhancing the recruitment process for both job seekers and employers. Moreover, all its services are absolutely free for employers and recruiters alike. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, remains a valuable platform in the employment landscape. serves over 150+ countries with multilingual support.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Job Posting with Recruitment Funnel
  • Unlimited Featured Jobs for More Visibility
  • Job displayed till you hire
  • Re-Post Job or extend Application Date
  • Candidate AI Powered Resume Scoring
  • Automated Applicant Recommendation
  • Direct Message Candidate For an Interview
  • Candidate Database Search with Robust Elastic Search
  • Faster Talent Acquisition with AI
  • Faster Indexing to Google for Jobs
  • Premium Human Chat Support

11. Known for its uniqueness: Snagajob

Snagajob was founded in the year 2000. After doing a lot of research, I did not find any search engine other than Snagajob, which offers jobs on an hourly basis. Isn't it cool!

The things offered by Snagajob are flexible shifts and hourly pay, and you will also learn how to get successful in your career.

12. Well known as the king of staffing firms: Robert Half  

Though Robert Half is a staffing agency, it also provides you with the best search engine. Their website of job finding is smaller than most effective job boards. And it was founded in the year 1948.

Robert Half offers jobseekers full-time and part-time jobs all over the world. There are some misconceptions in the people that staffing agencies don't have any specialization areas where it doesn't apply because Robert Half's specialization offers HR management resources and gives solutions to the companies if needed.

13. Chain of command: The Ladder

The Ladder was begun in the year 2003, i.e. before 17 years. In the field of professionalism, The Ladder is known as the one-stop for the entire executive jobs and senior-level jobs. 

The job seekers that are looking for pay which is more than five digits for them, this site is more useful. The Ladder is more useful to the senior job role because it helps in giving the best pay to experienced managers.

This makes The Ladder most suitable for the one who is serious about finding a job in the competitive market.

14. Known for the startups: AngelList  

AngelList is one of the best sites for startups. It was founded in the year 2010. 

Jobseekers can directly communicate with the startup founders, can also apply privately and can see salary up-front. You need to create your profile in AngelList after creating the profile, you can browse and see the job opening position, part-time and full-time internships, and move on.

We can say that it is an excellent site for startup founders.

15. Important for college graduates: Scouted

The creation of Scouted was in the year 2014. It's like now! Scouted believes that people are more than their resumes. There is one unique thing in Scouted: they approach job seekers in a match-making style. So it is recommended as the best design job board for college graduates who are looking for a part-time to a full-time job.

16. Developed by the government: USAJOBS

This job board was created in the year 1996. This was created by the government of the USA to list civil service job opportunities. This is important for those who are specifically looking for government jobs.

This is an official gateway for job seekers in the government sector.

17. Open for everyone: Google for jobs

This is the place where you can find each n every job without any barrier. This single site can give you an N number of options for the job with location, region, in kilometres too.

Why use different job boards when you get everything in one place?

18. It runs on metasearch: Joblift

The startup of Joblift was in the year 2015. Joblift is like an all-in-one, which approaches job seekers to search for a job on their website.

But in job lift, you must filter the location so the algorithm of the site will give you the exact job opening for the location you have searched.

19. Known for advertisement later in jobs: Craigslist

Craigslist was founded in the year 1995. When Craiglist was created, the purpose was just to involve in the advertising industry; later on, they entered into job boards, and now Craiglist is a well-known job board for job seekers.

20. Design for the Job Seekers: Lensa

Since 2015, Lensa has been successfully empowering millions of job seekers to make better career decisions in the US. As a career intelligence platform, Lensa gives candidates a clear picture of their job search. What’s more, Lensa’s users can land their dream job thanks to its advanced matching technology. 

Thanks to Lensa, job seekers can receive predictions on their career paths and realize their full potential in their most suitable position with the following tools and services:

  • Advanced AI-Based matching
  • Clean and quick job searches
  • Tailored job alerts
  • job seeker support.

21. Known for remote work: We Work Remotely

The well-known We Work Remotely was established in the year 2011. This is one of the largest remote works on the community website. We can say this is the best place to find remote work for those who are interested in remote work.

We Work Remotely offer work in the fields like Marketing, Engineering, Writing, Editing, and much more.

22. Best For Europe: Europe Language Jobs

Europe Language Jobs is the leading international job board helping multilingual find a job abroad in European countries. As a team of expats themselves, the ELJ Team believes in the benefits of relocation and advocates the power of languages on the job market.

Founded in 2013, Europe Language Jobs publishes offers in 48 countries and with 57 languages in sectors such as Marketing, Finance, Sales, HR, Customer Service, IT, Accounting, and Administration. They also use their position as a market leader to educate about all topics related to career advice and expat life via annual events, blog articles, and webinars.


In conclusion, these job boards offer different features and benefits that can help you find the right candidates for your company. By using these platforms, you can streamline your recruitment process and reach a wider pool of candidates.

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