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How To Use Social Media Recruiting Effectively To Generate Leads?

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What Have We Covered?

When you first hear social media, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Entertainment platform, right? Sharing selfies and funny videos.

But what if it’s more than that? 

It’s usage has changed and extended with time.

Modern recruiters are using it to find and hire potential candidates to fill the open positions within their organisation.

According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social media when conducting their job search.

So, social media is a goldmine for you to generate leads.

It’s not just about posting jobs and connecting with candidates; it's about building relationships, demonstrating your brand culture, and targeting the right audience with your content.

So, What are you waiting for?

Let's dive into this blog to turn your social media recruiting game from zero to hero.

What is a Lead in Recruitment? 

In general terms of marketing, a lead is the customer who buys the company's product or utilises the company's service or have shown some interest in the company's product and service. Thus, potential customers are leads in marketing.

But, lead in recruitment is different. For recruiters, leads are the potential future candidates. Potential candidates whose profile is similar to the ideal candidate and also have the interest to grab the opportunity. 

Socil media Recruiting Adaption

The central recruitment goal of every recruiters and hiring manager to generate high quality leads for future vacancies. Through the high volume of quality leads, they can fill the position faster and quicker.

Social Media Recruiting Era

Recruiting candidates manually is an old fashion and boring process.

In the era of 2021, we need to focus on social media recruitment via platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (We can use YouTube, too).

In social media recruiting, the first thing you should do is background check. How was he at his last job, and how much is he social?

Nowadays, it is very easy to find out the original personality of a candidate from their social media accounts. According to the survey, 92% of Recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates.

Then, why you shouldn't?

10 Best practices of Recruitment via Social Media

What is Social Media Recruiting?

As a good recruiter, you always need to find qualified and talented candidates with multi-skills and a dedicated mindset.

For that, you should use different platforms to find the ideal candidates. One of the most significant platforms is social networking sites.

Via Social Platforms, you can find a wide range of talents. You can perform maximum recruitment activities such as job posting, advertising, attracting and sourcing candidates, and collecting candidates' data from social media, which is known as social media recruiting.

Hiring manager hire through social media

You can easily detect the candidates on social media with all their background history.

Social Recruiting tools helps recruiters to understand what candidates want nowadays and how to get a better candidate within your criteria.

The most likely benefit of social recruiting is getting a large number of talents on the same platform using your social skills.

How is Social Media Recruiting Different from Other Types of Recruitment?

You might have heard about the different types of recruitment, such as online recruitment, external recruitment, internal recruitment, referral program recruitment, and so on.

In all the above types of recruitment require a direct connection with candidates. But, recruiting via social media does not require any direct connection.

In Social Recruiting, it is also important to have the right connections in use at the right time. Today, LinkedIn is the largest social platform used by professional recruiters to find out the next star candidate.

According to research, Recruiters use LinkedIn as the first Social Media platform to find the right candidate.

Another great benefit of using the social recruiting method is that It is Free of Cost, and you can share your content with the largest number of people with only one touch.

Social platforms give you open space to freely connect with everyone and open up about your requirements. Candidates can also discuss their needs and convenience.

Effective Ways to Use Social Media Recruiting Tools for Lead Generation 

Yes, recruiting via social media is a really effective way to hire great employees. But, if social networking sites are used in a fruitful manner.

To make social media recruiting effective, recruiters have to invest a large part of their time into it. Investment in terms of time and research.

Millions of people are available on social networking sites, some of whom are actively looking for jobs. Attracting active candidates is quite easy.

However, through social media recruiting, recruiters can build strong connections with passive candidates. By sharing various content and videos and tagging recruiters, recruiters can create positive buzz about the opening job.

So, let's start by knowing some effective ways to use social media recruiting tools for lead generation.

Determine Your Brand Value on Social Media

Higher employer brand value serves the multitudinous benefits to the business. One of the benefits is that it is easy to attract candidates.

Every candidate wants to work for a company that has a good reputation in the market.
At least 58% of U.S. consumers use social media to follow brands.

Millions of candidates want to be attached to the right company. Share content that shows that your company is the right place to work and that your employees are worthy of your company.

Tell your existing employees or ex-employees to share their positive experiences on social media. And attract the candidate originally.  

Video Sharing Technique

Video sharing is the most useful technique for attracting candidates than others. It has been proven that sharing videos, especially short ones, creates 10 times more engagement with the user than other content types. Moreover, leveraging tools to download Instagram reels can be a strategic move for recruiters, allowing them to curate and showcase compelling content from Instagram that highlights company culture and employee testimonials, further engaging potential candidates.

Even 52% of marketing professionals agreed that this type of content provides a great investment return.

Hence, create an appealing video of your company culture and work environment to target active as well as passive candidates. Manipulating passive candidates' minds through this type of content is a good recruiting strategy.

Involve Your Employees 

Candidates are attracted to what they see and what they hear about the company. Reviews about your company from existing or past employees create an immense impact on the candidates' decisions toward the company.

Ask your employees to be involved in the recruitment process. Tell them to share some content about their experience with the company on their social media account by tagging your company's account.

The content might be some stories, pictures, or any celebration. The power of others thinking about the company matters the most. And their connection becomes your future leads.

Consider Job if it come through personal connection

Join the Groups

Many social networking sites are obtainable where group creation features are available such as LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. By joining such a professional group on different sites can boost your social media recruiting process.

There are also similar communities where candidates are involved in order to get recruited and form connections with recruiters. 

But, yes, join the group according to the requirement. For example, if you are seeking the salesperson, join the group like the Sales Association Group.

Through this way, recruiters can expand their network by generating the leads and reach to the right talent.

Severity of Hashtags

We know the power of social media, but we do not know the capability of hashtags. If not, then find out some time to know the real power of hashtags.

Putting # before the work will create magic, then you're mistaken. Hashtags on social media are just not about  # before the word.

Find out the best and more useful hashtags for social media recruiting for lead generation. The hashtags with maximum reach and high volume can also be generated using hashtag generator tools.

Hashtags not only target the potential audience but also misguide them if the wrong hashtags have been used.

Final Words about Social Media Recruiting

Recruiters using Social Recruiting have a bright future in order to get the best candidates. Therefore the recruiters have started using social recruiting tools and systems.

iSmartRecruit gives you the best of all social recruiting tools. Using iSmartRecruit, recruiters can post their job on different social media platforms using only one interface.

It gives you multiple platform integrations, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can promote your job on social media and other Job Boards.

iSmartRecruit gives you the following facilities in the Social Recruiting Feature.

  • Multiple Account Configuration.
  • Promote Jobs from the single interface to multiple channels and accounts, including company pages.
  • Show full details of the Job to the Job Seekers.
  • Automatic redirection of an Application to iSmartRecruit.

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