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author Written by Jigna Boghani June 22, 2020

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Two thirds or more of the HR professionals use tools for video interviews, and it is not difficult to see why. Video interviews make the whole recruiting process for both employers and applicants simpler, quicker, and more convenient. When you or your candidates are or when your plans match: interviews can be done at any time and anywhere with video interviews.


Here is a list of the best video interview tools that make your recruitment process more successful.


1. Kira Talents

One of Kira Talent's most appealing features is how easy it is to operate. They use it every day to identify good candidates as an integral part of their admission process. More than 300 schools around the world are partnering with Kira Talent. 

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Session Recording, Interview Management

Plan: Paid, Free



2. ScreeningHive 

ScreeningHive is the most affordable video interview software they help you in your hiring process too quickly. using this software you get certain results and your manual efforts are reduced.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Interview Management

Plan: Paid, Free



3. Jobma

Jobma software is a great tool for short initial visits and today the software is the best price with big margins and better quality than date. You can create both internal and external catalog and share video recording.

Features: Video Interview, Video resume, Resume Building Tool

Price: Paid, Free



4. HireVue

HireVue is the best software for uncoordinated visits to your company. The software has a good ability to access and examine potential candidates for employment purposes. HireVue is an excellent application for comfort during times of high volume.

Features: Pre-hire assessments, Video interviewing, Coding assessments, Interview scheduling

Plan: Paid, Free


5. Hireflix

We can quickly get the answers we need in the process. Setting up the software is surprisingly easy, and the focus is on bringing candidates into the next round of interactive video interviews.

Features: Demo video, Record the Questions, Track Candidate Progress, Review Candidates,

Plan: Paid, Free



6. Hiya

Hiya's Mission is a worldwide recruiting market, a video screening globally to attract new talent and it makes a positive engagement experience for both the employer and the candidate.

Features: video interview, Instantly interview

Plan: Paid, Free



7. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is the best video interview involving everyone to make better decisions related to the hiring process about which to proceed with the candidates. In less than a conventional telephone interview, they provide you with more insights into candidates. They have more than 6000 trustful customers.

Features: One-Way Video Interview, Live Video Interview, Interview Evaluation, Interview Collaboration

Plan: Paid, Free



8. Screenable

Screenable is video interview best software and found out that it is highly relevant given the current situation.they have put together an already well-done idea where you can access all your screenings together and be a hub for your job search.

Features: Send interview invites, Applicants record video interviews

Plan: Paid, Free



9. Seeknspeak

They provide a choice of willingness to invite a personal candidate to make a personal interview easier for you. Instead of inviting candidates to interview for their resume assessment, you can easily assess the profile and attitude of your candidate.

Features: Interview practice session, Session recording, Panel interviews

Plan: Paid, Free



10. Live Video Interviews

Enables recruiters and employing managers with video interview experience to reach the candidates today. This tool is easy to set up, both reliable and cost-effective. In a virtual business, we rely on making a video-based first impression during the interview process

Features: Hire Faster, Reach Passive Talent, Replace the Phone Screen

Plan: Paid, Free



11. Venterview

System HR & Recruiters offers the ability to automatically screen candidates and removes painful phone interviews. It is a web-based application for automated HR recruitment video interviews.

Features: Interview Management, Pre-recorded Messages, Question Library, Session Recording

Plan: Paid, Free



12. Video Recruit 

Video Recruit is the automation and spontaneous communication makes the hiring process easier and more streamlined. It takes less time for screening applicants. They provide you Invite candidates and screen their automated interviewing solution.

Features: Pre-recorded Messages, Live Video Interview, Interview Management

Price: Paid, Free



13. Shortlister

The software is easy to use and provides an effective and robust first appointment option without the hassle of physical meetings and applause. They solved your recruitment needs immediately and the target market.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Panel Interviews, Question Library, Session Recording, Pre-recorded Messages

Plan: Paid, Free



14. Cammio

The award-wins cloud-based Video Recruiting Platform is more effective and engaging to applicants, recipients, and hiring managers, including video interviews, video-based vacancies, and video assessments.

Features: Interview Practice Session, Question Library, Interview Management

Plan: Paid



15. FaceCruit

FaceCruit is the best solution for pre-screen candidates via a video interview with employers. It doesn't matter where the people are or what time of day they are. Everything is really easy to use with intuitive design and everything is an online remote visit.

Features: Video interview, Find a candidate

Plan: Paid, Free

So these were some of the best video interview tools that can enhance your recruitment process and give the best experience to your candidates.



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