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Best Online Video Interview Software In 2024 [Free + Paid]

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The online video interview became the standard way of conducting interviews after the outbreak of COVID-19. Thus, if you are also thinking of adopting the new norm way and, consequently, seeking the best video interview software, don't skip this blog. Learn what a video interview is and explore the best video interview software to choose the one that meets your requirements.

The online video interview software was already there before the covid 19 pandemic. However, everyone realised the worth of it during the lockdown. Candidates and employers are comfortable with video interview software since its utilisation is constantly escalating. 

According to Software Advice, 60% of hiring managers and recruiters started using video interviews at some stage in their hiring process.

The video interview via online video interview software feeds excessive benefits to the employer and hiring manager. As a consequence, they started preferring video interviews nowadays.


Video Interview Introduction

Video interviews have become a popular tool in talent acquisition due to their time-saving ability and can be conducted and attended from anywhere. The video interview software's advantages over the traditional interview method are the primary reason for its popularity.

1. What is a video interview?

A video interview is another way of hosting and conducting the interview. Under this job interview method, candidates and employers use the same software for one-to-one conversations. It is a virtual way where the interviewer and interviewee attend the interview using the single video interview software without any face-to-face interaction or time zone barrier.

2. Type of video interview

There are mainly two types of video interviews available: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous/ Two ways video interview:

The Synchronous interview is conducted live over the internet, where both interviewer and interviewee can interact in real-time. That's why it is also known as a two-way video interview and an alternative option to an in-person interview. 

One Video Interview

Asynchronous/One-way video interview:

However, in an asynchronous interview, the job seeker gets the question package from the employer, and they have to record the answers to that question. After recording the answers, the candidate sent the video to the employer. In this method, only candidates attend the interview. Thus, it is also known as a one-way video interview.

Online Video Interview Software

However, it's widespread to use software like hangouts and skype for communication purposes. But, these communication tools recently emerged as reliable video interview tools. Companies broadly use these tools and systems to hire new talent remotely. Let's see what video interview software is and what some unexceptional features of online video interview software are.

1. What is Video Interview Software?

Employers and candidates use the tool to attend virtual interviews (online interviews). This tool is the medium of connecting the interview from different locations without a similar timezone. The tool and system are known as online video interview software. The video interview software enables employers and candidates to hear and see each other in real-time, as in in-person interviews.

Video Interviewing software

2. Benefits of Online Video Interview Software

Employers and candidates hold benefits while engaging with online video interview software and tools. Eventually, these benefits clarify why you should choose the best video interview software. Let's explore the cons of utilising video interview software.

  • Fetch up the top talent across the world

Video interview software allows you to expand the reach of new talent. It breaks the boundaries to hire local candidates only. Hence, employers can thoughtlessly select and hire great employees from any city, state, or country.  

  • Reduce the hiring and time to hire

The employer can spend their excessive resources only on candidates selected in a video interview. Consequently, this creates an impact on two primary recruitment metrics.

  • Can easily identify the skills

Different types of jobs demand a variety of soft and hard skills. Some of those skills are communication, body language, technical knowledge, and way of presentation. Interview through video interview software permits you to determine the particular skill of a candidate and choose the best one.

Best Online Video Interview Software In 2024

Two-thirds or more of the HR professionals use tools for video interviews, which is not a surprise anymore. Video interviews make the recruitment process straightforward, quicker, and more convenient for employers and applicants. Once the interview is scheduled according to the recruiter and the candidates' convenience, video interviews can be conducted anytime and anywhere.

Here we have listed the best online video interview software to streamline your recruitment process.

1. ScreeningHive 

ScreeningHive is the most affordable video interview software; they help you in your hiring process too quickly. Using this software, you get specific results, and your manual efforts are reduced.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Interview Management

Plan: Paid, Free

2. Hireflix

Hireflix is the leader in the one-way video interviewing space. They have a modern and minimalist interface that is super easy to use. With Hireflix, you can capture genuine video answers from your candidates remotely and at scale. Hireflix users highlight their excellent support, user-friendliness and price.

Features: 1-month free trial, user-friendly one-way video interviewing, customizable think time, retakes, answer time, customizable email/sms/WhatsApp invites, customizable branding and interview link, automated transcriptions, no app nor downloads needed, works in all browsers and all countries, +20 languages supported, SOC 2 compliant, Access Logs...

Plan: Paid, Free

3. Kira Talents

One of Kira Talent's most appealing features is how easy it is to operate. They use it daily to identify suitable candidates as an integral part of their admission process. More than 300 schools around the world are partnering with Kira Talent. 

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Session Recording, Interview Management

Plan: Paid, Free

4. Jobma

Jobma software is an excellent tool for short initial visits. Currently, it offers ample margins and better quality at an affordable price. You can create internal and external catalogues and share video recordings using the Job video interview software.

Features: Video Interview, Video resume, Resume Building Tool

Plan: Paid, Free

5. HireVue

HireVue is the best software for uncoordinated visits to your company. The software has an excellent ability to access and examine potential candidates for employment purposes. It is an ideal application for comfort during times of high volume.

Features: Pre-hire assessments, Video interviewing, Coding assessments, Interview scheduling

Plan: Paid, Free

6. Willo

Willo has been consistently considered one of the top video interviewing platforms, especially for remote recruiting worldwide. By making the virtual interview process cost-effective, straightforward, accessible, and flexible, more than 1000 organisations are leveraging Willo by saving their time and encouraging fast hiring.

Features: Video interviews, interviewing, Remote Tools

Plan: Free trial, Paid

7. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is the best video interview involving everyone to make better decisions about the hiring process to proceed with the candidates. In less than a conventional telephone interview, they provide you with more insights into candidates. They have more than 6000 trustful customers.

Features: One-Way Video Interview, Live Video Interview, Interview Evaluation, Interview Collaboration

Plan: Paid, Free

8. Screenable

Screenable is video interview's best software, and I discovered that it is highly relevant given the current situation. They have put together an already well-done idea where you can access all your screenings and be a hub for your job search.

Features: Send interview invites; applicants record video interviews

Plan: Paid, Free


Interview Questions

9. Live Video Interviews

Enables recruiters and employing managers with video interview experience to reach the candidates today. This tool is easy to set up, both reliable and cost-effective. In a virtual business, we rely on making a video-based first impression during the interview process.

Features: Hire Faster, Reach Passive Talent, Replace the Phone Screen

Plan: Paid, Free

10. Venterview

Venterview offers the ability to automatically screen candidates and removes painful phone interviews. It is a web-based application for automated HR recruitment video interviews.

Features: Interview Management, Pre-recorded Messages, Question Library, Session Recording

Plan: Paid, Free

11. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is one of the compelling video interview software that helps engage and virtually interview potential candidates to streamline your hiring process. VidCruiter is the best platform that digitises and customises the workflow that, significantly replaces your outdated hiring in times of remote hiring.

Features: Video interviews (live and pre-recorded) • Interview scheduling • Skills testing • Automated reference checks • Audio interviews • Video proctoring

Plan: Free trial, Paid

12. Shortlister

The software is easy to use and provides a practical and robust first appointment option without the hassle of physical meetings and applause. They solved your recruitment needs immediately and the target market.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Panel Interviews, Question Library, Session Recording, Pre-recorded Messages

Plan: Paid, Free

Type of video interview

13.  Cammio

The award-wins cloud-based Video Recruiting Platform is more effective and engages applicants, recipients, and hiring managers, including video interviews, video-based vacancies, and video assessments.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Interview Management

Plan: Paid

14. FaceCruit

FaceCruit is the best solution for pre-screen candidates via a video interview with employers. It doesn't matter where the people are or what time of day they are. Everything is effortless to use with an intuitive design, and everything is an online remote visit.

Features: Video interview, Finding a candidate

Plan: Paid, Free

Final Thought

These are some of the best video interview tools to enhance your recruitment process and give your candidates the best experience. Thus, we can consider a video interview tool essential for attracting and engaging top candidates.

Live and one-way video interview software vary in functionalities and features. Thus, pick the tool according to the type of industry and primarily by prioritising the candidates' comfort.

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