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author Written by January 24, 2020

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The recruitment process keeps on changing and brings new tools and tricks in the market. As the rules of recruitment alter, recruiters need to accept these changes and adapt to the future of recruiting. With this digital age, humans no doubt hold their importance in the game of recruitment but the process is slowly moving towards automation and augmented with the invention of new tools and technology.

The old methods of job boards and emails may work for a while but to attract the best talent and engage them enough to hire them these new methods are becoming necessary. So, let's walk through the future of recruiting and learn how to adapt to it:

Get acquainted with the recruiting automation landscape

The very first step is to get acquainted with the latest technologies of the recruiting automation landscape. As the ways of recruiting evolves, one must also adapt and learn new technologies and start practicing by using automated methods to complete tasks instead of doing so manually. Technology will never replace recruiters but the recruiters that do not adapt will soon be replaced by the new generation recruiters loaded with their tech knowledge. So, to be part of the race you must learn and adapt and also recruiting automation tools can make your work easy.

Tools for Recruitment Automation

The hiring process has been automated a lot these days with the use of recruitment automation tools. It started with ATS- Application Tracking System but now it has gone beyond that. The new software available in the markets does the work of not only ATS but also of a recruitment marketing software on the same platform.

This can be very helpful from the beginning of the recruitment process with finding candidates, attracting them and engaging them in converting them into applicants and ultimately hiring them. Also, these software simplifies the process and delivers efficient results in less amount of time. So, every company must use such automated recruitment software and every recruiter must have a good grip on using them.

Social Recruiting

Another trend while recruiting these days is social recruiting. Social Media Platforms have become a part of people's everyday life and in turn, has made its way in the field of recruitment. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many others have become a hot spot for recruiters to post job vacancies and for job seekers to find new opportunities. It is not about posting ads on social media platforms anymore, it is beyond that. The company can create their brand image using these platforms and this, in turn, attracts more candidates to apply for the vacant job positions. Also, social media is a great place for networking.

HR Analytics or Data-Driven Recruitment

Data-driven metrics are useful for gaining insights during every part of the recruitment process. So, when data obtained through HR technology is used to plan and make a decision about the new hire can be considered as HR Analytics or Data-Driven Recruitment. In such processes, HR technology like recruitment marketing channels and applicant tracking systems are used along with the data of all the applicants and the vacant job position. HR Analytics or Data-Driven Recruitment also helps to analyze what part of the recruitment is lagging and has a scope for improvement. It has been observed that this method of recruitment is efficient, time-saving as well as pocket-friendly.

When trying to indulge in ways of recruitment, you must draw a map and set goals to implement it successfully. You could pith these to your CHRO along with providing demo with automated recruitment tools. You could start by implementing one of the above three methods or buy purchasing one recruiting automation tool and once you and your team get comfortable with it, you can progress from thereon. Also, to make this transition easier, it would be beneficial to attend webinars and workshops to polish your skills. This will not only be better when hiring new candidates but will also make you an important asset for your company.

Whichever method you decide to choose, but the important thing is to adapt to the future of recruitment. This will make you an efficient and productive recruiter bringing you on the top of the game with us. So, use these tips and embrace the changes in the future of recruiting holds.

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