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About Upman Placements

Upman Placements is a top manpower consultancy and HR outsourcing services company that has carved a niche in the global market and constantly lives up to its promise of delivering exclusive and personalised services for critical business functions, like recruitment, RPO, payroll management, and human resource outsourcing for its clients!

With its impressive track record, Upman Placements has successfully catered to over 1500+ clients, skillfully placed more than 27,000+ candidates, and served 55 renowned brands with the help of a dedicated team of over 100+ HR professionals.

It has been 12 years since the company rapidly growing and committed to providing personalised services in executive search and strategic human resource solutions to both employers and job seekers in over 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and several other countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

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Hiring Hurdles Upman Placements Faced

Upman faced many hiring challenges because of the limitations of its previous cloud-based ATS. Here are several negative consequences they encountered.

Roadblock 1: Previous Cloud-based ATS was Less Secured

Upman faced lots of security issues while using their previous cloud-based ATS software. Their Recruiters sifted through endless streams of data and often felt like sailors lost in a foggy sea as they were unable to see the shores of efficiency and security.

Their reliance on this cloud-based system was like building castles in the air - tall and promising, yet lacking a solid foundation that is essential.

Also, entrusting sensitive candidate information to the cloud felt like sending ships into a storm without a compass. For the HR consultancy company, fears of data breaches and loss of control over valuable information arise.

Roadblock 2: Past System Lacked Customisation

The customisation they desperately needed was like a distant island for Upman – visible, yet unreachable. They cater to different clients in various regions and need to tailor the software based on the client’s hiring needs.

Each time they tried to customise the cloud-based hiring software to the specific processes their clients wanted, they found themselves struggling in a net of limitations, as the software provider was unable to tailor the system to their exact requirements.

This realisation led them to look for a solution that is more secure, customisable, and installed on Upman’s server so they will get total control of the system.

Roadblock 3: Faced Team Collaboration Hurdles

The recruitment team at Upman struggled immensely to find harmonious collaboration because of communication gaps. Hence, the team failed to develop a synchronised understanding of recruitment goals, and candidate profiles seemed like a distant dream.

This disjointed approach often led to conflicting opinions and delayed decision-making, hindering the recruitment process's fluidity and effectiveness.

This lack of effective collaboration not only slowed down the hiring process but also impacted the quality of hires, leaving Upman Placement in a challenging position to fulfil its promise of delivering top talent to its clients.

The iSmartRecruit On-premise Recruitment Solution

To mitigate the above challenges, Upman started looking for self-hosted recruitment tech solutions and discovered iSmartRecruit On-premise ATS. It elevates positive candidate experience and empowers hiring excellence.

Solution 1: Improved Data Security & Gain Full Control of the System

By hosting iSmartRecruit’s recruitment software on its own servers, Upman Placements is able to maintain complete control over its sensitive recruitment data, which reduces the risk of external breaches. It significantly strengthens data security and control for the company.

This setup allows Upman’s recruitment team to enforce strict security protocols and adherence to internal and regulatory compliance standards. This way, they were able to manage and secure data, which is crucial for their company.

“I must say that implementing iSmartRecruit's on-premise recruitment solution gave us unparalleled control and security over our recruitment data. Now we’re assured that our sensitive information is securely managed in-house and aligning perfectly with our strict data policies."

- Ishit Pandhi,
( HR Recruiter )

Solution 2: Leveraged Endless Customisations with On-prem Solution

Upman Placements Embraced iSmartRecruit's on-premise ATS Software to harness the power of customisations to tailor the system to their unique client needs. This way, they experienced a new realm of efficiency and precision, aligning their recruitment strategy seamlessly with their operational goals.

This strategic move not only streamlined their workflows but also amplified their ability to connect with and place top-tier candidates.

“The robust customisation capabilities in iSmartRecruit's On-premise ATS are highly praiseworthy for their flexibility and adaptability to our specific client hiring needs.”

- Nigam Desai,
( Managing Director )

Solution 3: Enable Smarter Decisions with Deeper Insights

iSmartRecruit’s self-hosted recruitment software has become a lifesaver for Upman Placement when it comes to tracking crucial recruitment metrics and reports. The company unlocked a new era of making smarter hiring decisions which are data-backed in nature.

With deeper insights derived from comprehensive data analysis in iSmartRecruit, Upman gained a clearer understanding of their recruitment workflow. This intelligence empowered them to make informed, strategic recruitment choices, significantly elevating their talent acquisition efficiency and placing them at the forefront of recruitment.

"iSmartRecruit's locally hosted recruitment software has become a game-changer to improve our recruitment strategy. It provides us with a wealth of actionable data that allows our HR professionals to make well-informed decisions faster.”

- Krishna Ved,
( Head Strategy and Planning )

Solution 4: Enhanced Team Collaboration & Reduced Hiring Time

iSmartRecruit’s on-premise hiring software fundamentally enhanced team collaboration by providing an all-in-one platform where all stakeholders can engage and share information efficiently. This feature enabled seamless team collaboration that dramatically transformed and streamlined Upman Placement’s recruitment process.

It streamlines communication among their HR professionals team and clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding candidate profiles, job requirements, and recruitment statuses. This way, the hiring process becomes simpler and faster and reduces the time-to-hire.

"Honestly, iSmartRecruit’s locally installed recruitment solution has been transformative for our team. It's not just about faster hiring; it's the seamless collaboration that stands out. We're now more synchronised in our hiring approach, leading to quicker and better-quality hires.”

- Meenu Chaturvedi,
( Director )

Exceptional Recruitment Success Upman Placements Achieved with iSmartRecruit

Upman Placements, a prominent manpower consultancy and HR outsourcing service provider, enhanced and elevated its recruitment approach with iSmartRecruit's On-premise Recruitment Software. The exceptional improvements in their recruitment process are a testament to the software's capabilities.

Here are some of the key metrics and impressive results Upman Placements experienced with iSmartRecruit:

  • The HR professional team at Upman encountered a faster recruitment process and a more streamlined workflow. They observed a substantial decrease in time-to-hire, which was 70%, due to iSmartRecruit's Auto-pilot workflow.
  • By utilising AI-powered screening tools, Upman reduced the time spent on manual candidate assessment and improved their screening efficiency by approximately 41%.
  • The AI Profile and Job Matching feature helped increase the quality of hires by about 54% and ensured a better alignment of candidates' skills with job requirements.
  • The team collaboration and communication tools in iSmartRecruit’s self-hosted ATS enhanced candidate engagement, leading to a 49% increase in offer acceptance rates for their clients.
  • With automated follow-ups and engagement features provided by iSmartRecruit’s system, the candidate drop-off rate decreased by 37%.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting features enabled more informed and data-driven recruitment decisions that increased the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.
  • The scalable nature of iSmartRecruit’s system uplifted Upman's executive search process to engage with top-level executives and passive candidates effectively.
  • By adopting iSmartRecruit's self-hosted recruitment software, Upman Placements has strategically positioned itself for long-term cost savings. The elimination of recurring cloud service fees, coupled with the enhanced efficiency and customizability of the on-premise solution, has significantly reduced their overall operational expenses, marking a wise investment towards Upman’s sustainable financial health.

In conclusion, the adoption of iSmartRecruit's recruitment software with local hosting marked a significant milestone in Upman Placements' recruitment strategy. The organisation continues to reap the benefits of this strategic partnership and reinforce its position as a leader in talent acquisition.

“iSmartRecruit's On-premise ATS and CRM software has revolutionised our recruitment process.
With complete data control, customisation, and robust security, it's the perfect fit for our organisation.
Our hiring efficiency has elevated, and we are happier with iSmartRecruit!”

Gaurav Chauhan

Gaurav Chauhan,

COO at Upman Placements

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