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Recruitment Email Templates For Agencies to Win More Clients 🏆

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It is true that more than hundreds of emails are competing for clients’ attention, and chances are very few of your emails have even opened. Averagely, less than 10% of cold emails ever received a reply. 

So how to write effective recruiting email templates for potential leads that convert into clients? Every recruiter nowadays is trying to find the answer to this very question. It is incredibly important to write a compelling recruiting email template that wins clients, right? Therefore, cold emailing is an efficient way to way engage and interact with your clients.  Crafting personalized and visually appealing messages can make a significant difference. Consider incorporating elements like custom email template design coding to enhance the appeal and professionalism of your outreach efforts.

 But wait, what is the framework for writing a cold recruiting email template that gets the highest open rate and increases engagement? Let’s see how to increase the open rate and effectively communicate with your clients.  

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Framework For Great Cold Recruiting Email Templates

Indeed, nowadays, recruiters are following the “quality over quantity” approach for efficient email outreach efforts to improve the hiring process. Sending mass emails to potential leads requires well-researched and personalised email writing And recruiters can use email writing AI to give quicker replies.. 

1. Attention: 

The first step is to figure out how to get the reader’s attention. It can be accomplished by writing a compelling and relevant subject line or email opening line. 

2. Interest:  

Once you are successful in catching the attention of the reader, the following step is to raise their interest and engage them via written communication. To do that, you can offer statistical data and social proof that support your opening statement. 

3. Desire:  

To spark desire, you have to illustrate the benefits your audience will get and also mention the reasons why your audience is important in using your service/product to them/their business. 

4. Action: 

Once the desire aroused to work with you, this should be transitioned into a clear call to action. In this step, you have to depict the following steps.

Recruiting and staffing agencies can use the abovementioned steps to craft a high-performing recruiting email template which achieves high-opened and clicked rates. In order to do that, you have to be concise, maintain your employer's brand, use plain language, and, most importantly, personalise your recruiting email whenever possible. 

Let’s now get the gist of the recruitment email templates that are designed to attract and engage your clients

Deliver the Best Client Experience

1. Templates for Introduction

Email subject line: Cost-effective staffing solution in [City_name]

Hey [Client_first_name], I hope you are doing well. 

This is entirely a cold email. However, firstly I wanted to introduce myself. This is [Your_name], and I am a head recruiter at [Your_company_name].

I came across your company profile on [mention_source, i.e. LinkedIn] and saw that you have a few openings in [Mention_department] for which we have potential applicants. I would like to let you know that our team would love to assist you in sourcing quality candidates.

With a [X% - Mention_fee_ratio] hiring fee, we assure the cheapest cost staffing solution in [City_name]. Feel free to reach with us if you wish to fill up your open roles soon. 

Best regards,  

[Your_name] [Signature]. 

2. Staffing Agency Introduction Letter to Client

Email subject line:  Introduction to [Company_client_name]

Dear [Company_client_first_name], 

We are delighted that we got an amazing opportunity to write to you. We have been running a staffing agency for [X] years. We offer services of staffing to corporate companies. Hence, it is our commitment to make it possible for different corporations to reach the right talent faster, which they are on the lookout for.

We aim to offer every type of staff to corporations regardless of the departments. Whether you require a manager or a cleaner, you will always have us. We feel proud to serve our clients and benefit them with our services. We consistently try to make sure that we are available to our clients whenever they need us.

Our team of recruiters is the most qualified and talented, and our hiring fees are also cost-effective and very reasonable. Contact us to learn more about charges, service terms and conditions. 

Thank you so much for picking us for your prestigious company. 

Kind Regards,, 

[Your_name] [Signature]. 

3. Follow-up Email Templates

Email subject line:  Related to your consultation with [Your_company_name].

Hello [Client_first_name], 

Thank you so much for your time and for signing up for a consultation with [Your_company_name]. It was wonderful to learn more about you and your business.

During our conversation/call/meeting, we discussed. [Summerise the details in a few bullet points] [Mention any other details] 

We would request you go through it and let me know if you would be interested in working with us.  

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! 

Best regards, 

[Your_name] [Signature]

4. Recruitment Email Templates for Seeking an Appointment

Email subject line:  Available for the appointment with [Your_company_name]?

Hello [Client_first_name], I hope all is well. 

It was fantastic speaking to you at our previous meeting.

This is [Your_name], [Your_designation] at [Your_company_name]. I would like to thank you for considering [Your_company_name] in your recruitment journey. It would be awesome if we could organise a meeting to resume our conversation and discuss a strategy/plan for [mention any topic of discussion from the last meeting]. 

Also, I would love to inform you more about [mention your services]. Here are the details for our next appointment. 

Appointment: [Time] on [Date] [Mention any other relevant information] 

Let me know If you are available at different times; I am open to suggestions. I look forward to our meeting. 

Best Regards,

[Your_name] [Signature]

5. Recruiting Email Templates to Share Candidate List

Email subject line: A quick status update of shortlisted candidates for [Job_title].

Hello [Client/hiring_manager’s_first_name], I Hope you are doing well!

Here, I am providing you with an update on the [Job_title] role:

Mention things like [Number of interviews conducted, Number of applicants advanced to the assignment phase, Number of interviews scheduled for next week, Deadline for assignment submission: [mention date]]

For more explicit information, kindly refer to my notes [attached file].  

Please let me know if you need more information. We can schedule a quick call or meeting to follow up.

Thank you,  

[Your_name] [Signature]

6. Recruitment Email Template to Share candidates’ Resumes

Email subject line: List of resumes for the [Job_title] at [Client_company_name].

Dear [Client_first_name],

I hope you are able to find the list of qualified candidates for your search for the [Job_title] at [Client_company_name]. In order to make your job easier, here I am sharing a list of the shortlisted resumes. Also, kindly find attached a copy of the resumes and a cover letter for the [Job_title] position under the name of [Candidate_name].

I hope this information helps you in your search for expanding your team! 

In case, If you require any additional details from me, feel free to get in touch. 

Yours sincerely,

[Your_name] [Signature]

Final Thought on Recruitment Email Templates For Clients

Knowing and understanding how to approach, engage, acquire, and retain new clients is the key element to building a strong and successful staffing and recruitment agency. Therefore communication of every form has become an indispensable aspect of every organisation. Effective communication can bring new opportunities for growth to your doors. 

In this blog, we have covered how recruiting and staffing agencies, can enhance their written communication with clients by writing personalised recruitment email templates that catch the attention of potential leads/clients/companies and increase the open rate and engagement ratio, which is incredibly important to run a successful business. 

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