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7 Tips to Use Your ATS to Improve Your Candidate Experience

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Candidate Experience is an important aspect of the recruitment process but can turn into a difficult task. To make things smooth, recruiters use Application Tracking System (ATS) or Talent Acquisition tools. So, here are some ways recruiters can use ATS to improve their candidate experience:

Make it Easy to Use

It makes the recruiters' work easy by helping them manage the bulk profiles of the candidate. For this to be successful, the recruiter must make sure that the ATS is mobile-friendly and user-friendly. The instructions to use the ATS must be stated clearly.

Limit the Number of Screens

You would want to keep your candidates engaged during the entire application process and to do so, you must limit the screens they have to go through. If there are too many screens, the candidates would get tired and lose interest in the process which could lead to them leaving midway and you losing on a well-qualified potential employee who would have otherwise perfectly fit the job position.

Text Your Candidates

To ensure that you and your candidate have smooth communication throughout the process you must deliver the messages at the right time. To do so, instead of using emails, you must use text messages as there is a higher probability for the candidate to receive a text and read it immediately. This is where the ATS comes into play. Good ATS comes with SMS integration which is helpful to track and manage all your SMS activity.

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Personalize Your Emails

Writing personal emails to every candidate is not possible and a mail that starts with 'Dear Candidate' is a sure-shot path to failure of good candidate communication. You can use ATS for mass mailing with the same message but personalizing the with small details like adding their name and other similar data. Also, ATS is a great help when it comes to sending follow-up messages like 'thank you' and we will reach out to you soon.

Don't Clutter it Up

The candidates do not need a cluttered up job posting. They only look at job descriptions and research about it on their own. So, putting up images or mission statements is not very useful. It must be designed in a simplified manner that is easier for the candidate to access.

Reach Out at The Right Time

Time is of utmost importance in a candidate-recruiter relationship. The ATS has an automated effective system that figures out the correct time for the recruiter to reach out to the candidate.

"Easy Apply" Option

One of the best ways for the candidates is the easy application option as it is easy and takes up less time. Easy apply can have black holes which can lead to terrible communication. To overcome this, you must set up automated communication using ATS.

In a nutshell,  an application tracking system provides a great candidate experience and smooth communication.

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