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author Written by Jigna Boghani March 25, 2020

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While we all are fighting from the COVID-19/ Coronavirus, we have to take care of our bread too! We have to work from home for keeping ourselves up all the time and don't vanish from the market. The most difficult work to do from home is recruiting new people.

The biggest challenge for any recruiter is to work remotely with a complete team. Here is the simplest solution to make your recruiters more efficient though you are in a distance. You can completely rely on your Applicant Tracking System while working with the team remotely.

What is the importance of working remotely?

People have to work from a distance as the world is facing the killer virus. It seems difficult at first, but everyone should understand that it is going to be the future of the working methods, at least until this virus disappears.

Working remotely can increase many people's comfort while working as they are more comfortable with working from home and around the family. You can even adjust certain environmental things according to your preferences. 

How Applicant Tracking System can help to work remotely?

Cartelized Database

HR's success depends upon how effectively you can manage the candidate database. While working in an office, you can definitely manage your CVs in a particular folder in the individuals' computer systems. You can also share the CVs when needed. But when it comes to remote locations, it is very difficult to manage those activities.

If you are using an ATS, your complete candidate database will remain very centralized and anyone who has the internet can easily access the CVs. It's not only about the candidate, but also the client's details, leads, important contact and updates. If you have an effective ATS, your job is just to login and do your work!


Want to Organize your Recruitment Process?



Work log Report

It is very difficult to keep watch on the work of your recruiters while working from a distance. But ATS can help you to track back all the activities of your recruiters through Work log and other advanced reports. You can easily identify the changes done into the system by your recruiters including the timing of Log-in and Log-out.

Collaboration Tools

These tools can save a lot of your time when you are not in the office. The most effective collaboration tool is Recruitment Chatbot. You can give a better virtual experience to your candidates when you are not available around.

During this period of wide outrage of the virus, people are avoiding meeting new people. So the lifeline activity of the recruitment process - Interview is also not possible. Here you can use an effective collaboration tool called - Video Interview Tool.


Automation is a must when you are not able to update everything manually. By using an ATS, you can make your every recruitment process automatic. For example, you want to see some status of your particular recruiter's candidate and the pipeline; you can easily filter your data with the name.

You can even see the last updates done by the user name. If any of your recruiters is not available to communicate with your candidate, you can even control the communication. You can easily track back the past communication in the activity stream.

Batch Reports

We all can understand that it is more than difficult to track back the work of the recruiters while working remotely. You don't need to worry if you are having an advanced ATS with the Batch Report facility. You can easily set the desired email and the email holder can get the automatic reports in their mailbox on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, even yearly basis.

So these were some of the best ways to manage your recruitment with the Work-from-Home approach. You can retain your recruitment business during this hard time too! After all, this is the way of future recruitment too. You can adopt a recruitment solution and get your hiring done effectively. So you can manage the tasks of your team very easily. You can assign the tasks to your team members and track the progress of their work using recruitment software too!

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