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author Written by Jinisha Ghodasara April 23, 2020

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Working from home is a new concept to most people and it can turn out to be a tricky situation for some. Some advantages and disadvantages come along with working from home. We are listing some of the pros and cons of working from home below so you are aware of what you are getting yourself into and can be well prepared beforehand! 

Pros of working from home

Flexible Schedule 

One of the most essential benefits of working from home is a Flexible schedule. You can take breaks whenever you desire and require. 

Custom Work Environment

When you work from home, you can set up your home office anywhere and in any way you like. Some people do well in a noisy environment and some require pin-drop silence to work. So, you have the liberty to work in a custom environment created by you. 

No Dress Code

The best part of working from home is that you do not have to dress up for the office every day. Just simply put on your favorite pajamas and tie up your uncombed hair and you are dressed for work! Nothing is better than your cozy clothes. 

Time to do Chores

Along with doing your office work, you can also complete your house stores like doing your laundry for filling up your pantry that you have been putting off for weeks as you have more free time now that you are working from home. 

No Disturbing Coworkers

Do you know that colleague of yours who keeps on talking loudly on his phone or the one who would not stop talking about cryptocurrency while you are trying to make your presentation? Well, working from home is the best way to avoid them and get your work done faster. 

No Commute

Another thing that will make you feel that working from home is the best possible way to work is that you do not have to deal with the traffic as there is no commuting. You can just wake up, get a cup of coffee and your laptop, and sit at your favorite couch near the window or on the soft mattress of your bed with your pet and start working!  

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Money Saver

Working from home is also a money saver as now you won't have to pay for your commute as well as you can save up on the money you are spending on food that you would purchase for your lunch or snacks when working from the office. you can now cook anything at your home and it could also be a healthy choice of living.

More Family Time

Last but not the least, you can spend more time with your loved ones and also with yourself! 

Cons of working from home

Lack of Motivation 

When you are working from home it can be difficult to wake up and get the motivation to work with the same energy that you would do in an office. you must have a lot of self-discipline to work dedicatedly from home. 


Working from home can be alone only for a few people who are used to working in an environment where one has to constantly interact with their coworkers. 

Work-Life Balance 

Another thing that one must keep in mind when working from home is that while you are working you must shut down your personal life and not end up being agitated all the time. you must learn to balance out your personal and work life at home. 

Small Living Space

One thing that most people are concerned about when working from home is that they end up losing their living space as they now have to create a home office. This is a problem that is faced by people who already have a small space for living with pets or kids. 


When it comes to your pets for kids, you might also be interrupted by them in between an important video conference or when you are working on a deadline. But, isn't it adorable when a funny friend or a cute kid pops up in the video?! 


Sometimes working from home can lead to miscommunication due to a weak internet connection or maybe because one is not able to express themselves in a better way as opposed to when they converse with someone face to face. 

By putting some effort and maintaining work-life balance you can easily adapt to the work from home lifestyle. Also, keeping the above pros and cons in mind you can mold your home office, your work hours, and other things accordingly to overcome any problems beforehand!

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