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Top 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid During Online Recruitment Approaches

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Networking online in this age and era has become easier than ever and so has become the process of recruiting employees for a company/start-up/business, anything that falls under the umbrella of a 'having a job', be it part-time, full-time, or an internship. But in order to find the right fit for the job, networking alone does not suffice.

Recruiters have to keep several factors into consideration and in the course of doing that a lot of follies may occur, which can lead to job aspirants losing faith in the company or the online portals you send out the job entries. In this situation, the right recruiting software can help you out. This article sheds light on a few of the top mistakes that recruiters make to employ candidates.

Inaccurate Job Description

Instead of being concise about the responsibilities and roles that the job entails, recruiters usually tend to use redundant terms which reflects inaccuracy and makes the aspirant lose interest in the company. Putting down perks and additional benefits that the employee may enjoy when in the long run they don't tend to make the candidates disinterested and lose faith in your company. Boasting unnecessarily about the position will only lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace once the person is hired.

Negligence in Follow-ups

Once the candidates are shortlisted and the recruitment process is ongoing, the ones who have not made the cut are often ghosted and not informed about the status of their hiring process. This can be disheartening and will also reflect thoughtlessness towards the aspirants.

Keeping in check whether the candidate has been qualified for the next round and emailing him/her is always a good practice. If that is not within the time constraints, adding a note saying "If you did not get an email from us in the next few days, you are likely to have not been selected/hired".

Avoiding Tailor-made Emails

Personalizing your technical correspondence while during the hiring process of a candidate can be highly beneficial. The job aspirant may likely recommend recruitment companies or websites to others which in turn can increase more visits to your online recruiting website. Using templates like "your profile matches the job description" or "you might be the right fit for the job" might do the work but does not generate a trustworthy relationship between you and the person you intend to hire.

Hiring companies have a lot of candidates to deal with but a few minutes to personalize your emails might take you a long way.

Asking for Details Without Giving Any

A recruiting company might have a few nondisclosure protocols with the companies that they are collaborating with to hire candidates, as it is within the norm to follow the protocols but keeping the candidate completely in the dark about the company's details might make he/she suspicious and they might withdraw their application. Hence it is advisable to give out relevant information about the corporation so that to-be employees do not turn fishy and feel their details could be used for malicious intentions.

Disorganized Email Etiquette

This can include either giving wrong names in the emails as well as ending it wrong information about the job description, job title, and package offered. This is a common and recurring mistake since online recruiters have to send hundreds of emails a day but can severely impact your company in a bad way. Keep track of your emails and being well organized is a good recruitment approach to follow whether on fresh applicants or candidates whom you have been in touch with for a considerable amount of time.

Long Screening Process

This can have severe repercussions for your company and give out a message to aspirants that you are disinterested in the application process. Conventionally, it can take a few weeks for a company to conclude a hiring procedure but a much longer time than that can decrease your chances of getting more applicants. The aspirant can get frustrated which will lead him/her to look for jobs elsewhere.

A recruitment company can help you accelerate the process which is why many corporations opt for outsourcing their recruitment procedures. This saves time and also ensures the company and the aspirants have stronger ties.

Matching the Wrong Skillset

Sometimes the skills that the candidate puts forth are not necessarily the ones with which they need a job. An aspirant can also be looking for a job in a field for which the skills that he/she possesses might not suffice and they intend to work as a novice.

In such a situation, recommending jobs to an aspirant according to the skillset they've provided might not work which is why it is essential to keep changing your algorithms based on the candidates' needs. This can also go in other direction wherein the jobs that you provide might not match their skill set at all.


Since there are a lot of social media and online professional networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, it is important to customize your recruiting strategy according to the platform you're working on to fit the right candidates for the job.

Taking feedback during the application process and making, changes according to it can significantly help you in improving your recruitment approach while not being proactive and thoughtful about the candidates' needs can lead to concern. This can be avoided by using practical approaches to recruitment and selection.

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