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5 Reasons Employer Should Stay Connected With The Former Employees

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Employees ten to leave and join some other company but they don't need to leave on a bad term. They can have multiple reasons to resign. It could be a health reason, family, better opportunities or you never know what! But, a secret that many employers don't know is that maintaining relations with former employees can be very beneficial.

They might not be working for you but they can play an important role in your recruiting and branding strategies.

Here are five reasons why you should maintain good relations with your ex-employees: 

Brand Ambassadors

Employees appreciate and remember you when they have been well treated in your company. They usually give a good word about your company which leaves a good impression of your company.

These employees can act as your brand ambassadors not only to people when they interact face to face, but, you can also ask them to give their opinions on job portals and social media platforms.

So, ex-employees who feel understood and heard in your company, and with whom you have still maintained relations, can be a great source of branding for your company. 

Boomerang employees

Many companies are following a trend of 'boomerang employees' which lets their employees go and explore more opportunities or discover their talent. These employees then tend to come back to the company with more enthusiasm, knowledge and give their most in the work. Such firms maintain good relations with the employees when they are away. 

Advice and Reviews

Your ex-employees may still be in touch with your current employees and they may share information. If you are on good terms with your past employees, you can ask for their advice and views about the company and its cultures and get many insights.

You can implement these changes and bring harmony to the work environment and see many other positive changes. 

Gain Referrals

When it comes to hiring new employees, it can be pretty tough to find good talent. In such times, an ex-employee can be of great help as they can recommend someone for your company. As they already know about your company and its culture, the person they refer to your company will find it easier to find and might stay with you for the long haul.

Social Media Makes It Easy

Social media platforms are a boon when it comes to maintaining a relationship with the former employees. It makes it easy to keep in touch with them without putting too much time or effort into it. It is also a great way to know what new skills they have acquired and let them know about the achievements of your company.

There are so many advantages of maintaining good relations with former employees and good relations always come handy. You can get their feedback and ask them to share their experience which can help you make improvements to your company and you may also end up bringing them back!

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