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15 Foremost Free Job Posting Sites in 2024

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Having faced the Great resignation trend - 2024 is the year that has brought up new hopes in all the talents and employers all over the world; since all the businesses are returning to the new normal, more than 80% of Job openings are filled through the extensive Job portals as per the estimates.

When the world is rapidly transitioning to become more digitised, the requirements of all businesses and employees are dramatically changing due to covid -19. Hence, attracting and sourcing the best talent who will work from remote locations and freelancers is a challenge for recruiters today. The first step in the hiring procedure starts with crafting a comprehensive job description and then publishing it on free job posting sites to attract active job seekers and passive candidates. One of the advantages of posting Job listings has become much more cost-effective due to the best free job posting sites for employers. 

15 Foremost Free Job Posting Sites in 2024

Save on your Job board spent by listing down below mentioned 15 foremost free job postings in 2024. 

1. Indeed - Job Search Engine


Indeed is one of the sought-after job search engines that encourages diversity recruiting. It is currently available in more than 60 countries with 28 different languages. Why prioritise Indeed is because it connects with talents easily through desktop and mobile that faster your hiring regardless of your company size, whether it's a fresh start-up or a giant MNC.

Indeed has successfully secured its global market by offering automation in its unique features, such as Indeed assessments that help assess candidate resumes to discover if skill-sets are matching as per the job requirements or not by just a single click.

Indeed has become a prime choice of every employer, as well as recruiters that can be easily integrated with an AI-driven Applicant Tracking System and enable you to unlimited source candidates irrespective of any field and location.

2. GoogleForJobs - The Ultimate Solution


Google for Jobs will index and publish job ads that are adequately structured when job applicants search for related keywords. You can also post jobs on free third-party websites like Indeed or Glassdoor that are already integrated with the Google job search engine.

Employers can make the most of this free job posting channel by immediately posting open openings on their websites and through GoogleForJobs, which helps them to expand their reach without spending a single penny.

3. LinkedIn - Connect the Dots

To all working professionals or business leaders, whether you are the one who is looking for a job, looking for potential talents to hire, or want to expand your professional network for better prospects, Linkedin is the platform for you that works as social media like Facebook, and it is also the best job board that you can leverage for free. 


In the era of digitalisation, as per the general Linkedin statistics of 2022, Linkedin has 810 million users worldwide. Moreover, 49 million individuals use Linkedin’s online job boards every week, where two-thirds of users are between the age of 25 to 34. This means if you are targeting to reach out to millennials and Gen Z or require remote workers, this is undoubtedly the only platform for all the recruitment professionals who focus on attracting a more diverse workforce to fill the candidate pipeline.

4. Monster - Make a Difference


Monster is another impactful platform to be considered for obtaining the benefits of its advanced functionalities with a 4-day free trial to help you find the best candidates across the world. Being a hiring leader, automation for definite tasks makes a lot of difference. For example, Monster provides a broad view of each potential candidate with data-driven profiles and lets you find the things that are unable to be found in a resume.

A global leader, Monster has been transforming the recruiting industry for the last 25 years. Currently, it is leveraging advanced technology through its social, digital, and mobile solutions. Monster is quite user-friendly that will support you in meeting your requirements of onboarding the best candidates even without worrying about job advertising costs.

5. Jora -  Making Job Search Easier


Jora is a job search aggregator expanded worldwide that is entirely free for job seekers and employers by providing updated searchable job openings to job applicants. Jora is user-friendly and easily accessible via a mobile app or website. 

Jora offers; 10 free job posting sites per month to post jobs directly on-site, which is why it is the most preferable for employers and widely used in the US.

6. AngelList - Where the world meets Startups


While talking about another in-demand job board, AngelList, is a platform that is free for job seekers, as well as startup-founders, to find a remarkable job at start-ups and tech companies AngelList is the most preferable among others.

A number one start-up job platform, AngelList also supports free integration with your candidate management system that helps you source out the best talents from remote & local technical opportunities. Its unique features, such as video assessment, help your talent acquisition team evaluate the skills that job seekers showcase.

7. UpWork - The world’s Work Marketplace


Considering; the recent fact that reveals, Approx 51% of the total working population will consist of freelancers by 2027. Upwork is an admired freelance marketplace where employers can easily connect to self-reliant professionals around the world. An affordable platform, Upwork allows employers to post their projects at no cost, especially those who are looking for the best freelancers to work based on a particular project.

Upwork’s AI-driven technology immediately provides a list of freelancers who match your project requirement. Employers can view freelancers’ profiles and their ratings which helps them in decreasing their burden to identify the best among many others.

8. Glassdoor -  Get a job that loves you back


Glassdoor is the platform created in 2008 to bring transparency between employers and job seekers by posting honest reviews about salaries, work culture, and other benefits. It is also the best platform for all employers to attract potential job applicants by representing a positive work culture and posting jobs for free.

9. Facebook -  Expand your reach


The name Facebook is not at all unfamiliar today to even a young kid; a general facebook stats in its report mentioned that; Facebook has 2.91 billion active users every month. We couldn’t agree more with the fact since it's a highly used social media platform all across the Globe. 

Leveraging Facebook has become easy for business leaders to build up a talent community, check candidates' social-media backgrounds before hiring and primarily post jobs for free. Facebook is utterly user-friendly and easy to integrate with any recruitment software.

10. TheLadders - Hire the high Professionals


One of the older employment boards is The ladders. It offers 10 free job ads per month, along with 10 resume views. TheLadders, a free job posting service, also provides a large collection of resumes. In addition, TheLadders has been active for over ten years. 

This is a job posting site you should check out; if your current job pays in the six-figure bracket.

11. Fiverr -  Find the Freelancers


Fiverr is a marketplace that connects freelancers with enterprises in need of digital services such as website design, content writing, and voice-overs. It is the most favourable platform that enables you to post freelance jobs for free. In minutes, you will be able to find top talent and high-quality services at any pricing point. 

Fiverr freelancers are paid per job rather than by the hour. You will be required to pay a percentage rate to Fiverr after the assignment is completed, in addition to paying the freelancer, who will send you an invoice.

12. Chegg Internships - Hire better Interns


Employers also use Chegg to find and hire qualified candidates for internships and employment throughout the country. The site also includes several resources for creating a successful internship program. It is also a free platform and easy to use that offers search filters adding sample job descriptions.

13. PostJobFree -  Make it More Worthwhile


Employers can use PostJobFree to post their job openings for free, as the name implies. It performs well on Google for many job inquiries since it was one of the initial free job posting sites. PostJobFree gets over 2.1 million local and global job postings and 7.4K resume uploads per week on average.

14. Hubstaff Talent -  Locate the Remote Talents

HubStaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is another online way to source the best remote candidates, such as  Software engineers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and other remote employees. This is excellent for locating remote talents across the globe with no spending on Job postings.

15. SimplyHired -  Keep it Simple   


SimplyHired is one of the free online job boards and search engines that helps you post jobs while reviewing applicant resumes. It is quite different from the usual free job posting sites that post your jobs on more than 100 job boards for free.

Final Thoughts on Free Job Posting Sites

The survey conducted by 250 employers and over 2000 job seekers finds that employers face the biggest challenge when it comes to writing an effective job description, while the Job seekers also agreed that it also becomes difficult for them at times to comprehend Job descriptions when receiving job posting alerts. 

Contemplating; the above facts, there will not be any value that is likely to be added using the best free job posting sites if your job description is not accurate and easy to understand by all the potential job seekers. However, today the automotive hiring software is compatible enough to benefit you with different templates of job descriptions and integration with multiple job boards as well as social media, which has successfully reduced recruiters' burnout from manually posting jobs on different platforms.

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