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Latest HR Trends in 2024: Every HR Must Know

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What Have We Covered?

Two years after starting a new decade, the world seems quite different from the one we knew in 2020. We experienced one of the biggest struggles in history, battling a pandemic, societal upheavals, and economic crises. These events reshaped our lives and habits and affected our predictions for the previous year. As a result, HR trends we thought would be the highlight of 2024 either didn't happen or came in a slightly different form. 

The HR industry is revolutionising at a rapid speed due to the advancement of technology. Hence, new HR trends in 2024 are crucial to maintaining the HR industry's workflow. Recruiters and HR teams want to follow future directions, but several queries are going across in their minds, such as: What are the different upcoming HR trends? How many HR trends are there for 2024?

In addition, Our natural curiosity to think about future HR trends and what will shape the future remains. Having those ideas, insights, and information helps us navigate what's ahead of us and create goals. We analysed what the HR future will look like and which HR trends will dominate the recruitment landscape.

In this blog, recruiters and HRs will get information on the Top 15 Upcoming HR Trends To Consider In 2024.

Latest HR Trends to Shape the Business in 2024 

The past years were difficult for the HR industry, and the HR team faced many challenges. But here, we have reached the new year, i.e. 2024, and to enable the HR teams to achieve their goals by following the emerging HR trends, we have prepared the future HR trends.

Daily routine of a human resource manager

These HR future trends with the adoption of mass recruitment solutions will help mass recruiters and HRs cover up all their previous down graphs by the end of 2024. Trends in HR permit the HR industry to focus only on the worthwhile section of human resources during the year to become desirable in human resource management.

Here are the top 15 HR trends for 2024.

1. A compromise between remote & office work

Even though remote work isn't a novelty and has kept its position on a list of HR trends in the last few years, only recently remote workers became the majority. What once was a prediction became a burning topic that will keep its intensity in 2024.

Working from home has myriad benefits that ensure it won't fade after the vaccine for COVID-19 is available to everyone. If telework is not an option, 55% of employees will look elsewhere. It is a kind of work that makes workers more productive, leaves them more time with families, and takes less time off.

Remote work

But not every profession lets you work remotely, at least not full-time. Thus, some employers prefer having their employees on-site.

So, leaders will have to find a compromise that will be beneficial for the business and employees. Whether that's to allow their staff to work from home at least twice per month or to let them choose, employers should think about a solution that will satisfy everyone.

2. Employee experience is vital 

The emphasis on employee experience peaked last year due to the aftermaths of the coronavirus. Workers had to juggle between surviving a pandemic and achieving satisfactory work results, which often caused stress, lack of productivity, and burnout. 

Employers had to make the employee experience a priority and ensure that their staff had everything they needed to handle their responsibilities and stay safe. But it isn't all about providing workers with the necessary equipment, the possibility to work from home, and well-being programmes.

Last year forced companies to include employees' personal lives and issues into the picture and understand how that affects their work. For a long time, we thought that work and personal life were two separate categories, but we are now reminded that if one is in danger, the other will face the consequences too. This is why it's important to separate your work and personal profile.

One of the HR trends for this year will be to consider how to extend employee experience and include financial, physical and mental health support. 

3. Continuous learning

We can consider this trend as one of the latest HR trends. During the quarantine, many people found ease in studying, learning a new language, or practising old skills. That was a reminder of how powerful it is to acquire information or deepen the old ones. Knowledge leads to personal and professional improvement, which is also an advantage for companies.

One of the principal HR trends in 2024 will also be learning. Organisations will invest in it, providing employees with new skills, development, and greater chances of reaching higher levels. 

The key to making learning continuous is to make it available at all times. That is why most companies will opt for creating e-libraries, online workshops and courses. 

4. Use the latest technology as a way to drive trust

The pandemic caused uncertainties, fear, and anxiety; these are times when we need transparency more than ever. Work is not an exception; employees expect employers to be honest, share updates with them, and provide feedback.

Workers don't want to wonder if they might lose their job tomorrow and if managers are satisfied with their work. To keep their employees updated and everything transparent, many employers will integrate HR technology with staff self-service.

With such tech at their disposal, employees will have access to feedback, the latest information, and tasks. Transparent tools that track employee progress and information that are easily accessible for both parties will be one of the principal HR trends this year.

5. Employee well-being and wellness programmes

In the  post-COVID-19 era, well-being programmes are not only nice to have anymore. They are necessary. The pandemic didn't leave anyone unharmed, and companies need to implement methods to help employees cope with the new realm.

In 2024, HR will have to find ways to remove the stigma around mental health and provide employees with all the support they need. That will include customer satisfaction surveys, research, creating workshops, and leveraging tech. Employers will use various resources to develop well-being programmes to make sure employees are healthy, safe, and productive.

Employee Well-being And Wellness_Programmes

6.  Increase online communication to improve

Remote work is here to stay, and companies will have to enhance communication with teams working from home. Thus, virtual meetings, recruiting, and onboarding may become a norm, which requires stellar communication.

Companies will have to invest in high-quality HR technology that allows video interviews, continuous virtual communication, and meetings. But not every individual knows how to use these tools, so employers will also have to provide employees with digital communication workshops.

7. Reskilling and internal mobility

Hiring freezes are one of the most damaging consequences of the pandemic. Many companies have to put on hold finding new talents, even though they might need them. Hence, they will have to be resourceful.

That means that before deciding to seek new candidates, recruiters will conduct an analysis that can show if the talent they need is already there.

When an employee is not fully compatible with a new vacancy, they might go through reskilling, which would provide them with the necessary skills.

8. Flexible requirements

The pandemic wasn't only a reminder that people need certainty and safety. It also reminded us that change is the only constant. And changes demand flexibility.

That will reflect in recruitment, and in the future, the candidate requirements could start being more flexible. Instead of considering job seekers with higher education and extensive experience, big enterprises could be more open to self-taught candidates without a degree. 

9. Artificial intelligence in recruitment

In 2024, the world will rely on technology more than ever. That trend will only grow this year, and companies will implement advanced AI-based technology and tools. 

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Recruiters will automate tedious and repetitive tasks. That will give them more time to focus on meaningful elements of recruitment.

Artificial intelligence is the present and future HR trend, and its presence will become widespread. Companies will use it to source candidates, parse resumes, and onboard candidates with more ease and accuracy. Even though 17% of organisations use AI in their HR function, another 30% will use it by 2024.

AI in HR

10. Company culture is essential

Job seekers seek companies with attractive employee perks and benefits, a good reputation, and compatible company culture. Emphasis on organisational culture will continue to be among the top HR trends in 2024. 

Hence, leaders will have to ensure that they are showcasing what it is like to work in their company, what kind of candidate profiles they are looking for, and why one should want to work for them. Employers will have to be extra careful to target the two young generations: millennials and gen Z.

11. Millennials and Generation Z

While the first ones are already the largest generation in the workforce, their younger counterparts, gen Z, will join them soon. It is why this year, one of the top HR trends will be understanding these two generational cohorts.

These two generations have different priorities, goals, and habits than Baby boomers and gen X. If employers want to attract them, they will have to learn how to address their needs. 

12. Mobile-friendly recruitment

The adverse effect of COVID-19 caused recruitment to become remote, forcing recruiters to adjust the process. But young job seekers are also affecting hiring because they mostly use their mobile phones to seek work. That is why recruiters will have to tailor job ads to these requirements and make them mobile-friendly.

13. Diversity, inclusion, and equity

The benefits of a diverse workforce are not a secret anymore. Most companies are implementing D&I policies and efforts to attract and foster multicultural teams. That HR trend will remain in 2024, and many recruiters will turn to niche hiring platforms to ensure they are reaching underrepresented talents. 

recruiting mistakes

14. Increase retention efforts

Leaders seek ways to avoid and minimise costly tasks, activities, and consequences. As a result, they will focus on boosting retention and creating strategies that improve the employee experience.

15. Soft skills

Technical knowledge is no longer enough, and empathy, emotional intelligence, and soft skills are the emerging HR trends in the post-pandemic world. Hence, recruiters will have to find strategies to attract and identify candidates who possess these abilities and are fit for the job position.

Final Thought on latest HR Trends 

After experiencing continuous fear, danger, and uncertainty, people seek connection and empathy to cope with the global crisis. We have entered what will be a challenging year, but we will want to make things more human-centric, and the HR trends of 2024 reflect that. The focus will be on employee well-being, ensuring safety, and leveraging technology to provide staff with the best possible experience.

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