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author Written by Bhushan Dave August 14, 2020

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The human resource industry has been growing at such a fast pace. It compels recruiters to manage the complete recruiting process with the help of Recruiting Software. Every recruiter needs to update himself with the new changes carried out day-by-day in the market. And to update themselves they prefer to read about HR, Recruitment, and L&D titles.

There are many things to read and not have enough time. Hence, here is a quick list of the Top 20 HR Magazines you should follow straight away. These digital editions of magazines contain all the latest updates and trends to make your work easier and faster.


HRD Connect

The reason behind this company's apex is the High quality of information. The public content & deliver the best content regularly. The main focus on the key issues core topic, including employee engagement, HR topic, this you can insight to drive your business easily.


HR Grapevine

It's appreciable for their wide range of popularity in HR professionals. They update HR Related news, blog, stories on their digital magazine. It's all updates in the best quality. The insight you can find for event, culture & webinar also.



Do you need to know about the HR side? & are you working with HR based? Then you have the best title: "RECRUITER". They cover all your needs from the regarding the recruitment side HR of the HR industry. Whether working at home or working in a company, if you read this regularly, you will get inspiration from this, and it is beneficial for you and your business.


Training Journal

If you find HR generalist interesting, then you have the best option, "Training Journal". It is a UK best media title for HR professionals with coverage of a lot of HR keypoint & topics. They are public about all topics for business inception and how to grow up in HR.


HR magazine

Thus far, HR magazines have claimed to be the most SEO friendly. They have a wide range of social media followers around 160000, its online content & print public under the HR director, But there is no doubt about the reliability and ability of its writing team.



They will update you daily with a mix of content types & subjects line. However, the amount of sponsored content is higher than the average content and still well-written. But censored media customers will do well to add other sources to their mix.


The HR Director

They are known as the "Most respected independent resource for HR director" & also a notable name in the UK market. They also do exceptional work to secure their online print and edition. Its online articles are free of cost for reading. 



These are job boards, but still, they offer us the best online features, including the printed magazines. This wide range of formats means that even if you want to utilize your HR information, they are focusing on a more intensive core HR topic.


Harvard Business Review

It's was founded in 1922, another name on the market: This is the original granddaddy of HR magazines has a huge size online library but there is a limit to how many articles you can read for free per month. Their newsletter is a special favourite among the people it satisfies to almost every audience


CPSA Knowledge Centre

They make a lot of content support for HR, talent management. Their sales team focuses on this thing. Recently they published podcasts covering topic Recruitment, Talent, Business strategy for best concentrate.


Undercover Recruiter

They cover the mostly Core topic like Recruitment, HR & job search and also provide the text of career management & life skill. Their themes are written under the industry employees & experts. They try to learn something new and work hard to serve the best quality to their audience.



They provide their blog and podcast around the world which topics are HR, HR technology, the relationship between human & technology, and its business effects. The insight you can find how they recruit, hire & how technology gives us to work smarter & better.


Workforce Magazine

This is the award-winning magazine and mostly focuses on the impact of business difficulties and how overall business events and trends will affect. They try to cover HR issues through the news, blogs, and stories. You can get the topic regarding Recruiting & Staffing, Benefits & Rewards, & other Technology Development topics.


The HR Digest Magazine

The HR Digest Magazine is the most significant global magazine for the Human Resource area. You can find insight into the latest events, articles, conferences, news, success stories, training, interviews & all HR management information.


Human Capital Magazine

This exclusive magazine is Australia's. All articles, blogs, news written professional and experts. They also Investigate leading on issues in the HR industry, while the HR person provides an analysis of business ideas.


The HR DIRECTOR Magazine

HR Director is a self-sufficient magazine, and the feature is highlighted publication. Their directors Provide a competent strategy to keep the industry on top. This proves that they work with in-depth analysis for each monthly publication.


PeopleTalk Online Magazine

If you enjoy reading every day, then you can stay up here with the world of HR. This is Canada's best-distributed magazine for HR. They provide you with professional services and human resource information.


HR Aspects Magazine

They provide information, articles, & news in a wide selection range of human resources. They also give you about the human resources every detail of the event & update you with the technology, in-depth news across the region.



This is one of the most trustable & largest companies with very informatic & fastest-growing in Talent management sources information. Their all articles, news, written in is under the professional experts. The insight you can find all HR services, news, event, blogs, articles, and trends technology related to human resources.



They serve the best quality content to all Recruiting communities it's the main focus on headhunting. The authors include the most creative personalities within the staffing and HR industry. Nowadays ERE has become the best information source for Recruiting community worldwide 

So this was a quick read list to keep you posted on the changes and up-gradation of the industry news. Feel free to subscribe to their newsletters and get the latest blogs directly into your email box.



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