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What is Candidate Engagement? 

Candidate engagement is the procedure and estimation of continually communicating with your candidate pool or by means of email, text or face-to-face. The objective of engagement for staffing might be a job application, email opens and text replies. Candidate Engagement is the most significant objective of the Inbound Recruiting methodology. This kind of methodology supports Candidate Engagement through extraordinary and valuable substance to candidates.

Recruitment is not only about having competent candidates through the entryway; it is about keeping them intrigued all through the application procedure and assisting them to get a job they will like. Candidate engagement is about making a connection with employment searchers. The more they get notification from you, the more they put resources into the job they become. 

Important of candidate engagement for employers

Some of the benefits of Candidate engagement for employers are:

  • Candidate engagement enhances the interest level of candidates.
  • Candidate engagement spreads the message about your organization to other potential candidates.
  • Candidate engagement decreases the developing issue of applicant dropouts.
  • It enables new hires to be happier when they start work.


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How to improve candidate engagement?

Viable candidate engagement is a basic component of building your right team. You don’t need to wait for an applicant sign before you start engagement methodology and whenever the candidate put in for the job, you need to connect with them. In the present competitive talent acquisition market, companies need to concentrate on candidate engagement so as to recruit the absolute best and the right talent.

If your company does not persistently engage with candidates all through the recruiting procedure, candidates might lose interest in joining your group and start searching somewhere else for their next profession move. 

Some of the ways to improve candidate engagement are:

Review Applicants Quickly

A lot of organizations wait for certain days to just review each new job candidate. However, candidates who are reviewed and followed up on rapidly are seemly to be employed. Reacting to candidates at the earliest opportunity can help guarantee good candidates remain connected with and happy about the chance of working in your company.

If you leave candidates waiting for a reply, you may lose competent applicants to other job opportunities.

Keep on Communicate with Candidates

After you have reviewed candidates, your employing group should try to keep on communicating with applicants all through the whole recruiting process. If you have any interview with them, you can communicate with them in other to know the exact date of the interview instead of keeping them waiting. 

Increase candidate engagement with text messaging

Candidate engagement can be enhanced by texting the candidate throughout the recruiting procedure. Text messages are read immediately after delivery on their phone, which means candidates will see the interview reminders, plan changes, and other significant information immediately.

Text messaging is an effective communication way for both job searchers and employers and can streamline your applicant and new contract communication. 

Gather Candidate Feedback

Regardless of whether or you did not hire an applicant, you should attempt to gather candidate feedback, so you can keep improving your recruiting procedure and candidate experience. While few organizations gather candidate feedback, this can enable your company to entice greater quality candidates. Another advantage of gathering feedback is, you can make a connection with applicants.

Your company can not employ each incredible candidate that strolls through your entryway. But by asking good candidates who you couldn't employ for their opinion on the job candidate experience, this will tell every candidate that their opinion is valued.

Candidate engagement is the strategy of attempting to get candidates to feel like they are genuinely a piece of your organization, and that they are not third-party that your organization could manage without. It makes you appear more than a recruiter and giving the applicant a chance to engage and interact with the organization beyond basically sending in an application.

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