7 Strategies to Deliver The Best Experience To The Clients

author Written by Amit Ghodasara February 25, 2019

7 Strategies to Deliver The Best Experience To The Clients

In the era of technology each and every business, need to streamline their day to activity in order to streamline and manage them all in one place so it is necessary to aware of the importance of using the software.

In the staffing and recruitment industries, we observed that the recruiters and HR professionals need to accomplish various activities from creating a job to on-boarding activity. In their daily activity, the major challenge is to deliver the best experience to the Client or business owners.

I remember the quote by Bill Gates "Software is the magic thing whose importance only goes up over time".

It is a good option especially for the recruiters to work with technology like Recruiting Software, Recruiting CRM, or ATS to align their work and easily manage their client-related stuff.

With the help of recruitment software or ATS what a Client can do?

Nowadays Client Self Service portal is a trending technology option to deliver the best service to your Client. Here one of the key advantages is Client can do all the stuff directly on the system for their own reason being recruiter can save their valuable time and deliver responsive service.

There are many portions where technology helps you to deliver responsive service.

Manage Jobs

It is the initial stage where the Client can create and manage the desired jobs into the system through the self-service portal. In the traditional approach, the Client used to send an email to the recruiter and it contains all the details about the job including the job description and what qualities they are looking for in the desired candidate. In the self-service approach, dependency on the recruiter can be resolved well, and eventually, the recruiter can save their time of coordination with the Client and managing jobs into the system.

Search Candidates

Nowadays, many agencies started with an innovative approach, where they allow their client to access their candidate database using the Self Service Portal. In this approach, the client can do the search of the best matching candidates based on the various criteria options like keyword search, proximity search, fuzzy search etc.

Shortlist Candidates

In the traditional approach, the recruiter sources the best resume and does the pre-screening. After pre-screening, the candidate will be submitted to the client if the profile meets the requirement. Generally, it will be done through manual email drafting. Any innovative recruiter can go for the automation option where they allow the client to see the submitted candidate in the system and privilege them to shortlist or reject the candidate out of the submitted candidate list.

Message exchanges

When a client does the shortlisting of the candidate or go for interview scheduling, majorly some question will arise for the recruiter and ideally, it will be done through email or over the voice call. When you go with the latest technology option, you can allow your client to send the message through the self-service portal and the recruiter can also revert to such a question using the same channel available in the system. Overall entire communication can be well tracked in the system for future reference as well. It is a great way to simplify the work of communication through technology options.

Interview Management (automated email also)

The self-service portal allows the client to schedule an interview with the shortlisted candidate at their convenience. Automated notification will be sent to the recruiter hence the recruiter can confirm the timing with the Candidate and do the necessary further update into the system. Also, it is a good idea to send automated emails to the candidate and interviewer about the interview. It is a far better approach compared to the traditional approach where lots of telephonic and email communication happens manually to schedule an interview.


If you want to improve your processes and see what results you delivered to your Clients, reporting and analytics are the best options. You can generate reports which can be generated for a different period and showcase like how many jobs you worked upon for different Clients and what is the ultimate success rate you achieved so far. In this way, the recruiter and business owner can do the introspection on their current processes and identify the further improvement steps

Delayed Jobs Tracking

Many upon a time the recruiter works on the urgent or critical kind of job openings. It is very important to track such jobs very closely and monitor the progress. It would be great if the software system has a widget in the dashboard to highlight such delayed jobs so the recruiter never misses the timeline and not lose the trust of the client.

Overall with the advanced technology options allows you to do much more stuff to deliver the best service and satisfaction to your Clients.

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