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Top 9 Tips for Hiring Great Employee

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Want to conduct the process of hiring an employee?

The process of hiring a new employee can be a stressful process where you have to constantly judge people's skills as well as the choices you make.

You have to make sure that you select the right candidate for your company who can do justice to the job position and fit right into your company culture. 

Hiring an employee is not all about their qualification and extensive work experience, but also contains some essential factors, regardlessly necessary. According to the statistics, an interview lasts only for 40 minutes on average. Knowing the candidate entirely within 40 minutes is quite unachievable.

That’s the reason we come with this article. This article helps you to know if you are hiring a great employee or not. And, if you want to hire the top candidates, what points you should remember and what you should have to do before and after the interview.

Why Hiring a Right Employee is Essential?

Hiring a new employee who is the right person for the open position is always essential. Your business is as good as your employees. Employees represent the facet of the business, they are the ones who communicate with clients in large spaces. Whereas, hiring the wrong one will cost you more than money.

Here is some reason why hiring the right employee is essential:

Why Hiring a Right Employee is Essential?

Customer Service

Hiring the right person will help you to provide great customer service and be responsible for giving the best customer experience. In the competitive world, managing and handling potential customer is challenging.

According to the research, 49% of American customers shifted to other companies last year due to inadequate customer service. Hence, the right hire will help you to improve customer service.

Business Growth

The right person will try to involve themselves in each activity. Thus, the right hire today will reduce multiple hires in the future. As a company grows, right hire candidates will also grow themselves to be fitted in the organization, they invest and mature according to the business growth. And, their growth helps business vice versa.

Reduce the Turnover Rate When you Hire the Right Candidate

The overall process of hiring a new employee is time-consuming, requires many resources and money. But, hiring the right candidate will save these all things for you in the future.

When you hire the wrong one, often, after a while, you have to hire another by removing them, or they will leave the company very soon. Hence, this will increase the company’s turnover rate, moreover, the reason for additional expenditures like conducting interviews again, onboarding process, and so on. 

According to the research, 80 percent of employee turnover rate is the consequence of poor hiring decisions. Thus, avoid bad hires.

Here are the Top 9 Tips for Hiring a Great  Employee

This article is about the tips to hire a great employee, and the article is helpful, especially for the recruiter or the companies who are willing to conduct the hiring process soon. So, here are some tips to ease out the hiring employees process and help you in hiring a new employee:

Hiring a Great  Employee

1. Look for a Committed Employee

You want to hire a committed candidate for your company. When you hire an employee by conducting a time-consuming hiring employees process, you want them to stay with you for the long term and not switch jobs after working for just a few months.

It is not only problematic if the employee you hired leaves the job in a few months as the project they were working on will be left hanging, but you will also have to go through the whole process of hiring an employee to find a new employee.

Loyalty is a key feature of a great employee and you must always seek motivated and committed employees. You can do so by looking at the candidate's work experience and the frequency at which they change their jobs. If a candidate keeps on switching jobs, they might not be the right candidate for your company.

2. Put Your Candidates Through Different Tests

To test the candidates, you must use different methods so you can test their analytical as well as learning skills. Do not assume that a candidate is fit for the job based on just their resume. If the candidate seems confident, that is a great quality but putting them through some tests such as enneagram assessment that will prove their ability to do the job. Skills are equally important in comparison to educational qualification and work experience.

The tests should be designed according to the skills required for the job. Other than the interview, it is valuable to provide the candidate with a few tasks to determine their skillset.

3. Check Compatibility

You do not want to hire an employee that does not fit your company culture and regret later. Company culture has become highly important these days as it leads to employee experience and your brand image. So, before hiring an employee, you must check if they are compatible with your company.

See if the candidate has decent social skills and if they will get along with the current employees of the company especially the team they will be regularly working with. Hiring an employee that is not compatible with your company will not only make them uncomfortable and end up with them having a terrible working experience but it will also disrupt the company's work environment.

You can know about their compatibility skills by asking them about the work they did in their previous work and the way they handled their business clients.

4. Keep Improving Your Hiring Process

Hiring Process is not a one-time thing. You will be hiring new employees and hence it should be designed smartly. It is important to remember that the hiring process must be updated regularly to attract the best talent and hire the right candidate for your company.

There are few factors that you must mainly focus on when hiring new employees such as instead of asking them random questions, you must get to know them, their skills, and their potential. Also, when you put out a job vacancy, say for a fractional marketer position, you must clearly mention the job profile, requirements for the job like educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and knowledge to filter out unnecessary applicants.

It is also wise to involve other people when deciding upon a candidate as this will provide you with varied opinions which will lead you to make better decisions.

5. Hire Interns

Hiring interns may seem irrelevant to the hiring process and this is where many people are mistaken and forget to give importance to hiring interns. When you hire an intern and train them, they learn the working of your company and the company culture. Similarly, you learn about their potential, knowledge, weakness, strengths, and much more. 

So, when it comes to hiring an employee for your company, you already have a candidate in your intern who is already well trained for the job. This way, you kill two birds with a stone where you get an intern as well as a potential candidate for your company.

6. Check out your Candidate's Social Media Profile

These days the world exists on social media platforms. So, instead of going to the old school by asking questions about the candidate's personal life, it is better to check out their social media profiles.

Social media accounts not only give insight into the candidate's work and personal life but it also describes their personality. This would make it easy to analyze if the candidate fits into the job profile. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best places to look for the candidate's profile and also post job vacancies.

7. Pay Attention to the Questions They Asked

It is normal knowledge that the great candidate always asked pointful questions throughout the interview process. Their questions demonstrate their preparation and presence of mind, and also show their interest in the job. And this becomes a crucial sign for the employer to judge the candidate.

Don’t only ask the question to the interviewer but also encourage them to ask some. Their questions reflect the sincerity concerning the job.

8. Focus on The Strength Needed for the Position

We all know approximately all jobs become stressful, whether it is in the IT sector or another. Suppose you are searching for an employee for the IT company, you will look for some additional strength apart from tech skills like coping with pressure, deadline reach, complex client requirements, etc.

So, if you are hiring an employee whose work is repetitive work in nature, then choose the candidate who is full of positive thoughts and vibes, who is able to be motivated the entire day. If an employee becomes a disaster while working under the pressure, then the candidate is like a CV’s paper, not what is written in it.  Motivated candidates always are a great candidate.

9. Access for Practical Experience

Typically, every employer prefers to hire candidates who have both suitable qualifications and experience. Despite that, employers never meet the ideal candidate with all the needed requirements. Instead of qualification, give limelight to the experience of the candidates that is a fundamental component. Their experience indicates how quickly they can involve themselves with the job. 

Experienced candidates already possess some type of skills and have a faster learning mindset than a fresher one. Hence, the employer can save plenty of money and time for training. It is a fact that every employee has to go through the adjustment period, but the experienced one always takes less time compared to the fresher.

Final Thought about Hiring an Employee

These are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind when designing your recruiting process and hiring candidates for your company. They will land you the right candidate for the job that will give the best to your company.

Finding and hiring the top talent is always a time-consuming process, no matter how advanced technology becomes. But the process turns into worth when a hired candidate will add value to the company, and heavily contribute toward the company's growth. 

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