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Taking Your Business to the Next Level: Proven Digital Acquisition Strategies

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What Have We Covered?

Does it feel like the future already? - Indeed, it does! The world has shifted to remote work, which made us rely on technology more than ever. Customer communication is mostly virtual, and companies are trying to enable digital products.

We are the witnesses of video conferencing expansion, the rise of remote meeting platforms, and increased use of HR technology. The pandemic, social distancing, and restrictive measures caused a change in how we live and work. Thanks to that, contactless delivery and shipping are becoming the norm. People are starting an online business or acquiring the existing one.

remote work post pandemic

Unemployment and job insecurities were an incentive for many persons to try their luck and become entrepreneurs. Yet, being a successful leader requires a lot of strategizing, thorough thinking, and meticulous actions. 

It is where digital acquisition enters the picture.

What is Digital Acquisition?

Digital Customer Acquisition is crucial for the success of every company. If executives want to reach their goals, they have to have a stellar strategy. Hence, Digital Customer Acquisition represents ensuring people can find your services in relevant search results. That turns them into leads that decide to pursue your products without hassle, pressure, or contact. 

Thanks to that, you won't need customer service or to spend too much money. Instead, you'll consistently get new customers that will keep coming back to you. But you'll need to generate a stellar strategy to achieve that.

Talent acquisition HR guide of finding the best talent

Here are the 10 Digital Acquisition Strategies To Follow!

Digital Acquisition strategy centres around online methods, processes, and practices. It usually focuses on email marketing, SEO, and social media, but those are not the only tactics. The digital marketing acquisition strategy development should start by considering what's your market and your target audience. 

What do your customers like, need, and lack? After answering these questions, you'll know which channels are the best for you and what are places your audience visits. These will help you come up with a relevant strategy and make your business more scalable. 

If you don't know which path to take, we'll help you!

#1. Have a clear vision of your customer

As we mentioned above, it is critical to start by getting to know who your customers are. There should be no mistakes, doubts, or questions about this one. Many companies don't have a proper strategy. That is often due to not knowing who is their target audience. Perhaps they didn't invest enough time and resources in research, surveys, and questionnaires. 

However, you must understand how they behave and what drives them. Analyze the age group, preferences, desires, and needs of your audience. 

Besides, you should know which language to use and how to talk to them. Think about whether you should be casual, professional, or friendly. For example, you can use Google Analytics to discover more about your visitors, locations, age, and gender.

#2. Choose the best channels

The Digital acquisition doesn't include having omnipresence. That is challenging to achieve, and you probably won't be equally engaged everywhere. Hence, avoid the ambition of having profiles on all social media channels while also regularly updating your blog and website. If you want to be good at something, you have to be selective.

Otherwise, you will scatter your attention, time, and resources. Research social media and digital platforms that your target audience visits the most. Read forums, blogs, and articles to find out as much as you can about their preferences. If you don't discover it that way, consider being transparent about your intentions.

Create and share a survey to find out what social media networks your customers use the most. Explain that the goal is to provide them with a better experience and more personalized products. When you discover which places to target, it will be much easier to tailor your strategy and be present on the right channels.

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#3. Captivating and consistent content

Content is the backbone of every strategy, including digital acquisition. Without it, no matter how well you researched your target audience, you won't get and retain their attention. Yet, it's not enough to have just any kind of content. It should be clear, captivating, and consistent. 

Ensure that you post regularly on all your social media platforms and be consistent with schedules. Choose the hours when you believe customers will visit their newsfeeds. Besides, you should share similar but not the same content on all your networks. Tailor it to the platform structure and standards. 

Use the same colours, fonts, and effects for all visuals that reflect your company brand and culture. Make it engaging, immersive, and unique. Try to be creative and convey the right messages. Also, follow the trends because your customer could change their preferences.

#4. Strategic variety

It is not enough to avoid sharing the same content on each network. Try to create a variety of materials. For example, mix information with captivating visuals. Publish engaging infographics. Post statistics and the latest news from the industry. Share surveys and try to be interactive. Your customers should feel that you care about their opinion, needs, and preferences. 

Hence, shake-up your strategy occasionally. Ensure you don't neglect your employees and their productivity. Keep in touch with them on platforms like Slack and Trello. Have regular but not too frequent meetings. Encourage all your staff to share their opinion on how to improve the digital inquisition strategy. 

Use all your resources and efforts. Align your techniques and objectives with different channels. Show that you run a multifaceted business and that you think differently than others. Let your strategies manifest that in their variety.

#5. Refresh your old content

If you want to increase your organic traffic, how about reviving your existing content and improving its ranking? Over time, you will generate a lot of engaging and worthy material. For example, your blog must contain posts that are still relevant despite how much time has passed since they were first published. Don't overlook its worth. 

Instead, refresh your old content, update the publishing date, and bring it back to the top. That way, its PageRank will increase, and you might get new external backlinks. Besides, you will update information and gain more fresh content.

Refresh your old content

#6. Industry-related keywords

SEO is one of the essential tools for ranking your business online, but do you ever wonder what types of text optimization can bring you better results? Consider boosting your organic traffic by targeting keywords related to your niche, including industry and locale. For example, if your business operates in New York, partnering with an experienced SEO company in New York can significantly enhance your efforts, ensuring that your website ranks effectively within your target market.

Many customers have commercial intent, and they decided to buy a product. The thing is, they are not sure where to look for what they need. Hence, they will use industry and location-related words. It is an opportunity for your business to pop-up in the search results at the right moment. That could provide you with valuable visitors that won't think much before purchasing.

It is why you should try to answer niche-specific questions when creating your content. Think about possibilities and for which keywords to rank. Here are a few examples.

  • Healthcare ATS   

  • Resume parser for government institutions    

  • CRM for IT

#7. Invest in using someone else's audience

The key to pulling off this strategy is to research well and find the best partner. When you decide how to go about it, you could look for them on LinkedIn, BuySellAds, or industry-specific platforms. The goal is to reach out to someone with a substantial network and number of subscribers. 

The next step is to offer to promote your campaign or products through their email contacts. Ensure you find a partner with a similar target audience because that could give an intense boost to your traffic.

#8. Co-branding and collaboration

Besides paying for boosting your targeted traffic, you can also consider collaboration with similar businesses that are not your competition. It is essential you band-up with someone who has a high outreach and can address a large audience. Your products and services should be complimentary. That could determine the success of your co-branded campaign. 

With this strategic move, you would combine marketing efforts and create unity between your offerings. Hence, both companies would benefit and increase their leads.

#9. Referral programs

Affiliate programs are advantageous for generating profit and new customers. It is why this is a good idea for your digital acquisition. Consider partnering-up with an individual with a substantial following. 

The next step would be to provide them with a unique referral link they would add to their videos, blog posts, and other relevant content. Once someone uses that affiliate link to sign up or purchase your product, you would pay them their part. 

However, you could also consider partnerships with relevant businesses and integrating your service with their product.

referral program

#10. Compile and analyse data

If you implement different digital acquisition strategies and don't track their results, all your efforts will be in vain. You won't know which one generated traffic, new customers, and revenues. 

It is why you should track and evaluate the data. That way, you'll know which channels were the most productive, what worked, and how many customers did you gain and reach.

This Explains the Digital Marketing Acquisition Meaning!

A successful online customer acquisition strategy is engaging, creative, and consistent. Post your content regularly, interact with the customers, and be bold when making new marketing decisions. Taking the right steps will pay off in new clients, partnerships, and increased organic traffic.

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