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Top 10 Software Service Review Sites for Informed Decision Making

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What are Software Service Review Sites?

Software Service Review sites are a significant source for organizations to get qualified leads. Qualified Leads is a new buzz word in the sales industry as it means the prospect who is the most likely to buy the product or services as they are actually in need of it.

Customers tend to trust reviews of other customers who have already purchased the merchandise. 

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With the emergence of software service review sites, B2B and SaaS software buyers now prefer to read the reviews and details of the merchandise before making a buying decision. With numerous software service review sites within the market, buyers tend to research online about the merchandise before even contacting the seller of the merchandise.

Buying and selling became extremely easy with the assistance of reviews. One cannot deny the very fact that about 90% of purchasers today are looking into merchandise review sites before buying a product online. It's easier for patrons to shop for a product that has reviews supporting performance and other aspects. 

90 percent of the purchasers today are looking into the merchandise review sites before buying a product online

Let's consider; A customer purchased a product online. He later is disheartened after using the merchandise and needs to return it to the vendor. But the window of return is closed. Thus the investment in the product was a loss for him. It might be better if the customer had an opportunity to read online reviews about the merchandise before buying it. It might have saved him from incurring a loss.

Consumers check for software service review sites before choosing software like Shopify SEO apps. A mix of positive and negative reviews brings in additional authenticity to the merchandise or software. It increases the trust of the customer.

Rather than a little scale or medium scale business, large-scale businesses tend to see saas reviews sites before opting to shop for a product or software.

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It is necessary for software and merchandise companies to list their products and software on B2B software service review sites. It helps in getting to a much bigger crowd of consumers because the review sites are often ranked high within the google list.

Consumers who look for B2B software and products, find these reviews sites at the highest. They're more likely to travel through these websites and appear for the software and skim the reviews before purchasing.

Top 11 Software Service Review Sites

If you are looking for buying some products or services to make your processes even more comfortable, you need to find a trustable review platform that can showcase the actual potential of the tool.

Here are some of the best review platforms that can improve and ease your search for services.

#1. Capterra


The company, Capterra, connects with you like the software buyer. It was founded in 1999. Capterra serves as a Moderator between client and vendor within the online marketplace vendor software industry.

The company helps its customers by choosing software for their needs. They have every month 5 million business software & 700 + software categories buyers around the world. It's owned by Gartner.

With more than 5 million reviews and 300+ categories within the website, Capterra provides advice about the top-rated Saas software in each category.


  • Capterra is one of the leading Saas review sites that give consumers an insight into the newest and trending B2B software available for the business.

  • It has blog posts, a buyer's guide, and user reviews for consumers so that they can select the proper Saas software as per their needs.


  • Helps to creates brand awareness.

  • Boost SEO.


Contact Capterra to obtain current pricing.

#2. G2


G2 is a review site company founded in 2012 headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This company Integration for business software with a focus on user reviews. They provide the best comparison of business software and services based on user ratings. They also provide Reviews for CRM, ERP, HR, CAD, PDM, and Marketing software.

The G2 is the world's biggest tech market where businesses can find, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their Feasible.

G2 Crowd is the leading software service reviews and rating sites trusted by most users. With quite 160,000 reviews and ratings on the newest software, it leverages over the opposite review sites. 

Enterprise technology investors, business analysts, and buyers use the website to match and choose software and products supported by peer reviews. Businesses find it as a chance to urge listed on G2 Crowd because it alters and changes the business scenario of the corporate.


  • G2 gives the most transparent and honest reviews to the software products and services. Reviews about software products on this website are often trusted by customers. 

  • It helps in taking the simplest business decisions.

  • With the assistance of technologists and software analysts, G2 Crowd provides the right verdict on each software and merchandise listed thereon.


  • Review of Search.

  • Review Platform.

  • Product Content.

  • Research Reports.

  • Category and Product Taxonomy.


Contact g2 to get the pricing quote.

#3. Clutch


Clutch is a worldwide B2B review & rating platform; it is an independent platform that collects feedback from clients. They get them every month, half-million buyers and sellers of services use this platform. Utilizing this platform, you can efficiently complete your profile and a great way to increase your visibility to customers.

The Clutch is the best way to gain trust from the users by creating a corporation profile and getting listed on the web site. The corporate is employed by many users to seek out software, consultants, and business services.


  • Clutch is a software service reviewing platform that increases the visibility of the software consistent with user's reviews. 

  • The corporate has top active personnel who work day and night to stay the review process professional and helpful for its users.


  • Provides B2B rating and reviews.

  • Builds the reputation of the brand by collecting feedback.


Clutch pricing starts at $3000.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Clutch does not offer a free trial.

#4. GetApp


GetApp is the site which compares and evaluate small business software & also give the best software offers based on your requirement; it is free interactive tools. The company's primary mission is to deliver the convenient right software to your industry. They also help you gain the insight needed to make informed software purchase decisions.

With more than 3000 apps within the review section, GetApp helps small and medium-scale businesses search, compare, and review business software.

GetApp may be a Gartner company. Amongst all the categories, the foremost popular ones are the CRM, Finance and Accounting, collaboration tools, HR and Employee, Business Intelligence, Integral Solutions, Project Management, Marketing, and Analytics, etc.


  • The review process is considerably quick as compared to other review sites. 

  • It's a software advisory website with software tools listed thereon for review.


  • Review products.

  • Evaluate and compare business software.


Contact GetApp to obtain current pricing.

#5. Trustpilot


Trustpilot is a global online review website founded in 2007. on this site, each month, around 1 million new reviews are posted. They have 80 million reviews of 300,000+ companies. It is a review community that builds trust and transparency between customers and business. It helps to build a reputation by collecting feedback from customers.


  • You can easily collect, manage, and display customer Trustpilot reviews. 

  • Improve conversions and increase sales.


  • Boost SEO.

  • Improve organic search results.

  • Increase sales.


They offer a free plan, and the suggested standard plan is for $199/month.

#6. SoftwareSuggest


Software Suggest is an online platform for helping businesses find the right software & Listing, Reviewing, Compare & offering the software based on requirements. They have 800+ software categories they evaluate software based on industry requirements. During this process, they help software vendors connect with verified prospects.

SoftwareSuggest is the best software service review site that is equipped with an evaluation tool to help users to find the only software as per their needs and requirements.


  • SoftwareSuggest helps in shortlisting and selecting features of the software, and compare them with multiple other software, ask and receive a pricing quote from software vendors, and present the proper reports of it. 

  • SoftwareSuggest collects reviews from verified users and assists buyers in opting for the simplest solution. 

  • The website offers insights into the merchandise and services that help in establishing credibility and initiating an extra purchase.


  • Listing Software products.

  • Reviewing and Comparing Business Software.


Contact SoftwareSuggest for current pricing.

#7. SourceForge


SourceForge is the place where buyers find, review, and buy business software and IT services. Turning to the services platform, you are looking to support your clients and manage them easily. This is the largest, most reliable landing place on the web for open source software search, software service reviews, and software development.


  • Easily find reviews of software products and compare.

  • Collect information and buy business software and IT services.


  • Source code repository.

  • Downloads mirrors.

  • Bug tracking.


Contact SourceForge to get the pricing quote.

#8. TrustRadius


TrustRadius is the top rating software and gives you the services based on verified users. They have 400+ software categories. You can also list your product here. After listing they provide you free access to how views of your product compare to your competitors. Trustradius can collect reviews for your products without the quality immolating in detail.


  • Free access to view and compare the products.

  • Collect review of the products.


  • Business technology reviews.

  • Reviewing and Comparing Business Software.


Contact TrustRadius for a pricing quote.

#9. CrowdReviews


User reviews on CrowdReviews can ultimately identify how a review aggregation of product or service rankings can affect every review. One of the platforms buyers can access before you make this purchase decision. One of the best concepts is based on crowdsourcing ethics, and lets users submit reviews online.


  • Provides a better understanding of products.

  • Review and compare software products.


  • Review on Software and business products.

  • Ranks individual products and services.


Contact CrowdReviews to get a pricing quote.

#10. SaasGenius


SaasGenius is an assigned service to help your businesses easily explore, compare, and select the right software for your business. Marketing, sales, revenue, and scaling can make it easier for a client to grow up their business strategy. You can create a Free Listing on SaasGenius the Right software & make your business the right way.

Users submit reviews to the web site. 

The submissions get evaluated before being posted. It works with companies and integrates a good range of third-party services. Consumers could find an entire directory of Saas products, covering all the essential information, pricing, alternatives, reviews, and comparisons.

The reviews are supported as a singular submission system and guarantee unbiased information.


  • SaaSGenius allows a consumer to match and find out new business tools.

  • Vendors are allowed to feature their products and services on the web site for free of charge.


  • SaaSGenius helps to search for software options, designed for online use.

  • Review on Software and business products.


Contact SaasGenius for price.

#11. SaasHub


SaasHub helps you grow your business the best way to provide the right software. This is an independent software marketplace. The main goal is to help users find the right software and product for your industry providing various software options to choose from. Vendors improve their online appearance and promote their software.


  • Collect information and buy business software.

  • Collect reviews and compare them with other business products.


  • Business software and product reviews.

  • Reviewing and Comparing Business Software.


Contact SaaSHub to get the pricing quote.

#12. ITQlick


ITQlick offers a comprehensive solution for businesses in search of appropriate software tools. By providing specific details about business requirements, the number of users, and budgetary considerations, the platform's sophisticated matching algorithm delves into a vast database, suggesting the most suitable software options. This invaluable service, suitable for a range of industries, is available at no charge.


  • Free access to view, compare and narrow down software options.
  • Streamlines the decision-making process by offering insightful reviews.


  • Comprehensive reviews, pricing, pros and cons on +10,000 software and business products.
  • Ranking system for individual products and services.


Contact to get a pricing quote.

So these are the Top Software Service Review Sites

We hope the above list of review platforms helps you to find what exactly you are looking for. With these emerging software service review sites, you can use the best filters on these platforms and get the products according to your requirements. B2B and SaaS software product buyers now consider reading the reviews and details of the merchandise before making a buying decision.

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