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Key Points of Candidate Interview to Bring the Best Talent

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A candidate interview is essential in determining any firm's future profit and revenue regarding recruiting and hiring. But before acquiring better talents, a hiring team has got all the backfire questions handy which makes a clear indication for a candidate to prepare for the selection process as a perfectly suitable hire in a candidate interview.

On a personal and professional level, a candidate interview makes a visible difference in the growth of an emerging firm. Also, there's an urge for the candidate management system since talent acquisition, and headhunting is concerned.

So, here are some key takeaways in regards to candidate interviews.

1. First Impressions

Some of the things that matter the most in the hiring process and have made betterment in making an employment decision Include:

1) Attributes to be Considered by Candidates While Preparing for an Interview

  • A candidate's punctuality is essential
  • Good eye contact
  • Basic corporate etiquette
  • Personal Appearance
  • The ability to initiate small talk
  • Proper handshake and greetings to the presented interviewers.

2) Attributes to be Considered by Interviewers During Candidate Interview

  • Most candidates trust their interviewer's first impressions when deciding whether or not to take a job.
  • Candidates judge the interviewer's handshake.
  • They also observe whether the interviewer is punctual; candidates might avoid working in the organization if they wait too long.
  • Candidates also Judge the interviewer's appearance and corporate etiquette.

2. Choose the Right Words

Words matter a lot in terms of business psychology! Journal of Business and Psychology found that adding "needs-supplies" statements that focus on what candidates want attracts almost three times as much as those that only use "demands-abilities" descriptions that focus on what the employer wants.

1) Needs - supplies

Needs-supplies provide many opportunities to the employees within the organization to develop skills by working on various tasks. It also opens the doors to collaborating with talented people.

2) Demands - abilities

Demand-abilities focus more on talented applicants with excellent written and verbal communication skills that help complete the prioritized tasks as per the job responsibility. This will encourage applicants to support enthusiastically and co-operate with others to develop effective solutions.

3. Have the Proper Follow up

Interview Management and presentation are a reflection of your company culture and brand. Following up with top candidates is necessary to let them avoid losing interest in your organization after the interview. In addition, thank them for their time by sending an email the next day considering your decision regarding the further procedure or in case of rejection.

Taking care of proper follow-up with skilful talent can make them more interested in being part of your organization for the long term.

Key Takeaways

It makes sense to get a new hire by accessing all their experience and not just their recent position. Also, make sure about the time zone for interview calls, locations, directions, and the time to travel with the possible traffic delays.

Moreover, disclosing the interviewers' names while interviewing candidates is essential. It helps generate a talent pipeline by engaging potential talent before posting a job vacancy on social media. It also expands your talent community by spreading your message to the targeted audience to achieve the desired results.

Make sure that you take the interviewee through the complete process from the situation you were into the actions you put in place till the finishing of the final results.

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