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Choose Best Online Recruitment Software: Complete Guide!

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What Have We Covered?

Are you searching for cloud recruitment software? Are you searching for an online recruitment platform? Or Want to replace the existing one? But, if you do not have enough knowledge about recruitment systems, then this blog will help you and provide you with overall guidance about the best recruitment software, like what recruitment software is, its benefits, which are top recruitment software, etc.

Looking for an Online Recruitment Platform?

Online recruiting tools come with a myriad of benefits and is specially designed for recruitment agencies, recruiter, and human resource professionals. The online recruiting tools are capable of collecting deserving talent in the talent pool at a higher speed.

According to the survey, the following are the benefits of using recruitment software:

  • 78.3% say it has improved the quality of candidates they hire.
  • 86.1% say using an applicant tracking system has increased the speed at which they hire candidates.
Fact about online recruitment software

So, let's start with the main objective of the blog!!!

What is Online Recruitment Software?  

Recruitment software is used by organizations, companies, and recruitment agencies to handle and make the recruiting process easier and faster compared to the manual process of recruitment. It is also known as Recruitment Software in the recruitment landscape. 

Through online recruitment software, good recruiters can perform a number of operations, like posting jobs, communicating with clients, interview scheduling, candidate status changes, etc., effortlessly.

Some cloud recruitment software uses artificial intelligence features, also known as AI recruitment software, which automates several of the operations of the workflow. 

59% of professional experts believe that to improve the recruiting approach, employers and agencies have to invest in recruiting technology like ATS and Recruiting CRM  Software.

What's the Difference Between Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? 

Recruitment software is the software used by recruiters, but some recruiters have misinterpretations that Online Recruitment Software & ATS are the same. To some extent, it is the same but not exactly identical to each other.

ATS vs Recruitment

There are some differences; let us know those differences

  • ATS: Focus on tracking application 
  • Recruitment Software: Helps to connect clients and candidates 
  • ATS: Is a tool for workflow and managing applicants      
  • Recruitment Software: Software with a pool of active and passive candidates
  • ATS: Is not the complete hiring solution 
  • Recruitment Software: Software that is an end-to-end solution for all aspects of the hiring process.

What are the Benefits of Online Recruitment Software?

Recruitment platform is leading in each sector, and people have also started believing that technology brings a number of benefits with it.

Every software is made with some purpose and advantages that minimize human activity.

Here is the Online Recruitment Software, which also has multifarious benefits that help recruiters to manage their time. In the current competitive market situation, the recruiting process will not succeed until it will not include time-saving, cost-saving, and accuracy rate-type factors during the process.

Benefits of Online Recruitment Software

According to the research, 94% of hiring professionals have stated that online recruitment software creates a positive impact on their business.

The organization and the HR department are always looking forward to hiring new and qualified talent in the company. Recruitment software is accessible for small, mid, and large-scale enterprises that do work for recruiters easily through effective communication with candidates.

Here are the key benefits of online recruitment software:

  • Save time and money

  • Collects all important data

  • Improve communication

  • Increase your social reach and branding

  • Data security

  • Find the qualified candidate

  • Tracking job applicants

  • Improve client and candidate experience (Companies who invest in candidate experience and make their candidate experience strong to improve the quality of new hires by 70 percent)

  • Reduces your manual work

  • Availability 24*7

The recruiting process is an unavoidable process for each business. Online recruiting software allows you to track the applicants, grab the applications from various sources, job postings on different job boards, and website integration, store the data at a single spot and communicate and these all put the recruiting process at the next level. The recruiter software helps organizations to grow and to walk through the success ladder.

Because of these benefits, 86 per cent of recruiting professionals stated that online Recruitment Software helped them to hire faster and quicker.

  • "You cannot succeed in recruitment if you genuinely don't have an affinity and empathy for people." - Peter Murphy.

What Should You Consider While Selecting Online Recruitment Software?

There are N numbers of Online Recruiting Software available in the market, and you have to choose only one out of all. Before selecting the best recruitment CRM, you need to verify all its aspects in detail. There are various points on which you need to focus; some of them are given below.

  • An offering of features and functionalities

  • Pricing 

  • Organization size and software compatibility 

  • User training, onboarding, and customer support 

  • Software terms & conditions are suitable for the company or not

  • Data security

  • Data migration

  • GDPR or local-low compliance

  • Language options available (in case you are from Mexico or another native language-speaking country)

Businesses or recruiting agencies stand to gain a lot after using online Recruitment systems. The recruiter must find out from the list of software that is suitable for the organization and that will streamline your recruitment process and improve the efficiency of hiring.

"You're not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation."

What Features Should You Look for in Online Recruitment Software?

Online Recruiting Software is the bundle of the features, features that make the hiring software distinct from others. But there are always some features that are commonly present in each executive online recruitment software and play a pivotal role in software.

Here is some important feature of Online Recruitment Software:

Feature 1: Attract and spot the talent

Here is the set of features that might help recruiters find suitable talent for the open job and help to manage the talents.

Statistics:- 76 per cent of hiring staff stated that their biggest challenge is to attract quality candidates. 

  • Free and paid job board promotions

  • Social media recruiting

  • Referral management

  • Boolean search and semantic search capability

  • Organize candidates in different talent pools

  • Video screening and questionnaire to pre-screen the candidates

Feature 2: Engage the candidate

Some important sets of features help recruiters to engage with more candidates and grab applications.

  • Chatbot to attract more talent from your Facebook, website, or any other pages.

  • Mobile-friendly career page

  • Application forms can be customized

  • Candidate onboarding

  • Mass emailing

Feature 3: Reporting and analytics

Here is the set of features which will help recruiters to track and measure the recruiting process

Any Business or Organization can effectively and easily manage the recruitment process with the help of recruitment software features as mentioned above. Depending on a company's needs and requirements, they can use out-of-the-box solutions or turn to development companies to create custom recruitment software with minimized risks.

What are the Challenges Faced by Recruiters While Using Recruiting Software Initially?

Whenever someone starts or adopts a new thing, they go through various difficulties and problems. Here the same thing happens with recruiters when they initially adopt and implement the recruitment software for their daily work.

We can say that it is a sudden change for them, and it is not quite that simple to switch from the manual work process to the technology for work. And that is accepted by 42 per cent of companies that their biggest priority is to invest in recruitment process software. (Source)

Here is a list of some of the challenges faced by recruiters.

  • To build a strong employer brand

  • The system you purchased is not user-friendly

  • Lacking knowledge in the team for using the technology

  • The existing business process doesn't match well

  • Poor customer support and training program

  • Vendors may increase the price without any notice

  • The system doesn't respond at the time of work

  • Team collaboration is not possible in the system

  • Difficulty while integrating your career page with the system

The above-mentioned are the common challenges faced by recruiters.

"A modern recruiter is one who is targeted, builds relationships, and knows how to only find candidates but also get them to respond!" - Stacy Donovan Zapar

challenge faced by recruiter

What are the Key Questions that Recruiters Usually Need to Ask the Vendor?

This is the natural human tendency when people go to purchase a thing, or they purchase in bulk, they will ask about every small detail of the product, and after that, they will decide whether to purchase the product or not.

The same thing recruiters need to do. While purchasing the software, recruiters must know in and out of the software. There are some important questions recruiters must ask the software vendor:

  • How does the system work?

  • What is the price of the software?

  • How many clients are already using the software?

  • Is the database safe in the software?

  • Do you provide a data migration service?

  • Are there any hidden charges?

  • Is the system available 24*7?

  • Do you provide personal demonstrations?

  • Do you provide a free trial? If yes, for how many days?

  • Can we customize the system?

  • What is the process of termination?

  • Do we get the data backup at the time of termination?

  • How frequently do you update the system?

List of the Companies and Organizations Who Should Use the Recruitment Software

Here is the list of companies which can use Recruitment Software.

  • Recruiting Companies

  • Executive Search Companies

  • HR Consulting Companies

  • Startup Companies

  • Corporate HR

  • Freelancing Companies

List of Top 10 Recruitment Software & Applicant Tracking Systems for Agencies

Recruitment Software is the easiest and simple way to attract more candidates. Not only about candidates, but it also saves time and cost per hire and increases work efficiency.

Recruitment agencies are the ones who execute the same process number of times. Hence, recruitment software for agencies is a must to automate the hiring process. Recruiters can choose the ATS software according to the company size and fulfil business growth through its amazing features. 

Here are the names of the Best Recruitment Software for agencies available in the market:

  • iSmartRecruit

  • Workable

  • Bullhorn

  • Zoho Recruit

  • Jobvite

  • JazzHr

  • Recruitee

  • Breezy

  • Greenhouse

  • Smart recruiters

  • Hirebee

There are many Recruitment Software available in the market. The list of that software is already mentioned. Now the question is how to find the best ATS software for them. And the solution is a different review platform. Yes, there are various types of review platforms that help you to find out the best and more suitable recruiting software.

AI Recruitment Software for COVID-19 Pandemic

recruiting software and coronavirus

COVID-19 not only changed the lifestyle of the people but also transformed the work process, including the recruiting approach.

Every sector is accepting the new norm way, i.e., the virtual way of work, and for recruiting, Recruitment Software considers the best practice. Myriad recruiters formerly have transited toward the online recruitment process by adopting artificial intelligence recruitment software.

  • Video Interview

  • Social media camping

  • Automate tracking, communication, and interview scheduling

These few pivotal tactics that are widely required to complete the recruitment process during this pandemic. And, here, Recruiting Software is a fitted invention. This virtual process will, for a long-standing if the recruiters will utilize Recruiting Software, then no need to use different apps or software for a distinct section of the whole process, from tracking to video interviewing everything at one spot.

Go the way where you find more applications, and presently due to COVID-19, job seekers are searching for jobs on various job boards and social networking sites. Through AI Recruitment Software, recruiters can eliminate various manual tasks and perform many automated activities like promoting their jobs on different job boards and social sites to attract applicants. By adopting Recruiting Software during this pandemic, recruiters can survive this state flatly.

AI Recruitment Software

Final Thought about Best Online Recruitment Software

iSmartRecruit streamlines every aspect of the recruitment process in an all-in-one recruitment software solution. It is specially designed for mass recruiters, HRs, hiring managers and recruitment and staffing agencies to manage and automate recruitment workflow effectively.

It enables HR corporates to achieve hiring excellence with AI-powered recruitment features. 

HitContract Case Study


iSmartRecruit offers the following highly scalable features that help recruiters streamline their overall recruitment process and maintain candidate experience.

  • Online skills assessment tools 

  • Social Recruiting - easy and efficient job advertising

  • Recruitment Chatbot - 24x7 support 

  • AI-based candidate matching 

  • Resume parsing and management system 

  • Video Interview tools  

  • Candidate onboarding  

  • Various hiring analytics

  • Mobile recruiting 

  • Employee referral management

Pros of adapting iSmartRecruit

  • Highly customisable 

  • Easy-to-use interface 

  • AI-based profile matching 

  • Smooth data migration

  • Personalised onboarding 

  • Self-hosted option available

  • Create automated workflows

  • Powerful candidate database search option




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