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Interns are a great way for any company to filter out some great untapped potential out there. It can also help build the reputation of your company as it tells the community that you are open to trying out individuals who have not yet earned their degree. They will also be grateful as they would have some credible experience to start their career with. Interns are also a great way to fulfil your short term goals. This also improves your brand value. Following are some steps on how to hire an intern:

List the Skills an Intern Can Provide

When hiring a fresher for a job in your company you’d have to train them for at least for 6 months to fit in your company, whereas you hire an intern directly you hire them for a particular set of skills, i.e they start work directly for the subject you hire them for. They can be instructed by time for completing the task in hand within a certain time period, for example during the summer or by working 3 days a week for 5 hours a day.

Determine Your Budget for Hiring an Intern

Managing internships aren't a cup of tea for every company. For example, a small business might find that hiring an intern might be costlier for them than hiring an employee. Unpaid internships for many seem to be as elitist, where it says not all types of work are reward worthy. Unpaid internships would be deemed as illegal if rules and regulations aren’t followed properly.

Identify Academic Institutions That Train Those Skills

When your company has decided which subject matter intern you’d like to hire then you will definitely look toward hiring candidates that have those particular skill sets. Example- if your company is looking for a marketing intern, you should look for an institution where marketing programs are offered.

The above-said situation would be true for even for an intern in your medical institution, i.e you should look in institutions that have been officially recognized and given permission for providing training in the medical field. But, your best bet would be to directly contact the institution. They might even give you helpful information about particular students who excel in the field you’re looking for and setting up the internship programs that both the parties involved would benefit from.


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Advertise Your Internship Role

Other than academic institutions, interns can be found through job boards like indeed, Internshala, LinkedIn, etc. As a matter of fact, the sole purpose of many job boards that work towards providing students with job placements. Some universities have their own placement cells and career centres. It is highly important to advertise your internships in the right way and such job portals or universities placement cells are a great place to do so.

Do opt for a five to six-month internship

All interns need some time to fit in, get to know the company culture and get comfortable and familiar with the work. So, while planning out the internship, it is important to take this time frame into consideration and build the internship structure accordingly. Instead of providing internships for three to four weeks, it is better and beneficial to provide an internship that lasts a few months. This lets the intern completely understand the work and provides a great insight into the intern to the company to evaluate their potential in case they are to hire the intern as a full-time employee in the future.

Do prepare a specific project

Prior to offering an internship, make sure that you plan out the internship step by step and assign a specific task or a project for the interns to work on. This will provide the intern with a wide scope for learning and you will be prepared for interns to join the office. This will save a lot of time which would otherwise be wasted if the internship is not well planned. Also, assign the intern with a mentor who can guide the intern throughout the project to bring out the best results from the intern’s work.

To get the best out of an internship, your company must make training and development a priority. This will not only help the intern but all help the company by putting it in bright light. The internship program should be regularly updated keeping the above tips in mind to be on top of your game!

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