10 Ways to Improve Your Job Postings

author Written by Amit Ghodasara June 10, 2019

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In today's competitive recruiting market, your company wants access to quality resumes recruiting the best talent for the company. Since today's candidates have lots of choices for locating obtaining their attention isn't simple. Also, these days we do not seem to make creative and effective job ads. Even if candidates seeking job see a job posting of their potential, they do not click on that job posting. So it has become important to keep them there and persuade them to apply. So, do you think you are able to create a job posting that stands out? Here are 10 ways to improve your job postings:

Clear Job Title

The very first thing to keep in mind while putting up a job posting is to give it a very clear and understandable title. If the job title does not make sense to the job seekers, they will simply scroll through even without clicking on it. So, using a commonly understood job title is preferable over a title that sounds cool.

Engaging Description

Now that you have a title for your job posting, it's time to write a creative, engaging and attractive description. Make your description as fancy and appealing as possible because, at the end of the day, this is an advertisement for the job. But don't stay away from reality and even though few of the details sound boring, it is important to include them.

Bold Keywords

Another thing to consider while posting for a job is the keywords. The job description could turn out to be lengthy and the job seeker might not read it through. So, by highlighting the keywords, the focus of the reader directly goes on it. This makes it easier for the job seeker and also the probability of them applying for the job increases.

Salary Details

Mostly, the very first information that a job seeker wants to know while applying for the job is the amount of salary they are going to earn if they get the job. So, posting the salary details can be beneficial as it decreases half the chase.

Contact Details

Sometimes the job seekers want to contact the company directly due to some query or any other reason but they are unable to as there are no contact details to directly reach the company. So, make sure to add your contact details in the job description.

Selling Trick

The best way to sell a job posting is to sell it like you are selling any other product on a phone call or in person. This makes your job posting more understandable and approachable. The corporate terminologies will wind up the job seekers, so the trick is to tell a story instead of just putting out a piece of set-out information.

Adding Image

Adding an image to the job posting adds to its appeal and keeps the jobseeker attention on the details of the post. This image could be about the company's statics, work details, job hours, employee benefit and much more.

Job Posting Video

It has been proven that visuals hold more attention and are more appealing as compared to a simple test. So, the best way to put up a job posting is via a video. It is seen that a video job posting has been seen more than regular job postings and has also got more responses.

Avoid Login

One tedious task that stops people from applying for the job is making an account and going through the login process. So, it is recommended not to ask the jobseekers to go through the log-in before they apply for the job. If you want to actively communicate with the applicant, you can put the log-in at the end of the application.

Mobile Friendly

Today, the world operates from the palm of their hands via mobile phones and often the recruiters or the companies forget to take that factor into consideration. So, make sure that your job posting website is mobile friendly and every feature is supported on all kinds of mobile phones.

Now that you have learned about these simple ways to make a better job posting, we hope you find the best candidates for the job. Best of Luck!

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