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Actionable Secrets To Manage Your Remote Employee Engagement

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Are you looking for ideas to improve Your Remote Employee Engagement? Then, read this blog and know Actionable Secrets To Manage Your Remote Employee Engagement.

The pandemic has completely changed the way the workforce communicates and runs the business. Earlier remote work was offered to a very small number of employees depending on their requirements and skill and now it has become the norm for most companies.

Remote work is on the rise since pandemic and is not a privilege anymore- and it will continue to grow this way. Work teams have completely changed and are communicating in a new way to manage remote working. As companies and employees sort out into this new working method, many are realizing the benefits of virtual work.

Work teams have completely changed

How to Define Remote Employee Engagement?

Remote work has radically changed the way employees communicate with the manager and their team members. This is why businesses set up additional virtual check-in to maintain remote employee engagement high so that employees do not feel disconnected. Companies that offer remote work and flexibility have observed huge increases in the productivity and engagement level amongst employees. There is no doubt, the more connections that managers can build with their team, the higher will be the performance.

But the truth is managing a remote workforce is not easy, it is particularly hectic and challenging for the managers who have to manage a virtual team. Remote employee engagement is the miracle medicine that every manager wants to achieve to increase employee productivity and decrease employee turnover. 

Top Best Practices for Managing Remote Employee Engagement

To make it manageable to communicate and engage with your remote employees, we've gathered top best practices for making remote work easy for you.

1. Employee activity & behavior analysis software

Employee productivity is the key concern for those who are offering flexible working hours for remote employees. Here comes the concern of knowing how to check employee behavior analysis to smoothen workflow. The concern of monitoring activity & behavior analysis of employees through software like CloudDesk is legitimate as that is the only measurable key through which you can actually measure the performance of an employee without any guessing game.

This tool will help managers to know every granular detail of the employee during their work hours. The tool will provide crystal clear data of each employee activity and employees will also know what to really do to perform better. The goal of the manager while using this tool should be to track employee performance, productivity level and to increase the trust between both sides.

2. Stay connected through technology

Team build activities play a vital role in remote employee engagement levels. When a team is working remotely a video conferencing call can go a long way to encourage your team. For example, you can use communication tools like Skype, Slack, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to streamline communication between team members. It will help the whole virtual team to be on the same page.

You can further plan out virtual get-togethers for some non-work-related chats once or twice a month. Having a chit-chat will reduce stress and will create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Additionally, always remind each employee that your door is always virtually open for any discussion regardless it is a professional or personal matter. Make it clear that besides group chats, you are also available for one-to-one chats, care to listen, and will take action accordingly.

Boost Employee Productivity With These 10 strategies CTA

3. Foster personal interaction through social interaction

Despite the benefits of remote works, it is also true that at times employees feel lonely. You can again take the help of technology to measure remote employee engagement by simply adding them to a private corporate social network for Employee Wellness programs. You can use a corporate social media app like CircleCare and encourage employees to do physical exercise daily. The platform will allow you to create flexible health contests between your virtual team. You can consider throwing tasks to your employees like running for "x" kms in a week to boost their mental and physical health.

You can track your employee's progress in a health campaign and gather vital data about their health status. These activities will help to create a healthy and engaged workforce.

4. Clearly define goals and deadlines

With remote teams without a fixed work hour and fixed workplace, it is very important that you define goals and deadlines in order to set them up for success. Each employee should know about their duties and responsibilities and remind them their performance is being monitored and continually measured to check their progress. When you set this up properly, employees will meet all your expectations timely meaning they have been optimally engaged during their given time.

Clearly define goals and deadlines

5. Be flexible

The reason why companies are shifting to remote work is due to the increase in productivity increase in employees. It only happened because of the flexibility employees are offered by their companies. Although your professional requirement is your first priority, still don't forget to allow your employers to have some coffee breaks, to attend to their kids, or just some time for their own relaxation. Let them know that they can take breaks but you want them to get the job done within the given time frame. Building trust between you and your team is crucial for remote employee engagement and satisfaction. This flexibility will allow employees to have peace of mind and they can develop a working cycle that works best for them to produce the best result for your company.

Manage Remote Employee Engagement Effectively!!

Greater employee productivity means higher profitability for the company. Remote employee engagement is proven to drive employee, partnership, and business success. The team-building practice that we have suggested will help you to fill the gap and bring your remote employee nearer.

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